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EC Report September 2018

Dear all,

In this third EC Monthly report, we will give you updates about the different project the Federation is working on. Feel free to ask any questions on the MO-List or directly to our transparency officer Antoine, by email antoine@fyeg.org

Have a nice reading !


1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

The Executive Committee will organise its second EC meeting in Brussels on October 12th to 14th. During this meeting, we will debate all ongoing projects for the Federation, with a special focus on the European elections and our other projects for 2019.


1.2 Office

Our new intern, Stefanie de Bock, started her internship on September 17th and will be working with us until mid-February! A warm welcome to her!

Due to visa issues, FYEG’s Communications Officer Javier will have to stop working with us in the upcoming weeks. In a few months, Javier managed to bring a lot to FYEG. He kept improving our external communication and we are deeply saddened he won’t be able to keep doing that during the campaign.

We have opened a new call for a Communications and Campaigns Officer that would work both on our communications and would also assist us with the campaign. Deadline is 5 October. Please spread it widely!


1.3 General Assembly

Member Organisations have decided to follow the proposal of the EC to postpone the next FYEG General Assembly from May to July or August 2019. The call to for organisations to host the General Assembly has been published on October 1st, as required by our internal rules of procedure. You have until November 1st to apply.


1.4 Alumni Network

In the next days, we will launch FYEG’s alumni network. This network will be opened to all former FYEG activists. The call is already on our website. We count on you to spread it widely among former activists of your MOs, especially former EC members or former international officers!

1.5 Working Groups

The Working Group Meeting will take place on October 19th-21th in Brussels. All Working groups but one have now elected their co-coordinators. Don’t hesitate to contact them:

  • Social Europe WG: Sarah Heim and Jamie Ogilive
  • Sustainable Europe WG: Kristy Louise Rhades and Lea Kauffmann de Vries
  • Welcoming and Inclusive Europe WG: Tuomo Salonen and Christina Kessler
  • Gender and Inclusion WG: Sophia Oster and Roberta Caruso
  • Food System and Animal Rights WG: Héloïse Gaget and Gina Bartuch
  • The Commons WG decided not to have coordinators but rather to self-organise. This Working group might become a Commons itself!

You will later find the contact details of the coordinaors on our website.In the next EC report, we hope to be able to tell you more on the priorities decided by each WG for the year to come.


1.6 Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committees has been formed. Only 12 MOs nominated members and only 5 of them nominated representatives to more than one Sub-Committee (political, structural, activities). We will adapt the functioning of these SPCs to this. It is still possible for MOs to nominate or to update their representatives to the different SPCs by sending an email to anna @ fyeg.org


1.7 Visits to Member Organisations

In late August, Antoine from the EC attended General Assemblies of the Swiss Young Greens in Luzern, of the French Young Greens in Strasbourg and of the french-speaking belgian Young Greens in Bruxelles last month.

Our co-spokesperson Katri visited the Swedish Young Greens as general elections were held in the country on September 9th. In November, Zuzana will be going to the Grüne Jugend Bundeskongress (BuKo).

If you’re organising events or have elections soon, let us know and it will be a pleasure for us to visit your MO.


1.8 Privacy Policy

Following the entry into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), FYEG has updated its privacy policy. It clearly explains how we treat the data that we collect, how we protect it and how you can access it, change it or erase it. Read more here


2. Election Campaign

2.1 The Young Candidates Platform

This month we have reached an important milestone on the path towards our common campaign - we have launched the Young Candidates Platform. We have created the candidate platform to support you and your young candidates on their election journey with a variety of training, mentorship and support, both offline and online. The platform presents an exciting opportunity to connect with other young people running for election across Europe and to be connected with our pan-European campaign for a sustainable, social, welcoming and inclusive future. Together we will develop candidacy skills and share inside knowledge on a range of policy areas from energy to agriculture to migration to gender, we will empower each other and get empowered, and most importantly, we will make sure we get those votes!

There is no specific deadline for joining the platform but the sooner your candidates apply the more they will be able to profit from its offer. Women, trans*, non-binary persons are particularly encouraged to apply!

Read more here


2.2 Crowdfunding Campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign will be launched in the course of October. Stay tuned!


