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ECM in Tirana, Albania

FYEG Executive Committee Meeting

13-15 September 2015

Tirana, Albania



1 Meta-discussion on how to organise this ECM

            1.1 Going through agenda: Approval

            1.2 Timeline

1.1   Rotating roles


2 Emergency discussions

2.1 Inside Communication:

2.1.1 Glip- Platform for Team work.


This app is on how we follow up task and divide them according to timeline

Office and EC needs to put all tasks there, everyone should be committed in updating this app. It is hourly backed up according to security policy. To be investigated. Otherwise producers might have a way to recover files

DECISION: To start using on the 1st of October


2.2 EGP Committee elections

●      Thorough discussion on profile, working experience, and potential cooperation with candidates.

DECISION: Support 3 candidates


3. Structures and internal work

            3.1 Long term planning and implementation process – responsible: Cengiz

FYEG will be organizing a strategic meeting in 2016.

This needs to be a meeting that happens between two GAs to see how FYEG is implementing the activity plan and get the MOs involved in our activities. This is a good opportunity for them to understand what are our priorities for the next years, especially for the European elections and to get ourselves prepared for the campaigning and also how we ensure that our MOs are getting their candidates high on national lists.

This event is going to follow up on our promises given at the last GA, that we’d become more MO-centered organization.

Logistics: we should look at the calendar and see that the date is not coinciding any MOs GA. also look at the office capacities and make a timeline and work on it.

Teo, Cengiz and Laura are working on it and if any ideas arise, everybody should talk to them.


3.2 Finances state of the art and strategy – responsible:Tornike

We have a document about how the accounting should be done and EGP is shifting to another accounting software, which is more user-friendly.

It’s also cost-efficient for us to have software, however we need to evaluate the value and functionality by the end of this month. It’s expected that the secretariat will be trained on it.

Practical side: instead of bookkeeping & photocopying everything, SecGen could just put transactions and the accountant will see it. Only tricky thing is to use specific accounting codes. In the past three years, we didn’t have an external accountant. We just should know better how our transactions fit Belgian law. Someone knowing the Belgian codes needs to have an overview of our financial flow.

Laura and Tornike with Shenna will work on it further, plus Iryna. it will be presented as an agenda point in next two weeks and the decision will be made afterwards. for next ec meeting we will have a discussion on our budget for 2015 and our priorities and better overview on what we’re planning to do.


3.3 Relation EC-MOs

                        3.3.1 MO coordination – responsible:Cengiz

From the visit in Macedonia we already have a shape of the descriptive part of the interaction.

It’s important that we keep each other informed when corresponding with the MOs.

Decision: Cengiz needs to create a calendar of all MO GA/events.


                        3.3.2 Zones responsible All

Western Europe

Laura has been to Germany and Austria. We have an agreement on joint communication in regional media on the topic that is relevant for them and European. I’m attending the GA for DWARS. Got in touch with Czech Y. There was no communication with the Luxemburg YG and we need to develop a strategy for Slovakia and Poland.

Most of the MOs are working on Migration and this could be a good entrance point for their cooperation.


Eastern Europe

Iryna haven’t had any formal communication, however had few correspondence regarding the political situation in particular countries such as Armenia etc.

Cengiz will explore Slovenia, Croatia and countries that are closer to him on fall.

Iryna & Cengiz to follow up on Georgians, Balkan regional meeting and report from Russia.

We did a study visit in Macedonia. There will be a detailed report.


Southern Europe

We sent a questionnaire and some of them answered and some not. Nobody went to the French GA. There’s a strategy document on drive. It looks like we need to do a study visit in Italy. Malta has GA next summer and they want to come to Paris. Greeks are working on climate. Turkish are organizing big climate gathering before the EGP council.

We’ll wait for more responses and then may work on the strategy.

We need to follow closely what’s going on in turkey for the elections.

If the situation is getting worse, we need to have a strong position because there are a lot of Turkish voters in Europe.

Marie wants to be an observer at the elections on behalf of French Green Party.

GRAPES - we should have a skype meeting with them to see what they might want from FYEG.



