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Editorial to 46th edition of the FYEG Newsletter

Dear Activists and Friends of FYEG,
This editorial reaches you at a time when the Executive Committee is already well into the preparations for the General Assembly.
For the most part this affects the finalization of documents created in the framework of the Strategic Planning Process, i.e. the Election Campaign Plan and the Strategic Plan (only Objectives).
An Election Campaign Coordination Team is preparing the Campain Plan, while an Editorial Committee is formulating the Strategic Plan with FYEGs Vision, Mission, Aims and Objectives based on input given by delegates from Member Organisations.
Two relatively important events for FYEG are still coming up before the General Assembly. Both will deal with FYEGs topical priority over the last months, namely Youth emancipation and youth in times of crisis. On the 10th of April we will have the chance to invite a large group of young Europeans to the Youth in Crisis conference in the European Parliament. At this event the participants will discuss with Green Members of the European Parliament about the biggest challenges youth faces in Europe today and how we could overcome them. Also our brand-new publication on Youth Emancipation will be presented there.

Exactly one month later the European Green Party will have its Council in Madrid, where youth will again be a major topic manifesting in panel debates and a resolution with FYEG participation.

Best wishes on behalf of the Executive Committee,