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EC skype conference 25.03.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  25-03-2013 
Time: 19:00-21.15 CET
Attending people:Terry, Krassi, Ingrid, Jakob,Maggie, Micha, Onur, Phil
Missing: Steva
1. Opening of the meeting
2. Elections
  • Election of moderator: Terry
  • Election of minutes taker: Ingrid
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
There is quorum
4. Approving the agenda
was approved
5. Personal Update - including political update - provided
was given
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week - skipped
 8. Office:
a) update - no update since Steva is sick    
b) accountant
c) reports
d) interns
  • Odysee
e) finances
9. Internal structure
a) EC
  • Onur - task division
  • LGBTQ network?
  • gender wg?
  • falafel?
  • cooperation between our MOs
  • DECISION: Terry will send onur an email
  • could someone take over writing the activity report?
  • DECISION: Ingrid will ask Steva if he can work on this
  • Brussels ECM agenda: We will be short on time so we cannot add more things to the agenda. 
b) WGs
c) MOs:
  • for candidate orgs "questionnaire provided to them by the EC" from the IRPs - decision: terry to send to the EC
Krassi forwarded all the important information to MODOM. They have local elections there, and after that will further discuss their candidacy.
d) SPP:
sending out the objectives
Jakob will work on the last part and see that it's send out. Ingrid will work on the implementation as soon as possible. 
10. Communication
a) internal communication
  • platform: skip
b) external communication
  • job description Press officer or group of volonteers (Jakob + Onur) 
    DECISION: they will keep working on this
  • external communication strategy (Jakob + Onur+ Ingrid + Micha)
    DECISION: jakob and onur will start discussing if there's capacity to do this now
c) web
  • Update moving web page:
    Jakob and Christoph discussed it and made a road map. Jakob would be ok working on this also after his mandate. 
    We want to present some basic design-elements (particularly logo,name, color changes if there are any), to GA in May.
    -> therefore we are in a hurry: For EC designer selection has to be quick
    Reminder: We also need to put money about this, about 5000 euros. 
d) Ecosprinter
The EEB did a great job in editing so quitckly the Water campaign article series. Krassi set skype with the board to continue the discussion on the improvement of Ecosprinter website and way of functioning.
e) Newsletter
The EC should write their reports. Deadline 31st March
11. Networking
a) CDN
They are now planning a seminar in Azerbadjan and are buisy with this. Therefore it might take them sometime to answer to the input sent by the EC after the ECM in Finland. 
b) GYG
Micha has clarified the representation of GYG towards EGP. 
Kenyian Young Greens ask(ed) for funding
DECISION: Micha will look into if we can put something in the newsletter. 
c) Falafel:
  • falafel - meeting they are still discussing amongs themselves. Micha will keep us updated. 
d) EGP
  • Council
  • concept! Action before Council 9th of May (Day of Europe
            Micha sent a proposal. The EC had some input and micha will adapt the action and keep in contact with the    spaniards. 
  • youth unemployment debate before the council - young equo
        There might be something like a fishbowl. The EGP hasn't completely decided on the concept yet. Terry will clearify with the spanish young greens again about amendment possibilities, it is not possible to make amendments after the debate since the deadline is earlier.
  • youth debate on the resolution
    The concept will be that the public will be taking up the topics. 
  • youth workshop: we need more information about this (it's scheduled for Friday, at 15:45, Parallel Sessions, Youth Empowerment)
    DECISION: Micha will check
  • WG Campaign Strategy & Plan
        DECISION: phil will go with maggie
  • council registration - Maggie will register everyone, the EC should send their travel information to maggie
  • Committee:
    DECISION: the EC will read Jakob's report and ask him questions if they have any
f) European youth forum
Update: Vesna and Phil are registered for COMEM
g) PPYOs
Terry is working on the erasmus proposal. 
h) Other organization’s activities 
  • Panel on Saab, network and information security, 4 of June Brussels
    DECISION: maggie will ask kristian or silvio if one of them could go
  • european communication monitor
    DECISION: this is not interesting for us
12. Activity plan
a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)
  • Crisis conference:
  • update: Ingrid will do the introduction and Terry will moderate the debate in the afternoon. Micha, Terry, Onur, Phil and Ingrid will be there.
    DECISION: Micha will check the tasks of fyeg and distribute them. 