There’s a plan on how to approach this region. The plan is to have a data on their activities and also review their relationship with FYEG.

Received just a few WG applications from the north, which was really disappointing. Norwegians are also taking a bike tour and we need to promote it.


3.4 Internal platforms

                        3.4.1 Working groups

We keep 2 deadlines per year but let’s promote it continuously.

We have to approve leaders of WG according to IRPs.

Check EP support for WGM on Oct.

Decision: WGM is taking place with the support of EP visits.


                        3.4.2 Olive Tree Branch Responsible: Laura

1 application for ST so far but 2 members became active again. This would be a 7 person ST, which I think is enough. We should go for working until November, have all skype meetings and re-evaluate during EC meeting in Lyon.

Would be great to use Terry’s spots in November for a ST meeting. EC approval asked.


                        3.4.3 Ecosprinter Responsible: Morgan, Marie

Looking for possibility to work together with Green European Journal, on specific topics but not possible to organize it now because GEJ doesn’t have an editorial chief at the moment.

The Ecosprinter could play a role in visibility of FYEG, without undermining the role of spokespersons we could delegate part of this task to the Ecosprinter to share responsibility and have improved communication.

We need to develop a strategy about funding Ecosprinter. Organization building and 3 years program for funding strategy necessary (like CDN or FYEG).

Would be great if the intern could be involved with Ecosprinter, especially for the COP. Last time delegation had possibility to post on the Ecosprinter, which was a good idea to be reproduced.

Include Ecosprinter board to WG meeting or other strategic meetings. There are left overs in the budget that could be used for Ecosprinter: can be used for publication has to be used in 2015.

In the past we also used Council of Europe money for projects partly for Ecosprinter.

Discussion on how to use left over budget for publication. Usually used for mailing list, newsletters, website costs.

Broader strategy needed, to be done for next year.


                        3.4.4 FALAFEL Responsible: Marie


            3.5 EC Coordination Responsible: Johannes

Skype call with Johannes.


                        3.5.1 Evaluation of coordination note Responsible: Johannes

Coordination note.

Difficult for to have a comprehensive overview of everything. Critics: doesn't see the point of him putting an update from someone else in the CN while this person could do it her/himself.

Really good tool but would be better if everybody should be able to directly write into it instead of only.

Johannes's proposition: keep the CN and set a deadline for everyone to write a summary of what he/she is doing in there and start the discussion from there.

We're going to use Glip platform. This could solve the issues we've with the CN.

This new platform won't allow us to have an overview in a small coordination document. It cannot replace a coordination document but both should be used.

Decision: to have ECM every two weeks. Johannes should make a doodle to find a fixed moment every week for ECM.

Agreement that Johannes finds a way to evaluate our workloads individually and how we can support each other.




3.6 Office coordination Resposible: Laura

Goal of this task is to improve the way the office works and how EC and office work together. I took the old task division in the office and I started to evaluate it by comparing it to lists of tasks that have to be done. I tried to propose a new task division based on the input from the office members. The next point is to have input from EC, on how they see tasks of office. Based on the input of both EC and office I will finish task division proposal and we will agree on it all together and we start implementing it. We will also have an external evaluation of how the organisation is functioning. I am looking for someone who can work in Belgium in English. I think it is important that it is someone from outside the Greens. Propose we discuss this procedure now, and then we talk intra-EC.

Timeline: Propose task division within 2 weeks, we agree, it is implemented, 3 weeks at least trying it out, external assessment earliest 21, latest 31 October. 1 month, then report. Maybe end of the year, maybe January.

We can get useful info about that from Advisory Committee.


4 Partners

4.1 YFJ/European Youth Forum/EYE Responsible: Teo Morgan

European Youth Forum: One of annual meetings same time as COY. Morgan and Teo cannot go. It’s in Madrid. November 27th to 29th. We need someone to go. FYEG has to strengthen its relations with partners there.

Political points: Talk about the European Youth capital in Azerbaijan with Youth forum of Azerbaijan linked to the government. Discussion about the choice of Azerbaidjan. Willingness of YFJ to be present in Eastern Europe.

