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EC Report October – November 2019


Hi all,

A lot has happened since we’ve last updated you on what is going on in FYEG’s Executive Committee. So, buckle up! We’ll take you for a dive into all the stuff we’ve been doing and attending.

If you have any questions, you can always contact Stefanie (stefanie@fyeg.org). She is in charge of the transparency in this EC.

Have fun reading,

Your EC


1. Internal structures

            1.1 EC

Nils and Stalo will be our Awareness Team this mandate. You can find their contact details here.

After their first live meeting in September, the Executive committee will meet again for a one-week-end-long meeting on 10-12 January in Belgian countryside.

            1.2 Office

There have been a few changes in the office. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Jan, who decided to go out looking for new adventures. We are incredibly happy that Kelsey, who you might have met during the campaign and numerous other actions the past couple of months, accepted the position  and is now our new Communications Officer.

Check the complete composition of our fearless feminist office here.

Interested in joining this team? Good news, we have 2 spots for interns available. Apply before November 29!

            1.3 Bilateral Exchanges

                        1.3.1 North

It’s been MO visit, again! This time Kristy visited Óige Ghlas at their convention, the Irish Young Greens’ general assembly. The variation in eye-to-eye politics, chill atmosphere, hands-on approach and local traditions made the Irish Young Greens one of Europe’s greatest advocates for the Green Wave recently.

On November 15th, the FYEG office welcomed a group of visitors from SFU, the youth wing of the Danish Green Party SF.

On November 23rd, Antoine will take part in an online session of the Finnish European Green Activists Training.

                        1.3.2 South

In September, Kristy and Teo visited an Ecocamp organised by the Italian Greens in Lombardy. It was particularly impressive to experience and hear about the involvement of Fridays For Future in Italy. On November 1-3rd, Antoine visited another camp organised by Young Green Activists in Crevalcore, near Bologna in Italy.  In the upcoming months, the Executive Committee will take initiatives to facilitate the creation of a Young Green organisation in Italy.

                        1.3.3 Center-West

Last month, Mina visited the BuKo (GA) of the German Young Greens. They held the workshop Europe will be feminist! Working together for sexual & reproductive health & rights across Europe. Mina and Nils also attended the elections of the new board.

On October 12-13, Nils attended the first federal forum of the year from the French Young Greens. He held a workshop about FYEG and contributed to the panel “How to use the upcoming electoral successes to make the youth voice heard”

On November 23-24, Eleanor will be attending the General Assembly of DWARS.


1.4 General Assembly

All documents and resolutions adopted during our last General Assembly can be found on our website.

The call for host organisation for the next GA was sent out and is now closed. We received two applications that are now being studied by the Executive Committee.

1.5 Working Groups

All working groups are up and running: Social Europe, Feminist Network and Just Transition. Each of them welcomed more than 20 fierce activists.

2. Projects

            2.1 2019

2.1.1 Social Rights Work Plan - Local Hackathons

Eight of great hackathons on social rights were organised the past few weeks. The hackathon season was kicked off by the Georgian Young Greens tackling privatisation, and the Polish Young Greens addressing education. It was then followed by Young Greens in London, fighting for housing rights in the capital of the United Kingdom. A feminist hackaton in Italy addressed the right to housing and access to work. The weekend after that, Mladi Zeleni also organised a kick-ass hackaton on housing. Kristy joined the hackathon in Glasgow, Scotland on housing that resulted in four kick-ass projects. Serbian Green Youth hacked social injustice and harm reduction of drug abuse among young people. Finally, the  local hackathon in Berdyansk tackled the social rights of the internally displaced young people in Ukraine

Check out our instagram to view the highlights of all hackathons. Expect a special news letter about the hackathons next month! Interested in organising your own hackathon? Check the guide here.


                        2.1.2 Study session

In October, almost 40 activists from different countries, young green MOs and movements took part in our study session on the future of activism. We talked about strategies, tactics, tools to improve our movements and factors that influence youth engagement. It was a great week at the youth center in Strasbourg. The prep team is now wrapping up the last few things for the report for the Council of Europe.

                        2.1.3 MO Training

FYEG is organising on December 7-9 a training for its member organisations “Surfing Skills for Green Waves”. The call for participants to our MO training was sent out.

2.2 2020

Concerned about climate change and social justice? Wonder what are good practices around Europe we can learn from as a movement and turn them into policy proposals? Well, good news for you! Our spring seminar on just transition in urban areas will take place in Barcelona, while the summer camp is taking place in a countryside of Ireland. The Federation is very grateful for our Member Organisations - Spanish (Red Equo Joven), Catalonian (Joves d'Esquerra Verda)  and the Irish (Óige Ghlas) Young Greens for taking this exciting and very important task to host those two activities of the Just Transition project.

3. Partners

            3.1 CDN

FYEG applied together with CDN for a joint study session with the Council of Europe's Youth Department next year on young workers rights and mental health. We are impatiently looking forward to hearing the good news after the meeting of the Programming Committee on Youth in December.  

            3.2 EGP

                        3.2.1 Committee Meeting + Treasurers Meeting

Antoine attended the EGP committee meeting in October and Stefanie the Treasurer’s meeting end of September. Both meetings were preparing for the council in Tampere in the beginning of November.

                        3.2.2. EGP Council Tampere

On November 8-10, the Council of the European Green Party took place in Tampere, Finland. Antoine, Mariam, Nils et Özge were the official delegates for FYEG there while Mina and Eleanor taking part as speaker and candidate. FYEG had co-tabled a resolution to kick-off a campaign on climate emergency, together with the EGP Committee, which was adopted. FYEG also contributed to several resolutions (on the EU-Mercosur trade deal, on Refugees, on Marine Protected Areas, etc.) by submitting amendments to them.