    DECISION: Micha will see that a decision is taken on the fyeg participants, the EC will have to be very fast with voting
  • New Media Summer School 29th April - 3rd, (28th,4th travel dates)
  • Call for participants to be extended: Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Czech still needed
  • The Young Equo ppl and the German young greens from Stuttgart ppl will meet there
  • Two trainers, one facilitator still needed - call was sent out
  • Bonn intersessionals
  • update: Alexandra cancelled
  • General assembly
  • venue
        DECISION: Jakob will ask steva for an update
  • update GA speakers
    Ulrike will come for the gender workshop. 
    Gerlad Haefer still didnt reply for the Democracy workshop.
  • action concept - we are waiting for the input of the host organisation    
  • agenda: no specific update
  • WG members at the GA (krassi to update from her conversation with terry and steva)
        DECISION: krassi will make a concrete suggestion for decision. 
  • Presidency: applicants: Teo (M, CDN), Nic (M, Lux), Minttu (F,Fin), Sophia (F, Gem, Marina Pejovic (F, Serbia), Freia (F, Germany)
        DECISION: we would like all of them to be in the presidency, maggie will communicate to them
  • big party on saturday? how to finance/payment
    DECISION: Ingrid will send the question by email to maggie and steva
  • lecture on "european politics to get money from MEP Staes" (flamish MEP)
    DECISION: Ingrid will try to clarify the issue and get this point into the program
  • Van Rompuy to attend friday or saturday
    DECISION: it would be best to have him on friday as a welcoming thing. Ingrid will communicate with Raf. 
  • Sec Gen pre-selection - They will have a first skype meeting next week
  • Sec.gen election - Krassi will send the call also to the EGP for the newsletter and web page. 
  • Energy and Campaigning training
  • update
  • prep team will be: 
  • nicolas.balthazar (EcoloJ)
  • cindy.devacht (EcoloJ)
  • Maria Glosikova (YEE) Marru (slovakia)
  • antoine tifine (Jeunes Ecologistes)
  • stephan wiese (Gruene Jugend)
  • Additionally there is:
  • Michaela Prassl (local prep-team)
  • And (either):
  • Jakob Schwarz (EC)
  • Onur Fidanguel (EC)
  • Supported by:
  • Shenna Sanchez (Office)
  • Summer camps:
  • Germanspeaking - jakob will look into this
  • Inter-Isles: they are very active. it will probably be in scotland but the location is still being discussed
  • Eastern Europe: no update
  • BeNeFranceLux & Mobility Seminar May by French YGs: no update
  • Southern - Onur will take over responsibility for this
  • Ukranian - no update
  • Nordic - the swedish young greens in the western region wants to organize it, Ingrid will keep working on it
  • second GA fall 2013 - there was discussions at the congress of the german yong greens this weekend and everyone is excited
  • COP 19
  • hostel - no update
  • Application to YiA Poland? (1st of May?): coordination with LGBTQ
DECISION: we want to do this
Jakob will get in contact with Georg since there is an initiative to start a climate change WG within the EPG
  • Youth emancipation publication
It seems that the GGEP will pay the publication. It will have the design of the youth emancipation conference with the logo of GGEP. 
  • ECI 
On 22nd we had an action day related to the World Day of Water.
FYEG official PR + 13 published PRs from FYEG member organization (Bulgaria,  Cyprus, Sweden, Turkey, Czech Republic, Irish Greens, Portugal, France, Finland, Spain, Poland, Italy, Greece) + article series on  Ecosprinter. JEF and EGP will publish the FYEG PR on their Newsletters.  Actions (Greece, Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain)
A  lot of pictures from individuals and member organizations in support of  the ECI "Water is a human right" and the Water campaign action day. The  picture of Silvio have almost 2 300 viewers, Of Adam Weiss over 1 9000 viewers. 
There are initiatives to reverse our policy to only have one ECI at the same time. We will postpone the discussion on this.
  • LGBTQ network(Update Phil) - this discussion will be postponed
  • Gender publication printing costs
  • update -they will apply for money, Onur will keep us updated
  • Green Compass publication:
    no update
b) project ideas 
  • glass breakers
  • they might apply to the swedish national agency
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
c) discussions 
14. Any other business
  • IGLYO Conference, 10-16 of may. Onur will ask someone from the gender WG to go. 
  • EC Peer for Onur  - Maggie and Terry will help with this
  • Global Power Shift - conference in Istanbul to form a global climate movement. Several people from FYEG applied. Jakob and Onur will keep discussing this. 
  • Telemaque to go to Board of ECI on Basic Income Grant for FYEG 
    DECISION: to ask Telemaque to write the EC a formal request about what kind of mandate he wants
  • LGBTQ network meeting - discussion postponed until later