2.3 EGP campaign manifesto

We keep contributing to the writing of the EGP Campaign Manifesto that will be adopted during the Council of the European Green Party in Berlin on November 23-25. An update e-mail about the current Manifesto youth point has been sent to the MO list by the end of August. Unfortunately, only one MO reacted to the input so far. The final draft of the Manifesto will be sent to the EGP Member Parties on October 26. Any comments from any MO on the envisaged youth point prior to this deadline are highly encouraged!


2.4 EGP Leading Candidates

In November, the European Green Party will elect their two Leading Candidates (Spitzenkandidaten) for the European Elections. They will be the main face of the Greens in the pan-European campaign. Additionally, the Leading Candidates will be our candidates for the presidency of the European Commission if we are in the position to put forward one candidate.

Four candidates have been nominated by their party and now need to get the endorsement of at least 5 green parties. In this process, FYEG also has the possibility to endorse the candidacy of up to two candidates.

The Executive Committee decided to endorse the candidacy of Ska Keller, MEP and former Co-Spokesperson of FYEG. Without any doubts, Ska has made  proof in the last ten years of her great commitment to FYEG, she has tirelessly defended our values and contributed greatly to our fights.

We’ve decided to wait until the Berlin Council to take position on who else we would like to see as a Green Leading Candidate and to provide the contenders with an opportunity to share their opinion on FYEG’s proposals for the European Elections and discuss their positions together with our activists before the Council. Stay tuned for more details.


3. Projects

3.1 No Commons No Future

The last event of our series on Commons “No Commons No Future”, funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe took place in Budapest between the 11th and 17th of September, gathering 25 participants from many European countries. The Commons Working group is now working on the follow-up of these events, working on a Dictionary of Commons, on an App and on podcasts among others. The EcoSprinter will also edit a special printed edition focused on Commons and therefore opened a call for articles! Send your proposals before October 15th!


3.2 Recruitment week

Following the webinar organised in September on recruitment, FYEG Recruitment week will take place the first week of October. We really encourage all member organisations to take part in this week and organise recruitment actions. If you need inspiration, take a look at this infographic.


4. Partners

4.1 EGP Committee

Zuzana attended the EGP Committee meeting on September 13-14 in Brussels. The European elections, the upcoming EGP Council, the election in Sweden, the current situation in Hungary and Italy, the changemaking network Tilt, the EGP Manifesto as well as EGP budget for 2019 were among the points on the agenda. The Committee was presented with various research on voters profiles and preference in different European countries. FYEG will make use of these insights for our own campaign preparations. We will contribute to the Tilt network with one or two actions targeting youth which we will develop together with the EGP campaigners.


4.2 EGP Council

The next Council of the European Green Party will take place in Berlin on November 23-25th. FYEG delegation to the Council will be composed of Katri, Zuzana, Antoine, Sam, Irene and Teo. FYEG will organize a youth event together with Grüne Jugend prior to the Council. More information to come on our priorities for this Council beside the election of EGP leading candidates.


4.3 European Youth Forum (YFJ) General Assembly

Greg and Cansu will be representing FYEG at the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum that will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia, between November 22 and 24.

Sebastiaan Rood (Dwars) who was a member of the YFJ Board in the past two years decided not to run again.

Following this decision, we have received a request from Danny Canal to be FYEG’s nominee for the YFJ board. Danny is member of the Grüne Jugend in Germany and active in the European Youth Forum through the European Union of Deaf Youth. We have decided to endorse his candidacy.

4.4 PPYOs

Antoine spoke on behalf of FYEG at Jubel Democracy Festival in Brussels, at a debate organised by the Young Federalists. Greg visited the Young European Socialists to discuss and debate the creation of a progressive youth forum ahead of the european elections.


5. Communication

We’ve published two statements, the first one to encourage people to take part to the global day “Rise for Climate” on September 8th and more recently a statement in Solidarity with the activists fighting against lignite coal mines in the Hambacher Forest and on the referendum in Macedonia.

We’ve published videos on International Youth Day and on the anniversary of the fall of the Lehman Brothers bank 10 years ago.

On social media, we’ve also communicated on the Swedish General Elections, on the Sargentini report on the violations of rule of law and human rights in Hungary, in support to a Belgian Young Greens facing prison for an anti-TTIP action, on World Peace Day, on the Zero Emissions Day and on the World Clean-Up Day actions organized together with the EGP.