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ECM 20-21 February 2016

FYEG Executive Committee Meeting
20-21 February 2016
Brussels, Belgium
Minutes (day 1)

1 Meta-discussion on how to organise this ECM - Teo/Laura/Marie
1.1 Going through agenda and timing
1.2 Roles (moderation)

Present: Full EC plus office.
Personal updates and announcements from EC-members on availability and workload.

3 Structures and Internal Work
3.1 Internal situation
3.1.1 Organisation within the office (new SecGen, new intern)

Office restructuring:
Communicated to MO's at SPM. Office update
Overview of office situation regarding workload, finances, deadlines, etc. Office bureaucracy with regards to Belgian authorities a certain strain, but being worked on.

New intern: Katri's  main FYEG task will be the European Youth Event in Strasbourg in May. Katri's tasks will be further specified in office meeting after SPM.

Office task distribution: Project Administrator’s and Secretary General’s e-mails are no longer synchronized. Task grid can be used also for giving others tasks. Secretary General contract
Contract finalised. Rules book for the Office
Female spokesperson will write rule book as demanded by Belgian labour legislation. DL: 17th of March.

3.1.2 Projects and deadlines overview

Presentation of deadlines.

At the moment: 1 pending application for capacity building via Erasmus +. Confirmation within 1-2 months.

Erasmus+ has new regulations. Partner organisations will have to submit additional legal document by 18th of March. EACH EC-member should inform their MO's that are partnering they will be required to submit a document on their legal and financial validity. Project Administrator will send separate info-e-mail to remind.

EYF applications open: International activity (1st of April deadline), 4 CoE partners, 7 involved.

Annual Work Plan (1st of April DL): series of events following a logic, max 1 year.

EYF pilot activities. No deadline other than submission 3 months before activity. Possibility to have also local/national MO's to use this possibility.

Erasmus+: Key Action 1: mobility of youth workers. DL's 26th of April (for projects starting 1st of August to 31st of December) and 4th of October (for projects starting 1st of January to 31st of July) (projects with international characteristics).

European Voluntary Service: DL 1st of April, will not be met. Next deadline 4th of October. Decision: Office to prepare alternative EVS task definitions, and explore possibility to apply for October.

German Green Foundation Heinrich Böll and other foundations: look to support local activities, FYEG to target this for Future of Europe/Social Europe-projects.

Study sessions: same deadlines as International Activities. Application made, result expected.
Next EC should receive a prepared annual overview of annual deadlines.

3.1.3  Long term strategic planning 2016-2017 : EC vision Call for projects proposals
Call has been sent, deadline 4th of March. Task management tool: evaluation
Feedback: Task management tool is sufficient. Platforms for online communication
Skype, Google Hangouts and Mumble have been tried. Next EC meeting possibilities
One ECM planned before GA. Additional ECM proposed: more than 1 month in advance of GA. Proposal: weekend meeting beginning of April. Decision: 8.-10. of April.

3.2 External communication
3.2.1 Spokespersons update – Teo/Laura
Spokespersons update on communications structure, new document foreseeing upcoming opportunities. Office is available to work on texts and expressions once decisions/content has been settled on.
Tasks: create press kit.
Spokespersons draw up a plan for a press communications strategy after SPM.

3.2.2 Newsletter
Monthly, date will be on or around 25th of the month. Content: to be proposed by Project Administrator, EcoSprinter contact takes EC-role in Newsletter together with office. General stable content should be automatically prepared: calls, GEJ article, statement etc. EC responsible to ask for input.

3.2.3 Website
EC website responsible to follow session at SPM to get feedback and report on functioning of the website.

3.2.4 Social Media
Social media strategy to be formulated by EC responsible and office.

3.3 Financial situation
Repor by Office and Treasurer.

3.4 Member Organisations
Reported on situation with Estonian Young Greens, Swedish YG's, Young Greens of England and Wales, Northern Ireland Young Greens, German Young Greens, Belgian Young Greens, Czech Young Greens, CDN, Slovenian Young Greens, Turkish Young Greens, Italy, French Young Greens, Catalan Young Greens, Maltese Young Greens, Hungary.

3.5 Working Groups
Survey results on structures including Working Groups have arrived.Overall happy results. Climate Change WG is being re-activated. Inclusion WG also needs work.
Overall: People in WG's see them as valuable.

3.6 Partners

3.6.1 EGP
New contacts, new structure, new FYEG responsible. Reports have been sent out to EC that contains questions, EC members should react. Main target event: Party leaders' meeting, planning for 2019 elections.
EGP leadership wants to set up regular meetings with FYEG spokespersons, and an annual Committee-EC-meeting.

Chernobyl/Fukushima anniversaries discussed by EGP committee: EGP will join events in Ukraine, Young Greens will also be in Ukraine for Chernobyl, people will join up. On Fukushima-memorial, there will be a focus on it in Belgium and neighbouring countries with activists joining up.

Upcoming events have been listed. Programme for Utrecht council has been published, two panels will take place, with speakers still to be defined, and FYEG can have an influence. Focus will be on Global Greens and preparing for big shared congress in Liverpool. Congress will take place next year in Liverpool. Delegates will be decided later.

GGEP: Morgan works with the TTIP-working group. An overview document showing how much we have done with which MEPs should be consulted for future reference. EC members to look into GGEP/FYEG relationship document and give comments if necessary.

3.6.3 GEF
Request to have a cooperation meeting with GEF. Austrian green foundation project was accepted, very open to FYEG participants.

