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EC Skype Conference 19.11.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference 19-11-2012 Time: 19:00-21.00 CET

Attending people: Maggie, Terry, Ingrid, Steva, Phil, Micha, Jakob (20:45)

Missing: Jakob (excused), Chema, Krassi (excused)

Opening of the meeting

  1. Elections

  • Election of Moderator:

  • Election of Minutes taker:

  1. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
    At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid

  2. Approving the agenda

  3. Personal Update - including political update

  4. Approving the decisions taken during the skype conference last week

  1. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week

    1. Delegate Nikola to go to a meeting in Brussels about Israel/Palestine

  1. Office:

    1. update: GEF is not going to reimburse one

        1. Belgrade Report: Will be finalised soon.

        2. Wintercamp Report: Huge List of comments:

        3. GGEP Report is sent

        4. Shenna worked on Youth Speakers Report and on COP Workshop

        5. FINANCE: Sheets are prepared. Accountant will be met on Thursday.

        6. Dragana works on Balkan Pride

        7. Falafe

        8. Securex Account is open

        9. EGP Rearranges the office. 1st Floor over the fyeg is also rented. FYEG should move to the room at the back. 6 desks space.

        10. Press Officers Applications: 2 only

    2. Accountant

    3. Reports

    4. Project assistant:

      1. Follow up Shennas report

        1. is Shenna now on the coordinator’s email-list?

          1. she gets office mails. (will be added to

        2. Does Shenna have full access to the office email?

          1. yes

        3. Can the login and password of the office email be put in the dropbox?

          1. STEVA will put it in the dropbox

        4. financial plan for how much we can spend each month to keep a buffer

        5. shenna’s contract

          1. Yes. Finanlised. Will be followed up next week.

      2. Shenna to get access to the EC dropbox?

        1. will be added

    1. New intern after Dragana

    2. Working permit

      1. Answer on the 20th Nov.

    1. Finances

      1. action 4.5 - Maggie

      2. EACEA grant

      3. Proposal about e-lists and yeapsy events maintenance – workload to be shared between Christof and Steva

      4. Meeting with Bütikofer and Bas in Brussels

  1. Internal Structure

    1. EC

      1. December ECM
        We will have it 4-6. Arrival day 3rd. Terry has a meeting with the Dutch on the 4th in the evening; there will also be a party.
        End at 13.00 on the 6th.

    1. WGs

      1. Update from coordi skype

      2. Working group booklet

      3. does Krassi want to take responsible for the regionalism wg? could this be a subgroup to the democracy wg?

      4. Transport WG

    1. MOs:

      1. Ukraine: Phil to send paper about his meeting with Iryna

      2. Croatia: Terry to draft a letter they can sign

    1. SPP:

      1. MEP visits:

        1. Ska will give maybe fewer spots: Ingrid will follow up on this.

        2. Include budget on seats in the GGEP Financial Proposal

      2. Treasurer and financial manager network - proposal by Maggie:

        1. Exchange Platform for treasures. Will be taken up on the dec. ECM

      3. Timeframe for SPP committees

  1. Communication

    1. internal communication

      1. How does GEF handle this? - Maggie?

    2. external communication

      1. press strategy update

      2. strategy sent out by Micha

      3. Jakob’s call with Bea update

      4. Electing a new press officer:

        1. Applications will be shared. Doodle with 4 alternatives (candidate 1/candidate2/sending out call/

    1. web

      1. Update Jakob’s call with Christoph about his tasks

      2. is the EC taking over some of the web work?

    2. Ecosprinter

    1. Newsletter

      1. responsible for next editorial: Next meeting.

  1. Networking

    1. CDN

      1. SC dates update

      2. Caucasus regional meeting

    1. GYG

      1. GYG Participation to Wintercamp: will be prolonged.

      2. Implementation Strategy

    1. Falafel:

      1. Update about proceedings:

        1. 20 Nov. final decision is being done.

    2. Student's network

    3. EGP

      1. Athens council reporting

        1. All EC members to write about the meetings they attended

        2. also specifically:

          1. meeting with the Spaniards (they rock:)!) --> Ingrid

          2. Fringe Meeting Youth Emancipation --> Micha and Ingrid

          3. Election Campaign Meeting --> Terry (there is not so much to say)

          4. Action footage --> Jakob (Terry will upload video)

          5. Treasurer´s meeting --> Maggie

          6. GND social dimension --> Krassi

      2. Changing the text on their webpage

    1. GGEP

      1. financial proposal 2013 - was there a meeting at the council

    2. European youth forum

      1. Update Maggies campaign

      2. Give Terry, Jakob and Maggie mandate to vote as they think is best at their GA

        1. fairelections campaign is a success.

        2. We are highly visible on the plattform, answering questions.

        3. All candidates should be interviewed and votes are based on recommendations of Jakob/Maggie/Terry

        4. Meeting 25 November 2012, Shenna should go?

        5. Meeting about vote at 16 (to be taken at ecm)

    3. GEF

      1. Update about the agreement

      2. Money for summer camps

    4. Other organization’s activities

  1. Activity plan

    1. General

      1. Glass Ceiling training

      2. Follow up of LGBTQ seminar series:

        1. Decision to be taken at ECM Dec. Clear position for Tuzla seminar

      3. Open call seminar next November

    2. projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting) (new ones to be added on the bottom, old ones deleted on top if report done)

      1. Turn the green volume on

      1. LGBTQ seminar belgrade

      1. SPM

      1. COP18 Workshop:

      1. LGBTQ seminar tuzla
        - update from prep-skype

      1. Falafel Meeting

      1. Second SPP meeting

        1. Invitations to GEF, EGP and GGEP

      2. Winter camp

        1. Invite Reinhard? Will be written to in contact with Krassi

        2. Ecosprinter IRL meeting

      1. Energy and Campaigning Seminar

      2. New Media Seminar

      3. General assembly

        1. Host organization:

          1. Belgium did not apply and are

          2. Call will be extended

        2. Timing - before or after council?

          1. To be discussed in dec. ECM

      4. Regional Summer Camps

        1. Spanish speaking

          1. Horizon 14 Money for this -Maggie?

        2. French speaking

        3. German speaking

        4. English speaking

        5. Nordic

        6. Eastern Europe - Center Europe - Czech republic or Hungary

      5. second GA fall 2013

      6. Youth emancipation publication:

      7. ECI - Water campaign

        1. ECI on more exchange programs

    1. Election Campaign

      1. list of national congresses update - Jakob

    2. project ideas

  1. Political stuff

    1. press releases

      1. on Ecosprinter article series - micha

      2. aviation emissions trading- jakob

      3. on Hungary - phil

    2. initatives

      1. LGBTQ action outside the Macedonian embassy

        1. phil and dragana will take up contact with the serbian young greens to make sure that they are ok with what we do with this action. according to what kaca and phil discussed ?

    3. discussions

      1. Israel/Palestine conflict

        1. What’s happening in general

        2. PR

        3. Peace WG crisis meeting

        4. Resolution to the GA

          1. We want to send out PR/external realtions

          2. PR will be drafted. Will be in correspondence with regional partners and Peace working group. Out next monday.

  1. Any other business

    1. Spain GA: Send Seb? Money for this from FYEG?

      1. 150 euro

    2. Financial contribution for Balkan pride! sorry totally forgot we need to decide about this

      1. All other organizations have payed 100 euros so FYEG should also contribute. It’s still needed 100-150 euros.
        DECISION: we will spend 100-150 euros depending on what’s needed. In the future the EC should be informed earlier that actions will request this type of money.