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EC skype conference 18.03.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  18-03-2013 
Time: 19:00-21.15 CET


1. Opening of the meeting
Attending people: Jakob, Krassi, Micha, Onur, Terry, Ingrid, Maggie, Steva
Missing: Phil
Welcoming Onur
2. Elections
Election of moderator: Jakob
Election of minutes taker: Krassi
3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid
Meeting is valid
4. Approving the agenda
5. Personal Update - including political update 
6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week 
 7. Office: 
a) update      
Steva worked on Friday and today - LGBTQ seminars were finally finalized. 
Bianca will propose something about the design these days
Intern update: The EC voted upon the applications of interns. 2 votes are still missing. Steva will provide to the EC the report of the Intern's candidates.
There was a meeting with the Financial control committee (FCC). There will be another meeting on 5-6th April (second and final meeting). They will go then completely to the invoices and financial reports.
b) accountant
c) reports
d) interns
Odysee - Onur will take it over
e) finances
8. Internal structure
a) EC
Discussion on possible tasks that Onur could take over:
LGBT+ Network 
FALAFEL: (join meetings, etc.)
Onur is fine with taking over sharing responsibilities with the existing tasks and filling out the gaps as the time is too short.
b) WGs
c) MOs:
EGP asked for some info about Georgian Greens. Ingrid is communicating this with the Georgian Young Greens.
Reimbursement of  candidate organisations at the GA
Decision: we will ask them to send a request if they want to come
Macedonia  (MODOM) wants to apply for membership inside of FYEG - Krassi is communicating with them. Terry will send her the requested in the IRPF “questionnaire”
We need a study visit first and if the recommendation from the EC is possitive, then it could be fine paying the travel costs, if not then maybe it is better not to pay.
Ingrid will check with the IRP about the travel costs if it is written something concrete there
Terry will check about old procedures.
Membership status of the Romanian Young Greens 
Jakob communicated about it the previous year. They didnt pay a membership fee at the previous GA, and now we are waiting  to see if they will pay and continue being a member
Call for membership fees:
Decision: Maggie will send it tonight or tomorrow
Irish Young Greens are asking how much they should pay a membership fee
1 % of their admin budget or at least 50 euros
d) SPP:
Jakob will send again email to the links we have, so the EC could comment further on them if necessary
9. Communication
a) internal communication
platform - no news on the platform
update email lists -  problems posting on the mailing list (young-greens info list - actually      only the office could post on them)
b) external communication
Discussion on press officer  - how we vision the future of this position. 
We need to restructure our external communication (Job description for the press officer / New media plan / concept for a strategy for external communication) 
Jakob and Onur will work on a new job description for the Press officer, or a group of volunteers who will do the external communication. Micha could also additionally help with it.
Ingrid, Jakob and Onur will have a skype regarding the external communication strategy and discuss it with the EC further
Decision: Press officer will not be present at the GA
c) web
Update moving web page:
Our web master is going   to Canada on exchange in the fall for six months, but this will not stop  him for performing his duties
Jakob, Steva and Maggie are still working on getting an idea of how much we could spend on a new webpage and what the real price will be. So far not clarified
d) Ecosprinter
Krassi will organize a skype with them soon to discuss further all the outcome from the Wintercamp discussions
e) Newsletter
The editorial worked well this month 
10. Networking
a) CDN
b) GYG
Delegation: Micha to clarify GYG representation towards EGP
c) Falafel:
falafel - opportunities for another networking meeting
We are looking for possibilities to invite them to a certain event. The EGP Council might not work, so Micha will try to work on another idea for giving them space for networking - maybe the GA or another project. 
d) EGP
Concept on the Action before Council 9th of May (Day of  Europe) - no update
Youth unemployment debate before the Council - Young Equo - Terry will write to them
Monica Frassoni and Italian greens - there is an email about it from Monica
no update
f) European youth forum
Decision on COMEM delegates: Vesna will apply as a 1st candidate that will present FYEG there for the AC elections. The second delegate will be Phil.
Erasmus initiative - no update, Terry works on it
EYF Pull of trainers selection result: Teo Comet was selected into the pool of trainers
Advisory Council on Youth elections: 19 applications from international organizations and 13 will get it.
Discussion about  potential conflict of interests of Maggie running for SecGen of FYEG - the  feedback from YFJ was supportive, conditioned with making a clear division between the roles of a SecGen and a Board member
g) PPYOs
h) Other organization’s activities 
12. Activity plan
a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)
Second SPM 15th - 18th of February
Winter camp 02-09th of March
Crisis conference:
Publication is difficult/Blanca to send stickers by tomorrow
New Media Summer School 29th April - 3rd, (28th,4th travel dates)
Call for participants has  been sent out- online application
Change of dates to 27.4. - 1.5. (Sat - Wed)
Decision: Onur will communicate to Maggie about potential speakers/experts
General assembly
- Vanue – no update
- update GA speakers: Micha and Jakob are in contact different speakers
- Arbers participation: we will not have him
- web master participation, 17-19 maybe - EC would be glad to have him
- Action concept - Congo action might not be the most appropriate for the Jong Groen, so Micha will  discuss it further with them, and a better solution is found
- workshop on egoism vs. altruism
Decision: we will have 6  workshops per session (Ingrid will communicate to Gina, Jakob to  GEWG&CCWG)
- agenda: the concept of the Exchange workshop should be further developed
- Working groups' participation to the GA
Krassi will communicate it with Steva and Terry to see how working groups members could get into the GA.
Energy and Campaigning training
- internal Prep-Team application deadline today
- Meeting of Local  prep-team was great (clarified objectives, will now check with int PT)
- task division done: two weeks for booking 
- Onur might help to Jakob if necessary
Summer camps: no updates
Eastern Europe
BeNeFranceLux &  Mobility Seminar May by French YGs
Southern - there will be a meeting to which Steva should join. Maybe Onur could start keeping the communication with them
Ucranian - no update
second GA fall 2012
COP 2019
hostel - Shenna is in process of booking it
Application to YiA Poland (1st of May) 
Intersessionals in Bonn:
Youth emancipation publication
There is no money for it right now, but Micha will write to the GGEP and see if there could be found any further support for the publication. However we need further to discuss and vote if we should ask the GGEP and what our priorities are.
Decision: Micha will ask the GGEP for additional funding.
ECI ”Water is a human right”
22nd March is our action related to the Water campaign, so please motivate your MOs to join us. Krassina is keeping in touch with MOs and working on the organization of the action day.
LGBTQ network(Update Phil) no update
Gender publication printing costs - skipped
Green Compass publication: no update
b) project ideas 
glass breakers
13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
democracy in Belarus
c) discussions 
14. Any other business