GEF youth projects:
Interesting Green youth courses with common end event in EP, based on Finnish example.
Green Youth Event by HBS in Serbia needs follow-up, more, long-term, closer cooperation with European foundations.

Ecosprinter: Green European Journal will increase cooperation with  Ecosprinter web presence. FYEG Podcast being launched. More podcasts are recorded during the SPM.

3.6.5 CDN
FYEG interest at CDN GA: Network with MO's and non-MO's, encourage participation in and present FYEG. CDN projects: Seminar in Kiev on infowar, with separate events for EGP and CDN. FYEG is being consulted, possibility to be on panels. Study session on alternative urbanisation. Some FYEG applicant MO's applying to CDN.

3.6.6 EYF - PPYO
COMEM: April, Brussels. Meeting with YES
Met with YES President, who will join our SPM panel. We will invite them for our spring conference as guests.

Statement by JEF
Spokespersons were asked to join a federalist statement. FYEG decided not to sign because of focus on strengthened external borders. Debate on TTIP
PPYOs giving feedback on Youth Forum series of debates, first debate ahead of COMEM.

3.7 Network

3.7.1 Varoufakis
DiEM25 launched in Berlin. FYEG Spokesperson and Secretary General present. Secretary General wrote article for GEJ. 15 greens were present. FYEG will follow the process. Varoufakis to be invited to Spring Conference on initiative by Czech Young Greens.

3.7.2 Ende Gelände/Break Free from fossil fuels coalition

3.7.3 Falafel Network
Reports on ”South MO's project” parallel to Falafel. As network is not active, domain of the project not renewed.

4 - Upcoming projects and campaigns
    4.1 Projects
Project Assistant is going to European Youth Foundation training in Strasbourg, a seminar specifically focusing on annual work plans and pilot projects. There already are a couple of ideas, but will be waiting for the seminar to have better understanding of what’s in it for us. Proposed: a series of events on migration, the far right, free movement.

        4.1.1 Campaign training
Application was successfully submitted, improved based on suggestions from the agency and with almost twice as many partners as before. The budget is also modified, which enables us to spend more on techy side of the project, such as creating the platform and toolkit and also inviting qualified trainers.

        4.1.2 Social rights in Europe Seminar Serbia July
Not much progress.Fundraising to target MEPs at EGP Committee in March and to see with GEF for possibility to fund summer school.

        4.1.3 Sex ed study session
Final decision will be made in June. We are in a waiting list still.

        4.1.4 Twinning Cities training

        4.1.5 Eurozone Conference
To check if 2016 budget can cover an extra event

        4.1.6 COP22: Migration and Climate
April deadline of Erasmus+. Hundreds of people contacted, especially unions/political alternative NGOs and movements in North Africa /ME, everybody is really positive but not really partners for Erasmus +. We are in the touch with the Morrocan Climate Coalition.
        4.1.7 Food project
The food project has been on the horizon for a while but is not clearly enough defined to be a project in itself. The Food WG is working towards an idea of a full campaign. This may connect TTIP, migration and be within capacity of the WG.

        4.1.8 European Youth Event & YO!Fest
Much higher interest than expected in the EYE, about 60 people applied for our 37 places. All places have been filled and all participants have registered in the EP system. Accommodation to be arranged, currently planning on being hosted by Young greens. Workshop planning: is on track with CECI and DBJR to host a panel discussion on migration policy with two MEPs, three Young refugees and hopefully the commissioner for migration. We will attend the second prep-meeting in Strasbourg end of March.
        4.1.9. First Pan European Panel Tour Series
Idea is to start with Low Budget, create a franchise, touring European cities with the same topic:
Future of Europe democracy, democratic governace, austerity and social rights, and ask what is to be done? How to change Europe, with social movements or parties? How to unite North and South. How to counter the far right? Other topics: TTIP, refugees and the crisis of migration regimes. Fundraise for each event from FYEG, GGEP, HBF offices, local parties, MOs,
live stream it, tape it, have youtube channel and put clips on facebook. Plan is to exchange international guests with locals, and have a chance to get in better contact with local young greens. Possible starting points: GAs and big national events of MOs

        4.1.10. Joint Educative Journeys with Austrian Young Greens

    4.2 Campaigns
        4.2.1 Overall overview
Proposed to work on following campaigns (2 EC members make campaign plans for next EC Skype):

1. Migration
3. "Our Europe"
4. Possibility for climate after evaluation of 2015 campaign

        4.2.2 Climate Campaign Follow up
   Campaign Team
CT had their evaluation meeting. Report for funders and for FYEG will follow.
   Delegation follow up and preparation for COP22
Handover on registering the next delegation would be helpfulfor the next Intercessionals in Bonn.
   Break Free from Fossil Fuels
        4.2.3 TTIP Campaign
We will have the action next week during the next round of negotiations. During the SPM would be helpful to have a moment to ask MO representatives who from their MOs is following TTIP so we can try to create a ‘network’ of our MO’s TTIP campaigners.
        4.2.4 Migration Campaign

5 - General Assembly and Spring conference
    5.1 GA
        5.1.1 EC tasks and deadlines
Draft retroplanning and budget created and approved.
Discussion on separate (lower) participation fee for female candidates/participants.
Decision: participation fees to be prepared according to the countries wealth by next ECM.

Amendments tool: keep the current website and re-use it, and we will investigate a possible new tool for 2017.

A list of all documents and deadlines we need to prepare being made

        5.1.2 Presidency and Prep-Team
Prep-team to be composed of 4 people: 1 EC, 1 Office, 1 Presidency, 1 MZ.