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EC Report October 2018

Dear all,

This fourth EC monthly report brings you all the information you need to know about what the FYEG Executive Committee and Office are doing.

Feel free to ask any questions on the MO-List or directly to our transparency officer Antoine, by email antoine@fyeg.org

Have a nice reading !


1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

The Executive Committee met for three days in Brussels from October 12th to 14th. During this meeting, we discussed about all ongoing projects for the Federation, with a special focus on the European elections and our other projects for 2019. You’ll read in this email the main conclusions of our meeting! #teaser


1.2 Office

Following the call for a Communications and Campaigns Officer, we’ve received several candidacies for the position. We decided to hire Jan Steurs, that some of you may know as he has been an active member of Jong Groen for the past few years. His experience working for the campaign for local elections for the Belgian Green Party Groen will be precious for us. The transition between Javier and Jan is taking place in the first week of November.


1.3 General Assembly

The Call for host organisation was opened during the whole month of October and we’ve received two applications coming from the Irish Young Greens - Óige Ghlas and from the Finish Young Greens Vihreät nuoret.Member Organisations that submitted an application will soon be contacted by Antoine to give more details and their application will be assessed before mid-december.


1.4 Working Groups

The working groups are now all up and running and starting to work on their priorities. Between November 19th and November 20th, several members of each working groups have been meeting in Brussels to work on these priorities as well as receiving some trainings on different things working groups could implement.Some webinars are planned by Working Groups (stay tuned for more info)


1.5 Strategic Planning Committee and Strategic Planning Meeting

All SPCs (Structures, Activities and Political and Feminist Committee) have been formed and are starting to work on their different fields of activities .

During our EC meeting in Brussels, we’ve decided that the Strategic Planning Meeting that usually take part between December or January would likely take place in the weekend February. Each member organisation will be invited to send a member of their Executive Committee to this meeting during which both the campaign and the orientation of FYEG in the next year will be discussed.


1.6 EcoSprinter

Following the resignation of a member of the Ecosprinter Editoral Board, we will open a call for a new member that will be published in the beginning of November.. Feel free to share it within your organisation.


1.7 Member Organisations

1.7.1 Electoral successes

We are particularly proud the of the recent electoral successes of the Greens in Germany (Bavaria and Hesse) Luxembourg and Belgium. All three cases show that involving young people meaningfully in campaigns is key to electoral success. In all three cases, Young Greens did amazing job campaigning on the streets. And altogether, more than 200 Young Greens have gotten elected in various positions! A big congratulations as well to Young Greens that were running for local elections in Poland and Süd-Tyrol !

1.7.2 Visits to Member Organizations

In November, Antoine briefly attended the GA of Jong Groen and will attend the GA of ecolo j, while Zuzana will be going to the Grüne Jugend Bundeskongress (BuKo).If you’re organising events or have elections soon, let us know and it will be a pleasure for us to visit your MO.


2. Election Campaign

2.1 The Young Candidates Platform

The first Young Candidates training took place on October 19th and 20th in Brussels. In the upcoming weeks and months, the Campaign Team will continue offering a series of online trainings. A second live training will be organised in January or February 2019. In order to take part to these training, Young Candidates need to join the FYEG Young Candidates Platform. The call is still open here. We encourage you to motivate your members, especially non-males, to apply for the platform.

The Young Candidates Platform will be one of FYEG’s key campaign tools. In order to profit fully from the platform, it’ is important that all Young Green Candidates join the platform as soon as possible


2.2 Crowdfunding Campaign

Our crowdfunding campaign is being launched on Wednesday ! Please share our first video and share this call for donations in your newsletters and on your MO social medias.

Your MO can benefit this crowdfunding campaign in many ways. The money we’ll collect will be used to produce merchandising and campaign material that will be shipped to all MOs, to hire  a designer creating a visual identity and templates for leaflets that you could use for your own campaign. The crowdfunding campaign will also contribute to fund trainings for Young Green candidates. And if the campaign is especially successful, we will let MOs apply for this money to finance campaign-related actions and material, especially those with an international dimensions (inviting speakers from abroad, etc..) and those of MOs that have a smaller budget.


2.3 Greens Leading Candidates

FYEG will give the chance to the leading candidate contenders to share their opinion on key issues for European Youth in the weeks leading towards the EGP Council in Berlin where the European Greens Spitzenkandidaten will be selected. More information to come soon.