Decision: we take a decision on who is going to Madrid when we know if we have a workshop at COY and Johannes is there.

Application for event on Migration in Strasbourg May 2016 sent by Teo and Shenna. Minimum 10 maximum 30 participants. Partial travel reimbursement. If accepted, we need to be involved in the prepteam, dates coinciding with GEF GA in November.

EYE: to be in touch with political youth organizations.

European Youth Forum is organizing debates (European young voters) and provides logistical support for PPYOs to debate certain topics.


4.2 GYG and GG Responsible: Cengiz

GA of GG part of GYG, maybe Istanbul. It’s too early to see fundraising needs. will be a call for a new coordinator, but too early now.

4.3 GGEP and EGP Responsible: Laura

Stressed that the activity plan was indicative, not definite. Secretariat and in Parliaments, also EGP, open to different types of cooperation. Also spoke with Joncker, GEF also interested in cooperation.

Lyon Council is a good opportunity to meet EGP and see how it works. All EC should be there. Suggestion: Thursday half day, Friday, and Monday half day

Teo: Green Cities Conference, 40E, request if FYEG can cover it


4.4 GEF Responsible: Cengiz

October 23 - GA, before that Capacity Building Day, can cover someone from FYEG, unless others are eager to go.

 Educational event to encourage those to attend, educational event for training, GA is more political. Favor of opening it up to someone not based in Brussels, then separate representation in the GA.

Decision: Iryna attends the training. Shenna goes to the GA. 


4.5 CDN Responsible: Iryna Cengiz

We will meet once per month via Skype, developing idea about summer camp.


5 Campaigns

            5.1 Climate campaign

5.1.1 Current developments

CT, Marie and Morgan had talked during the CKnB conf. More interests from Eastern European MOs to be involved. CT and Shenna had compiled all contact persons and their orgs who would like to contribute and who are also mobilising for COP.

We need to draft the content before the board meeting in Helsinki.


We are looking for two new members.

We should think of the message of the campaign itself. This is the most important, in which direction the message of the campaign goes. We should have a new phase more political and more mobilising. We could use this opportunity in the publications.

At the alter COP Last year we had many people saying «come to Paris » in their own language. We can make video.


It would be easy to work again on the « adopt a climate campaigner ». This campaign is not enough. If we have concrete results (publications, video..) , we can put them all in a document, and do a list of people we can consult and ask. People in Brussels can do that. By October the Ct should be deciding on these 2000 EUR.



5.2 Migration campaign


Campaigning training : the goal is that Mos will run their own campaigns afterwards. Professional campaign with clear goals. We should use the campaign to produce materials as our last material is from the elections campaign, what the other partners are doing.

We should be campaigning internally, going to our MOs .


5.1.2 Climate campaign team

Have approached CKnB pax to apply.

5.1.3 Delegation to Paris

Priority to be supported from the AlterCOP budget and/or CT budget (if they are not going to use it as GEF Journal and GEF itself would like to support the leaflets & COP report publication).

5.1.4 AlterCOP Responsible: Marie

Our Western MOs have raised concerns and asked for help in logistics preps e.g. looking for accommodation. CT is already in contact with some orgs and Les Jeunes Ecologistes, have asked for 500 slots.

Climate express, huge network from Belgium 10K people from BENELUXDE is arriving on 1st week. 2nd weekend will be the civil disobedience, nonviolent action but will more likely be received violently by French police. Some are reluctant to bring non-EU citizens to this without prior preps and awareness of risks.


5.1.5 Climate interrail

5.2 Keep Europe together campaign

5.3 Smash borders.

5.4 Future campaigns

5-10 campaigns jointly with MOs and/or supporting MO campaigns from FYEG side. Clear campaigns with clear goals, even expansion of our visibility.

DECISION: Go for migration campaign. Also wait for the outcome of climate campaign, how to proceed with TTIP and austerity


6 Activities

6.1 Past activities

6.1.1 Albanian Conference on Climate change

Good agenda, technically well done. Really good to have campaign team there and they were interacting with the participants, very proactive.

