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EC Reports - January-February 2015


Things I have done in February: Contacted above 20 MEPs to get some form of sponsoring for the Populism Working Group, the politicising the personal-platform and the General Assembly. I participated in a panel-discussion on sustainable development with the European Council of Regions. Furthermore, I went to Belgrade to visit the Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe and the Serbian Young Greens (as I am responsible for them). I am negotiating with the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament a framework agreement for our cooperation. I have participated in the EGP Committee meetign and unsuccessfully asked them to sponsor our study visits to the Baltics and Greece (and have successfully fought off an idea to problematise Islam for the terrorist attacks). I have worked on several statements for the our outside communication as well. Most important, we have decided to be more outspoken on many issues and want to improve our external communication. Even though, i have a lot of work to do right now, this is an important goal to me, which i want to pursue.


Busy month of February, with the continuation of the work on the Climate Campaign with our wonderful campaign team ! I have travelled from February 13th to 21st to Barcelona for a training called “ Structured Participation in Democratic Processes”, a Euro-Mediterranean training for youth workers and activists organised by the Catalan Youth Council. It was very interesting and a great occasion to build more networks with other youth organisations and movements from all over the Mediterranean for FYEG ! And also, who knows, the birth of new projects…! I have also worked this month on the selection of the prep team for the Migration seminar and we are starting in March the real preparatives. As well, I am involved in the preparations of the World Social Forum in Tunis and the Alter G20 in Istanbul so we’ve had many discussions and we can get started, especially with the Jeunes Ecologistes and the Genc Yesiller.


This month I’ve continued the (endless!) task of supporting the coordination of EC work as well as giving a hand when possible with the climate campaign/preparations for the COP delegation. Olive Tree Branch is ticking along and there should be some very visible progress extremely soon! I’ve also been looking into ways to support the MOs I’m responsible for as they face exciting challenges in their respective countries. I'm also busy drafting some of the outcomes of the EC retreat earlier this year, including some strategic plans for FYEG in 2015 and the years ahead. Watch this space!


I just arrived! So there isn’t much to report really, except that Neoi Prasinoi are very thankful for their election in the EC! There will be a section in the newsletter with the vision Neoi Prasinoi have for the Federation. Keeping busy with the duties recently entrusted to me and closely attending to the establishment of the GR.A.P.E.S network.


In February, I’ve been helping the office with the closing of account. I’m also preparing some amendments to the 2015 budget because of new incomes (yuhu!) and new projects (yuhu!). I’ll propose it during the GA in Tbilissi for the MOs’ approval. As a treasurer, I started a new project: to create a new network of treasurers! I’m quite happy about it. The idea is to create connexions between the treasurers of our MOs (or the people taking care of finance) so we can learn from each others, learn our best-practices, learn some tips… By getting to know them and their work, I hope FYEG will be able to help as well. Regarding twinning cities, we received some twin identity cards and it’s very interesting to get to know what our local groups are up to. I’m happy to work with our new intern Etsher on this. We’re about to send the options to the local groups so that they can find their best match. Can’t wait to see who will end up with whom… Besides, I’ve been following-up some other twinning which are already in elaboration. It’s been a busy month, as usual !


February was for me very busy month, and not just from the FYEG side, because I just finished my work for OHCHR in Moldova, went for a week mission to Serbia where I had a chance to meet CDN representatives as well as members of Zelena Omladina. Moreover, my CDN and overall Eastern European Green experience continued when I took a part at the GA of CDN in the end of February in Chisinau. Nevertheless, the very most important issue for me in February was preparatory meeting for our Spring Camp “Mission: Inclusion” which will take a place in Czech and will be about inclusion, anti-discrimination and other closely related human rights issues. There will be approx. 70 pax from all over Europe with very diverse background and together with the conference on “Far-Right and Right-Wing Populism - how to combat this phenomena from the green perspective”, where we established also special preparatory team, it is gonna be great event. But still a lot of work is in front of us. At least not last, I prepared the Zero Discrimination statement.