This Council was the occasion to elect the members of several EGP bodies. A new EGP Committee was elected (Congratulations to them !), as well a EGP representatives in the Global Greens Coordination. We are thrilled that FYEG Executive Committee Member Eleanor Morissey, whose candidacy was put forward by the Green Party of England and Wales, with FYEG’s support, got elected as substitute member in the Global Greens Coordination.

FYEG also organised a workshop on the youth role in the success of Greens in the European Elections campaign and contributed with an input in the plenary on the role of FYEG and youth-led movements in the EP election.

            3.3 GGEP

Mina attended GGEP study days in London on 14 - 16 October. They contributed to a working group on the social justice priority. They followed up on the discussions of the priorities of the Green Group and networked with young MEPs.

                        3.3.1 Young MEPs

On November 20th, FYEG organised a meeting with Young Green MEPs. 8 Young MEPs attended the meeting and developed a vision and plans for cooperation with FYEG. The “FYEG - Young MEP breakfast” will take place monthly.

            3.4 Foundations
                        3.4.1 GEF

Kaca attended the annual networking event on education and training of GEF on October 9 - 10. Ozge attended the General Assembly on Friday October 11.

We are cooperating with GEF on the Climate Superhero Pack! You can find all the information here.

On November 10, FYEG activists attended Ecopolis: Generation Hope in Brussels. Oikos and GEF organised various panel discussions with amongst the panelists young climate activists. There were workshops on climate justice, eco-feminism and activism.

            3.5 GYG

This year there will be no FYEG delegation at the COP Climate Conference. Instead, there will be a Global Young Greens delegation. Initially the COP was organised in Chile, so in order to avoid transatlantic flights, we cooperated with GYG to get Latin-American Young Greens at the COP. When the conference was moved to Madrid, we decided to both keep our cooperation going and commit to keeping the emissions low (and avoid transatlantic flights). At the same time we also wanted to give a voice to those impacted greatly by the climate crisis, but mostly ignored. So we’ve come up with a delegation consisting of Global Young Greens already residing in Europe and Fridays For Future activists.

            3.6 YFJ

The Council of Members (COMEM) of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) will take place in Amiens, France on November 22-24th. Stalo from the Executive Committee will be FYEG’s representative at this meeting. Among other tasks, Stalo has tha most important one - to ensure that the Young Greens' positions are reflected  in the new Strategy of the Youth Forum and the Policy paper on the Future of Work.

Kristy attended a training on economic system change. There were lots of different crash courses on e.g. taxation, financial system, alternatives to the current system,... It is the first time YFJ organises something on the topic and we will definitely follow up on this!

A great reason to celebrate! Our Project Manager Kaca, the representative of the European youth and FYEG's nominee in the Advisory Council on Youth of the Council of Europe is ending her two-years mandate in this body. We are grateful for her hard work and remarkable contribution to ensuring that the voices and demands of young people concerned with climate crisis are addressed in the Council of Europe's policies. For the first time in the history of the biggest intergovernmental human rights organisation in Europe, its Youth Strategy 2030 recognises climate crisis as a matter of human rights and democracy.  But this is just the beginning. The main topical debate of the youth sector in 2020, that Kaca conceptualised, will address the climate crisis and set the ground for further policy work in this area. Also,  the European youth organisations will for the first time be able to get grants from the European Youth Foundation for their projects addressing the environment and climate crisis.

            3.7. PPYOs

Mariam attended Sputnik, an annual festival of Syriza’s Youth in the weekend of September 27 - 29 in Athens. She networked and represented FYEG.

            3.8 Movements

FYEG goes to Ende Gelände again! Join the mass action of civil disobedience in the Lusatian lignite fields in Eastern Germany with other climate activists to collectively shut down the coal-mining infrastructure. FYEG is offering support to Member Organisation activist groups joining the action. Read more about thathere.

Join the FYEG Ende Gelände Telegram chat via THIS link. For any questions, contact @NilsRueb on Telegram or email nils@fyeg.org.

For more information on Ende Gelände, you can visit their website.

Next year, we will take part in a more diverse selection of movements actions. We aim to participate in 4 actions between January and May, 1 in each region and dedicated to the topics democracy (anti-fascism, anti-racism, transparency), feminism, social justice and climate justice.

You are in contact with movements in this region, eager to organize an action and want to contribute? Contact nils@fyeg.org .

            3.9 Others

Özge visited the General Assembly of the Young European Federalist in Paris on October 26th. They elected a new president and a new board.

Eleanor represented FYEG at GlobeLinks’ Youth Climate Bootcamp. She talked to around fifty young people aged 14 to 22 years old about FYEG’s events, safe space and working with minority groups.The other topics were: soil, fossil fuels, system change, inclusivity

Antoine took part to a Conference organised by IYNF (International Young Nature Friends) where he gave a speech on the Young Green Wave.

Stefanie and Kristy attended the European Forum in Brussels on November 9. Kristy spoke in a Panel “social development and ecology, the same fight?” and Stefanie intervened in the Youth Assembly talking about climate and social justice.

Mina was on the opening panel of ILGA Europe’s Annual Conference, the biggest LGBTI conference in Europe and Central Asia. They spoke about being young, queer, feminist and green!

4. Communication

The feminist network published a statement on Equal Pay day: equal pay for equal work! In case you missed it, you can find it on our website.

We decided to experiment a bit more with shorter political statements, directly on Facebook. You can find our posts on the new IPCC report, world animal dayworld mental health day and the legalisation of abortion and marriage equality in Northern-Ireland.

Ecosprinter organized a webinar on the Amazon rainforest with Anna Cavazzini (MEP), Paulo Barreto (Brazilian Researcher) and Jean Paul Benavides (Bolivian researcher). Keep an eye on our channels to re-listen it!