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EC skype conference 08.04.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  08-04-2013 

Time: 19:00-21.15 CET

Attending people: Onur, Maggie, Ingrid, Steva, Jakob, Krassi, Micha, Terry, Phil


1. Opening of the meeting

2. Elections

  • Election of moderator: Ingrid

  • Election of minutes taker: Jakob

3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid

4. Approving the agenda

5. Personal Update - including political update - provided

6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week - skipped


 8. Office:

a) update

see under reports

b) accountant

Financial report of Accountant should be ready by GA.

c) reports

falafel report: 

  • UPDATE:  State of the report, Financial report done by LuxYG. there has been some miscommunication between Prepteam and Office, the text-report has not been started yet.

  • Decision: Prep-Team needs to prepare the report, Steva to delegate the work. Steva sends the report form to the prep-team. Steva will send an old report to the PT and they prepare report based on this.

European Youth Foundation (some negative feedback on reports):

  • Wintercamp: Shenna is working on this

  • LGBTQ: Dragana working on this

  • Youth Emancipation: some minor changes needed.

EC Reimbursements:

  • DECISION: Report to be done by office till the next skype conference

d) interns

  • UNDP intern from lithuania: 

  • UPDATE: UNDP ask whether we would be willing to host an intern from Lithuania

  • Decision: Onur will contact them, further discussion will be conducted after the GA

  • Odysee: 

  • UPDATE: Onur wrote them that the EC discussed it, that we would want to have a campaign intern. We need to set out a call, once they have the money.

  • Decision: no need to work on this before september

  • Guillermo: Is working on youth emancipation stuff for the Green Group and FYEG. He's coming to Madrid and Mechelen. He's going to help with the GA.

e) finances

  • Update: There is not going to be an external accountant report before April 26th, but an office report. But the accountant report should be done until the GA. There is a lot of work for the Office.


9. Internal structure

a) EC

  • candidates for next year: do we have enough ppl for campaign team and ecosprinter?

  • Campaign Team Candidates: So far only one application

  • Decision: We need to push this team. There should be candidates from the French, Spanish, and the Dutch. If there's no 8 applications, we will need to extend the deadline

  • Ecosprinter Board Application: Kristoferos (Greece), Telemaque (France), Marie Pochon (France)

  • possibilities to apply for EC without being Member of a Full FYEG MO

  • Possible to run, but still needs 2 support letters. In the specific case discussed, the person will also consider that the executive and office are supposed to be separated.

  • Onur is in Tel Aviv / Ramallah for a month. Vahit applying to EC.

b) WGs:

Finally all reports are received. Accept the ones of the dead WGs.

c) MOs:

  • what happeed to the russia study visit?

  • UPDATE: some NGOs will have a meeting in Russia, Phils trying to involve Vesna, she's interested

d) SPP:

  • Please everybody read through the draft and comment/vote on Ingrids and Terry's proposal until tomorrow. 

  • Deadline for amendments is the 26th April

  • Request by Austrians to withdraw the Document: Procedure: they would have to table a motion to the IRPs (Antrag zur Geschaeftsordung), the GA will have to vote whether they agree with the motion


10. Communication

a) internal communication

  • platform: Steva to organise meeting with barry?

b) external communication

c) web

  • designer 

  • Update: 

  • 1. pixelpod 3000 euros

  • 2. latte creative 6000 euros

  • DECISION: Latte Creative will be contacted after Steva will have communicated to the EGP and checked whether the Drupal support willll be

- Onur, Jakob and Steva to meet with them after / during / before GA in their office in Brussels, to lower the price and agree on the exact work.

d) Ecosprinter

Seems like no one from the current board is running for the next EEB (except for Marie)

EEB will have a skype with the WGs soon, so this WG blog part is created before the GA

e) Newsletter

Who will write the editorial this month?

  • Maggie volunteered

  • EC Members need to write your reports until Sunday 28th April



11. Networking

a) CDN

b) GYG

* YiA application: GYEG

GYG needs to take care of application procedure.

We need stated clearly from them that they will be able to take care of all adminstration, implementation and reporting.

c) Falafel:

* YiA application

Falafel is writing the application. So far we are not involved. The FYEG office and EC prioritize the GA due to limited capacity.

d) EGP

  • Council

    • Item postponed. Decisions regarding amendments will be taken through email. Send proposals for amednments on e-list.

    • Discussion postponed for next week. 


Item skipped

f) European youth forum

  • written report provided by Vesna and Maggie

g) PPYOs

  • erasmus proposal

  • PPYO meeting and discussion with Vice-Presdient Olli Rehn-27 May 2013- 14:30/17:00

  • YO! fest debate - austerity, happening for sure, included in official program. Proposed speakers by now Jakob, Terry, Ingrid - might change later

h) Other organization’s activities 

  • power shift in turkey

  • EU Integration Forum 2013, Prague on November 14-15 2013, travel costs are not paid.


12. Activity plan

a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)

  • Youth in Crisis conference:

  • follow up: 

  • Report is being written by committee. 

  • Two videos. Photo series. We need to spread more.

  • We should upload it to webpage.

  • New Media Summer School 27th April - 1st May,Vienna

  • - starting on friday

  • - no big issues

  • - e-learning portal on :-P

  • Bonn intersessionals

    • Point skipped.

  • General assembly

  • registration - have everyone contacted their MOs? 

Greece, Portugal, Scotland, Turkey are now also registred.

  • Invitation of PPYOs - Micha do so this week

  • activity plan: Proposal for 2 more amendments by the EC:

  • - The ECI "Water is a human right"continues until November, so it should be added to the activity plan maybe

  • - having in mind we are deepening a bit the collaboration with Democracy international, and there will be for the GA e a motion on the New Convention maybe one more sentence could be added that we could further collaborate with this organization and if someone interested join their campaign

    • There will be a wall "were are you when you're 35" / "fyeg is 35"

    • the working groups' representatives - someone needs to take care of the travel costs and the communicate it with them. No participation fee for them as well

    • Pax fee exception -

      • Decision: no pax fee exceptions

    • IRP Change: gender quota - Onur will have a look at this and make a proposal

    • Modom application - Phil asked CDN for information

    • Sec Gen election/pre-selection:

    • Report is done - should be sent to the EC

    • To be published on 26th of April

    • Energy and Campaigning training

      • skipped

    • Summer camps:

    • Germanspeaking -

    • Inter-Isles:  Date is now set: 18th and 22nd July; We should give input on what should be discussed content-wise. 

    • Eastern Europe - will probably not happen

    • BeNeFranceLux & Mobility Seminar May by French YGs:

    • Southern - Onur has an update.

    b) project ideas 

    • Winter Camp 2014:

      • Decision: Maggie will prepare a proposal: Application planned for YiA first of june deadline, if it does not pass, we re-apply in october