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EC Reports - January 2015


At the very end of December I visited the Cyprus Young Greens and joined their big Annual conference which was dedicated to issues that concern the young people such as youth unemployment, democratic deficit, climate change and the upcoming COP21 etc. In January I concentrated more on organizational work and small tasks that had to be done either related to communication or proposals that had to be finalized. Micha and I organized a skype with our member organizations which gathered 24 people in a nice talk. I joined also the EGP committee meeting.


Western Sahara must be free! I visited Western-Sahara, the last territorial colony of the world, over New Year and met the Frente Polisario - the front for the liberation of Western Sahara. Their county is occupied by Morocco, ever since the Spanish colonisers withdraw after the fall of Franco. The Sahrawi live in refugee camps in the Algerian desert and wait for the possibility to return to their homes. As a result of this journey, I hope that we have more political relations with the Youth Organisation of the Frente Polisario. They have indicated to be interested to apply to become an Observer Organisation of FYEG. Further to that, I worked on the outside visibility, trying to improve the connection with you, the Member Organisations, through a Skype Meeting and also issuing statements on Syriza. FYEG needs to become a more political force! This is the conclusion of the retreat of the EC. We have to re-write our 3-year plans that we have to provide to donors. And the focus on the political will be at the heart of it! Further, I negotiated with the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament about the future cooperation between FYEG and them. With the help of other EC Members, I prepared applications for cooperation at for our General Assembly, the Climate Workshop in Paris and a conference on right-wing populism and extremism. We achieved to have a Framework Agreement with the Group and they committed to cooperate with us in a structural manner.


After some rest during the Christmas/New Year period, it’s time for the “sprint” until the next GA! This month I have spent a fair bit of time with the selection of the COP21 FYEG delegation and facilitating the EC to take a fair decision, preparing the agenda and work for the EC retreat this month where we worked on strategic 3-year-ahead plans as well as the existing projects, and finalising the selection of the Olive Tree Branch steering team. This has been slower than anticipated but hopefully it can now properly kick off.


Besides pretty well done and fresh EC retreat in Istanbul, I have mainly worked on follow up activities linked to our Spring Camp. Prep Team has been established and first online meetings and related work has been done, next is on the way. Furthermore, the end of January is exactly 70 years after the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, so I prepared our press release on the issue and together with Morgan from Ecosprinter we have completed a collection of different perspectives on the issue which you can read in the magazine during the week.


This month I have been been helping the office with the closing of the account. I also started working on the 2015 budget plan that has been approved during the last GA because it will need some modifications. I am helping the climate campaign team with their budget. And I keep working on fundraising so all our other projects in 2015 will be great! 2015 will be busy I can tell you. The EC had a very nice retreat in Istanbul where we started to prepare the next GA, and thought about how to improve ourselves. Nice and intensive as usual. Besides, I launched the next steps for Twinning Cities. The local groups involved in the project now have some duties: to complete their “twin identity card”, so that we could propose some match. We’ll see then who is with whom… Only bad news this month: we won’t be able to organise the twinning cities camp after all because of lack of capacities from our MOs. Yes, we’re all busy. We don’t give up the camp, it’s just postponed.


This month, and year, has greatly started for the whole Executive Committee with a retreat in Istanbul that I helped in coordinating as it’s my hometown now :-). I worked this month on the Climate Campaign along with the Campaign Team, but also on preparing applications for a Euro-Mediterranean training that will take place in Barcelona in February in which I will participate in the name of FYEG and Falafel Network. I also worked in the selection of delegates for UNFCCC events for FYEG, the Newsletter and the Ecosprinter Training that is now confirmed for June. I am now in coordination with Neoi Prasinoi to also get their updates from the Greek elections.