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EC Reports February/March 2014

EC Reports for February:


As our Election campaign is advancing, mostly our efforts are focused on it. I have been communicating a lot with our young candidates, and together with Marko and Terry organized the FYEG young candidates’ meeting. Besides this my efforts are also concentrated on the upcoming action weeks. I am keeping in touch and having skype conferences with our working groups in order to create and finalize the action reader. In February the EGP Convention took place, where we were present and had the chance to negotiate and vote upon the final version of the EGP Manifesto and all other political papers presented there.  In Brussels I took part in organized by the European Youth Forum meeting of political parties’ youth organizations, which was a good chance for networking. In February the EC had a meeting in London, where we met the London Young Greens, and joined the Youth debate. I had the chance to moderate an interesting cross-party discussion on the youth involvement in politics. The same month we witnessed a lot of violence within Ukraine, and a political situation changing every day. We are communicating with the Green Youth of Ukraine, and published one press release on it. Of course there are and other activities I have been involved such as the FYEG participation at the European Youth Dialogue 2014 in Thessaloniki , Democracy International campaign for a New Convention and others.


The last months was full of great experiences with the Member organisations. After having conducted the Member Organisations Meeting, to discuss the campaign, we supported Terry at the Congress of the German Green Party. She got an incredible spot on the German list: number 9 and therefore will be almost certain in the next European Parliament. We prepared the Electoral Convention of the European Greens and put amendments on the a 50+ quota in company boards, on taking a strong position against TTIP, on the abolishment of Frontex and in favor of open borders. We achieved changes of the text for every amendment that we put. The rest of the month was filled by a 3 week journey through Europe that I did with an art-research programm and which allowed me to meet the Young Greens of England and Wales as well as the Young Greens of Sweden. I gave a speech at the congress of the Young Greens of Norway, our fastest growing Member Organisation. They elected a new board and we can expect a lot from them. In addition, I worked a lot on the fundraising for our campaign and secured the funds to get another video and our online visuals funded. Withour youth campaign, there was a seminar in Prague and had a meeting with the Campaign Team. I moderated a panel on "The Rise of Populism and the Situation of the Roma Community" with Ondjei Liska, Chairman of the Czech Greens, Ska Keller, Reinhard Bütikofer and Adam Weiss. We were preparing our Genera Assembly in Prague. I also prepare an Action on TTIP on 26 of April in Brussels and last but not least, I am reviving the Newsletter currently. Please follow what I am doing as well on Twitter: @michabl



As an EC responsible for this year's General Assembly, lately I have been following the situation in Ukraine and working with our GA prepteam to ensure we will have a safe and productive meeting this summer. For now, this means changing a location from Ukraine to France but we still hope to find a way to support our member organisation in Ukraine for we believe democracy is a human right!

Our Youth Campaign is doing grand in capable hands of our own Irish star, Darcy Lonergan. We are also more than happy to employ Darcy as a FYEG Office Assistant until June. I've had the honour of visiting our Youth Seminars in Sweden, UK and Czech Republic to hear and discuss issues relevant to our members across the continent.

Nowadays, I'm also a crucial part of our "rules and procedures to improve our structures" wing and hoping to be involved in strategic planning process after my term in the Executive Committee.

As always, you can follow me on Twitter @MariaTirkkonen