From the feedback (GEF and Albanian YG) a fruitful collaboration. Shows how educational work is important for our political work.

6.1.2 Left in Europe and I-P conflict conference

People were happy that FYEG was interested in their seminar and contributing to it. Laura brought European perspective and OTB process. Will be a report for the Ecosprinter. To include materials worked on in report.

6.1.3 Budapest Youth Congress


            6.2 Ongoing and future activities

6.2.1 WG meeting 

Look for MEP visits

6.2.2 Strategic planning meeting                    

 To be funded by MEP seats, scout by October. Laura and Teo will write a concept, with help from Cengiz. Tornike and Iryna also related to long-term strategy.

                        6.2.3 Campaign training

                        Application done. We should develop some kind of traditions within FYEG, one campaigning event. Do either a training or a bar camp. Something you can repeat maybe. Very engaging opportunity, share skills on E+. Next time to do it better, and an alternative way, it could be a possibility with GEF if E+ doesn’t support it.


                        6.2.4 GA and Spring conference

We need to send a call out for hosting organizations in September/October. If we are requiring a political action, every country will have something. Good to push MOs to think about.


                        6.2.5 Social rights in Europe Seminar

                        6.2.6 Sex ed study session

                        6.2.7 Twinning Cities training

                        6.2.8 Eurozone Conference

                        6.2.9 COP22: Migration and Climate

            6.3 Others

                        6.3.1 Food project


Social rights seminar


Series of different events on future of Europe. A draft concept was sent on the list. This event still needs to be elaborated a bit.


campaign training in Barcelona – some event in Brussels – twinning cities in Sweden

Decision: Social Rights Conference: to have it in Eastern Europe



Decision: Summer camp in July


Sex Ed seminar

Budapest in September – call for partners sent – Gio and Gender WG working on this. Summer camp and Sex ed prepteams should be appointed by next EC as a first task


Twinning cities

Sweden hosting – partnership call was sent – tomorrow skype Tornike Karolina for organizational purposes – event during our mandate – TC is a long term process – German cities were looking for twins: Georgian, Serbian or Turkish YG – will be Georgia – process is going on – they seem to have practical knowledge on how to organize the twinning

5 pages document guide for MOs.


Eurozone – Euro crisis – Monetary crisis conference


Concept needs to be developed – direction can be better defined when we know GEF's priorities for next years because they could be interested in working on this, as well as some members of GGEP and possibly EGP



Idea = social/political/party festival – Morocco in November – in touch with Anna Linh foundation for funding – improve the FALAFEL network through this event – have more people/organizations that we're already working with on other projects. We should apply in Spring in case no Anna Linh.

Decision: Apply for Anna Linh in the fall and Erasmus+ 1st of February deadline

After Anna Linh application, mission to Morocco in November to investigate organization


Food project

No Update


Need a strategy on how to choose funders for which project.


Fundraising strategy


Twinning cities : Erasmus+

Study session : European Youth center

Cop22 : Anna Lindh and Erasmus+

Summer camp : Heinrich Böll in Serbia + individual MEPs


Teo will get in touch with HB foundation and try this first


Eurocrisis fundraising :

Sven Giegold and Ernest Urtasun possible contributors.


7 Communication

            7.1 Newsletter Responsible: Cengiz Laura

Should be in line with our internal and external communication strategy.


Decision: we prepare newsletter about calls, events, & MO activities, minutes in Newsletter as part of political communication.


7.2 Website Responsible: Iryna

look at diffrent webpage of different organization, search and send links to Iryna

7.3 General communication strategy Responsible: Teo Laura



We developed a bit strategy till the end of this mandate. For target groups: media, MO, partners. Based on this discussion, two spokespersons will create final document to be proposed to EC, Having the document is one thing and implementation is something else. Expect emails for requests/help needed.


Have both someone from EC, office and prep-team in charge of external communication for our activities/events before and after. Official messages as such in our PRs.



Next EC Meeting:

There will be doodle for online whole day meeting on October.