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EC skype conference 04.03.2013

Executive Committee (EC) Skype conference  04-03-2013 

Time: 19:00-21.15 CET

1. Opening of the meeting

Attending people: Jakob, Ingrid, Steva, Maggie, Terry, Micha

Missing: Phil, Krassi


2. Elections

Election of moderator: Ingrid

Election of minutes taker: Steva


3. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least four EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid


4. Approving the agenda


5. Personal Update - including political update - provided


6. Confirmation of decisions taken during the week - skipped

 7. Office:

a) update                               

b) accountant

c) reports


d) interns

Decision: Prolong deadline untill Friday this week. Encourage people to apply. Steva and Maggie

e) finances

Update: report will be ready for ECM (Steva will try to send out reports on Thursday)

9. Internal structure

a) EC

vote for new EC member

They gave two weeks for the second round as well. Next Tuesday is deadline. Advisory Committee will send reminders tomorrow.

Wintercamp ECM  agenda - Ingrid sent proposal for Agenda.

general concept/ missing points/ moderation and minute taking 

Concept and proposal for moderation are accepted

Ecosprinter + EC meeting,  perhaps Friday during the CoE, GEF and VISIO presentatio

Krassi, Micha and Ingrid will be there on behalf of EC. Others should send ideas and input before.

Minttus workshop


1. Mononday at 8pm - 2

2. Not having it at all - 1

Abstain - 2

Decision: Jakob will communicate to minttu that she should respond soon whether Monday evening is fine for her, (Monday at 8pm). Otherwise we cancel it, bc agenda's packed.


b) WGs

Palestine Pepais  resolution, 5 pages

Pace WG is making a resolution on Palestine/israel conflict. Ingrid will ask them to make process open. PPC last year had a proposal how to proceed in this situations.

We discuss this on ECM


c) MOs:

letter to Croatian MO 


task: to provide overview  of what MOs' membership status should change at the GA for the Winter camp ECM  - to be further discussed at ECM

We need an overview over which MOs paid their membership fees. Maggie and Steva will send it tomorrow.

d) SPP:

Update Jakob will send the document before ECM

10. Communication

a) internal communication

platform - no update

update email lists

Decision: the call for updates is sent out to MOs after the EC online elections.- Jakob and Chris are taking care of it. Reminders will be sent after EC member elections


b) external communication

PRs - international  women's day 

PR is  approved. Still waiting for picture from Phil. Dragana will send it out.

Fukushima - Phil is  drafting one.

World day of water - Vote on it over EC list asap


c) web

Update moving web site

Jakob will send Call this week. We discuss further procedure on ECM in Finland


d) Ecosprinter

e) Newsletter


11. Networking

a) CDN


b) GYG

Africa-Europe youth platform (applied). Micha didnt apply. 

seed funding: We wll check it out. (Micha)

c) Falafel:

falafel representatives at Youth emancipation conference in Brussels (not possible)

Micha will check out the possibilities of having the meeting together with the EGP council instead


d) EGP

Action before Council 9th of May (Day of Europe)

Fringe Meeting - general about FYEG

Youth Unemployment - big session

Youth paper discussion

note: to promote Youth emancipation publication with a small campaign



Crisis conference (needs to be a constant point for the next month!)

- Discuss on ECM

Vesna was there. Iva, Maarten and Sebastian couldnt make it. We need to send out the call for 10 places. Micha and Steva will prepare a call and send it out (Wed evening)

Terry will be there. 

- Call for Pax for FYEG

EC members will inform Micha if they are able to come till Wednsday. 

Other important points will be discussed on ECM.


f) European youth forum

Advisory Council nominee = Vesna (Terry +1,)

PoT nominations = Steva, Silvio, Teo (Terry +1)

e-mail with explanations is sent to EC list

Voting tonight on secret doodle link

We discuss further on ECM in Finland

New point - PPYOs meeting;

Report is on EC list and we dissuss issues on ECM in finland

h) Other organization’s activities 

12. Activity plan

a)  projects work in progress (application/preparation/execution/reporting)

Second SPM 15th - 18th of February

Winter  camp 02-09th of March




EC participation



New Media Summer School 29th April - 3rd,      (28th,4th travel dates)


General  assembly

minutes from GA 2012 - Ingrid and Steva

Jong Groen wants conference on Europe Friday evening

EC is positive. Ingrid will communicate to Raf

Raf is asking for budget - Steva will send it tonight.

Presidency: Teo Kortman  (his name is Comet now) from CDN would like to join it

Financial situation with speakers

General policy is that we reimburse travel costs. MEPs are usually covering their travel.

Everybody should give an updates on where they stand with the recruitment of speakers by email to Ingrid and Micha 

Energy and Campaigning training

UPDATE: Reminder for Prep-team-Member nomination has been sent, deadline 10th of March


Summer camps:


English-speaking: Had a  skype conference, is going fine

Eastern Europe

BeNeFranceLux & Mobility Seminar May by French YGs



Second  GA fall 2013agenda - to be discussed at the ECM
DECISION: The agenda can  be confirmed towards the German Young Greens

COP 2019
hostel booking: 

UPDATE: not yet booked. (to be done: 40people in Warsaw hostel, close to venue/center, between 15th and 22nd of November)

Intersessionals in Bonn:
Jakob will send  applications of candidates to EC list. If there is no objection within 2  days and less than 4 applicants, Jakob will nominate them all.

Youth  emancipation publication
UPDATE: Micha is on it. Disscuss over beer in Helsinki.


LGBTQ network(Update Phil) 
Gender publication printing costs

They will have skype tomorrow about it.

Green Compass publication:

b) project ideas
glass breakers
CDN is still decidig

13. Political stuff
a) press releases
b) ideas
c) discussions 

14. Any other business

Maggie is asking the yfj whether they are doing something on Erasmus initiative.