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ECM 08 January 2017

Present: Fabian, Maria, Teo, Marie, Gio, Artur, JM, Anastasiya, Paula, Adria

Moderation: JM

Minutes: Artur

1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

1.1.2 Deciding on future EC Meetings


Decision: instead of 3 meetings we will have one retreat + one meeting + meeting after GG congress in Liverpool.


Decision: Retreat on 17-20th February.

Decision: ECM 2-3 April.

Decision: ECM 28th-1st May.

1.2 Office

1.2.1. Office rules: Laura prepared the document but it’s in French. French speakers need to go through it and tell what needs to be changed.
1.2.2. Laura is working on limited capacity this week and she’s taking recoup hours to have time for studying to her exams at studies.
1.2.3. Gio finally managed to finish all the Summer Camp reporting and sent it to the EYF. He is supporting Cansu with fundraising for Demasculinisation of Politics (and started meeting with MEPs with this regards) and preparing prep team meeting for Liverpool seminar. He’s also working on merchandise and getting ready to prepare the PM handover. Next week Gio will work on application for summer camp funding to E+. Deadline 2nd of February.

1.2.4. This week Artur was mainly occupied with Project Manager recruitment process and closing SPM finances. There are several big tasks Artur needs to focus on this month: a) E+ structural grant reporting, b) EYF structural grant reporting c) YO!Fest, d) European Ideas Lab. + e) General Assembly. +g) moving office space.

1.2.1. Intern

Cansu is still stuck in Turkey. She applied for visa on 14th December but didn’t get it yet. On the consulate website there is info that visa process was delayed due to technical issues. I am in touch with her and she participates in office meetings via Skype. She is actively participating in organizing Demasculinisation of Politics from Turkey - she’s doing logistics, looking for local support person, writing to participants and started fundraising.

1.2.2. New call - Project Manager

All the interviews are done, EC will now be listening and evaluating the interviews. I informed all the candidates that we are aiming at giving them final decision on 16th January.

1.3 Member Organisations

1.3.1 MO coordination

Ireland asked how they can clarify their status.

1.3.2 North

Grønn Ungdom has a new EC

1.3.3 South

Young Cyprus Greens will have a new EC up to the 5th of February.

1.3.4 Center-West

On Gruene Jugend, discussing many things atm, such as Anti-G20, COP23/Ende Gelaende/Twinning Cities. Anti-G20 : they are discussing with Bundnis 90/Die Gruenen to see if they can do something together, they may also participate in one of the civil disobedience actions. Their local group is involved, although not integrated anymore in the Blockuppy movement bc of “their use of regressive anticapitalism rhetorics as well as organizational experiences”. Ende Gelaende: They will have meetings this month, to see how they organise. Most probably with their local branch there, and also a climate camp prior to the mass actions with other youth organisations. They want to be part of the mass action, but pbby without identification, although part of the same group. COP23:This is one of their priority as well, but not really a plan yet, would like to be involved in the COY preps

Polish Young Greens are organizing their congress on 28-29 January.

Decision: OK for Artur to represent FYEG at Polish Young Greens congress. Ok to refund the costs.

1.3.5 East

We had very good representation of Eastern MOs at SPM GSM from Slovenia is organising a follow-up event of the Summer Camp on social rights. Many MOs seem to have a quite low level of activities, reflecting more or less the quite detailed updates that were sent to EC for ECM in Madrid (Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria). At ECM in September 2015 there was joint meeting with CDN EC and there was a discussion on organising a larger meeting on Green politics in Eastern Europe, with EGP, GGEP, HBS, CDN, FYEG. This could take place after EP elections 2019, but preparatory (possibly regional meetings) could take place in 2018 and 2019. Could be something to start planning this year together with MOs.

1.4 General Assembly

1.4.1 GA 2017

Prepared a draft program, draft of guest speakers, and retroplanning, that you can find here. Any suggestions are welcomed!

We absolutely need a big implication from the office in coordinating the team and the work for this GA to go well. We will have a prep team meeting soon in January to discuss local issues and budget.


