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Editorial to 47th edition of the FYEG Newsletter

Dear Activists and Friends of FYEG,     

We  are proud to share with you that March was a month of activism and  quite interesting events. Almost a year ago at our General Assembly 2012  we all took the decision to get involved and experience the first  transnational instrument for direct democracy – the so called European Citizens’ Initiative “Water is a human right”.  We built a quite strong campaigning team with activists from initial 13 FYEG member organizations, a number of organizations that was increasing all the time. On 22nd  of March, the World day of water, we had an action day which included actions in 5 countries, 14 published in different languages press releases, huge facebook picture and video campaign and of course many emotions.      
March also gathered a lot of young greens in Finland to our   FYEG winter camp. We managed to discuss there the economic and democratic crisis and come with interesting ideas and solutions for  improving the current political system. Such an idea was the one of a New Convention on the Future of Europe.     

Currently we are looking for the Youth in Crisis conference that will take place in Brussles 10th April and of course  our General Assembly. There are many calls that you need to pay attention to and consider applying to. Take the challenge for more green deeds!     

Best wishes on behalf of the Executive Committee,     
Krassina Demireva