2.4. EGP Manifesto

The EGP is set to adopt its European elections Manifesto at the upcoming EGP Council in Berlin in November 2018 (more information about the Council s. below), following lengthy process of several months of drafting, re-drafting and negotiations. FYEG has been involved in developing the Manifesto by being present in its Editorial as well as its Full Working Group. You can find the draft proposal HERE. We are satisfied with the overall result but will continue pushing for several important amendments at the Council. You will receive a separate e-mail with more detail on how you can support FYEG through your parent party delegation soon.


3. Projects

3.1 Call for host organisations

FYEG recently issued a call for host organisations for 3 events that will take place in 2019. The first event is the big campaign event for the European Elections that we want to organise in March 2019. The second one is the first event of our work plan on social rights called the UnConference that would take place in April. The third one is FYEG’s Summer Camp, also part of our work plan on social rights that would take place in July 2019.

You can find more informations on these events and the form to apply on this page.


3.2 Recruitment week

FYEG Recruitment week took place the first week of October. We had a informative webinar where we exchanged good practices with each other.


3.3 Alter COP

The call for participants to our Alter COP event taking place mid-december in Poland has been published. Share it widely within your MO!


4. Partners

4.1 EGP

4.1.1 EGP Party Leaders Meeting and Committee

Zuzana attended the EGP Party Leaders Meeting (PLM) on behalf of FYEG on October 18 and the EGP Committee meeting on October 19-20 in Brussels. Recent electoral successes of the Greens in Belgium, Luxembourg and Bavaria, the further developments of the Tilt network and the EGP Manifesto were among the key points on the agenda. We used this opportunity to present our campaign plans to the respective Party Leaders, stressing the need for meaningful involvement of young people in the European election campaign.


4.1.2 EGP Berlin Council

The next Council of the European Green Party will take place in Berlin on November 23-25th. FYEG delegation to the Council will be composed of Zuzana, Antoine, Sam, and Irene. Katri, Teo and Anna will attend the event in other roles. FYEG submitted two proposals for resolutions to this Council. The first one is to reaffirm the green opposition to unpaid internships, stressing the importance that Green Parties don’t make use of unpaid internships for the upcoming European election campaign and at any other point after the campaign. The second one is on the Copyright Directive, to make sure European Greens oppose the upload filters and link tax, while calling for true solutions to ensure a fair income to creators.

One of our priority for this Council will also be to get the best possible EGP Manifesto, especially when it come to countering Youth Precarity.

Additionally, we will organize a youth event together with Grüne Jugend on the future of progressive coalitions prior to the Council and a parallel session on the future of the Internet during the Council. This event will take place on 22nd of November, and you can find the Facebook event here. We hope to see you there!


4.2 European Youth Forum (YFJ) General Assembly

Greg and Cansu will be representing FYEG at the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum that will take place in Novi Sad, Serbia, between November 22 and 24.FYEG managed to get all other Party Political Youth Organisations to submit a proposal for a resolution on Copyright, denouncing the recent votes on the copyright directive in the European Parliament and calling for real solutions to support creators.

Keep us the fingers crossed for making the resolution passed at the GA.


4.3 Movements

On October 13, we joined the Global Gasdown Frackdown Day of Action during our Executive Committee meeting in Brussels. We painted red hands as a symbol of protest against fossil fuels at the placards in front of European Commission DG Energy. Between October 25 and 29, several FYEG activists, Grüne Jugend Members and Zuzana and Antoine joined the Ende Gelände protest close to the Hambach forest and coal mine in Nord-Rhine Westphalia. Several ones of us took part in the mass civil disobedience action or supported the action day with other means. This was the second time FYEG had its own group at Ende Gelände. We want to continue and amplify this practice and motivate more of our members to join similar forms of civil disobedience in the coming months.

Last but not least, we also supported the European Days of Action against Deportations to Afghanistan between October 4 and October 10.


5. Communication

During the last months FYEG has done several statements from #ISTANDWITHCEU to taking actively part in the climate discussions and showing will to link EU subsidies straight to carbon cuts. Additionaly, FYEG has been communicating a lot about #WeAreTheGreenWave and supporting our MOs in their local elections. If your MO wants to write a statement together with FYEG or needs support in social media, please let us know as we are here for you!