1.5 Working Groups

1.5.1 WG coordination

Finally, the website is updated

1.5.2 Future of Europe WG

Was very helpful in writing CETA statement recently. We had a meeting in the end of the year, very active group with good political discussions on European events. Planning 4 things:

  1. A project about protecting our commons (as a positive alternative to free trade agreements and austerity policies) - propose that we encourage them to send a project proposal for 1 April EYF DL

  2. Free Interrail project - they would like to organise a competition and give out interrail cards, I think it would be good to see if Interrail company or EGP would like to finance these tickets.

  3. Green Dialogue - They would like to organise transnational debates on Green European issues. I would propose that this could be developed with Comms Officer, FoE WG and me once that position starts?

  4. Fight for Europe - They would like to put more focus on big European events this year. They will see with Ecosprinter how to communicate during Dutch elections.


1.5.3 Migration WG

No updates. WG still in holidays.


1.5.4 Climate WG

No updates really. Xmas campaign went well in my opinion, even with a small miscommunication with who should send it and who should post it on the official channels again but still it was managed and all good.

1.5.5 Other WGs

Global Justice quite sleepy, trying to organise this movie screening

1.6 Strategic Planning Committee

1.6.1 SPC coordination

1.6.2 Political Subgroup

No meeting since SPM, Willemijn is setting one up for soon.

1.6.3 Activity Subgroup

There would be a meeting very soon

1.6.4 Structural Subgroup


1.7 Inclusion Audit

EC approved the IA plan, and the SPM delegates know about this project, andalso the structure subgroup is working on this. Now it is time to begin the procedure of evaluation. In order to do this, we have created a questionnaire (please see the point 2 ). The idea is to use this questionnaire for all the events and meetings we are going to perform until May 2017 this way we will have some conclusions at the end of the year.

2. Finances

Treasurer explaining the budget for 2017.


3. Projects

3.1 Western Sahara

  • Media Strategy is being developed and we’ll share a dedicated facebook page in a couple of days

  • We’ll all leave from Brussels at the 21.01. and be back on the 28.01. In Brussels around noon

  • Movie Screening at FYEG Office on the 28.01. at 7pm

3.2 Demasculinisation of Politics

Progress is slowly moving forward. The prep team has meetings every two weeks.


3.3. YO!Fest

Proposal to combine it with European Ideas Lab somehow. Having a stand and then bringing in the same group of people.

Decision: agreement, Artur will look into that.

3.4 Liverpool seminar

Gio will open the call for participants next week. People who apply will have to attend the GYG congress.

4. Partners

4.1 CDN

On 16-18 we had a Green Training in Kiev, with Vesna as an invited speaker. Everything was great, the results would be shared soon.


CDN has new Network Coordinator, Sopho Mchedlishvili.

DECISION: Teo will draft letter to Sopho.


CDN GA will take place from 23rd to 26th February in Zagreb.

DECISION: Teo will represent FYEG at CDN GA.


CDN is organising a seminar on digital rights and surveillance in Bosnia on 24-30 April.

4.2 EGP

Marie is going to Committee meeting next weekend. Big agenda. Activity Plan will be discussed. Marie will send EC an e-mail next week about the meeting. Inputs welcome, can be sent to Marie and Teo.

4.3 GGEP

5 Star Movement from Italy seems to join ALDE in EP, negotiations with GGEP ended because of Greens.

4.4 GEF

We need to discuss at next retreat what is our relation to GEF.

4.5 GYG

Fabian will collect input on FYEG’s proposal on structural reform for GYG congress.

4.6 YFJ

Meeting with Sebastiaan planned for next week. Mandate of new Board has started now.

4.7 PPYOs

Valentin Dupouey (SecGen of Young European Federalists) sent us their main events for this year.


4.8 Others


Mediterranean cooperation coordinated by CNJC (Catalan Youth Council), details in e-mail. Will we send someone to represent FYEG in summer university in beginning of July?


DECISION: We will be partners in the project coordinated by CNJC. Marie will send Artur an e-mail by tomorrow.


Blockupy: Marie will send the EC a mail. We will take decision by e-mail.

5. Communication

5.1 Social media

Special facebook page created for the Western Sahara Trip (to avoid spamming FYEG’s main page).

5.3 Ecosprinter

5.4 Statements and other external communication

Very much looking forward to Comms Officer starting and improving our output in external comms.

DECISION: Within one week office will send a mail with our plans for this year to Green partners and other organisations we work with (PPYOs, environmental NGYOs, etc).