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EC Report November-December 2018

Dear all,

This fifth EC monthly report brings you all the information you need to know about what the FYEG Executive Committee and Office are doing.

Feel free to ask any questions on the MO-List or directly to our transparency officer Antoine, by email antoine @ fyeg.org

Have a nice reading !



1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

It’s been now seven months that you elected us as member of the Executive Committee and we’re still here, full of motivation to kick asses during the next 7 months of our mandate. But seven months of weekly online meetings and daily work can be tiring. This is why the EC will disconnect completely and take 10 days off around the end of the year.

We will be back in January and will meet in Brussels between January 18th and 20th.


1.2 Office

Our new Communications and Campaign Officer Jan started to work with us in the beginning of November. Any requests, comments or feedbacks you’d like to share with him? His email is communications @ fyeg.org

The process to select our next intern who will start working with us and the Green group in the European Parliament is going on. This new intern will start working with us mid-february

We will also work closely with EGP throughout the campaign and there is a new temporary position of Campaign and Events Assistant at the EGP and FYEG headquarters in Brussels (for 7 months). The job offer will be published soon.


1.3 General Assembly

After studying the candidacies of ViNO and Oige Ghlas, the Executive Committee has decided to choose to organise the next General Assembly in Ireland! It was a long time since we didn’t have a general Assembly in the North of Europe. We witnessed a great motivation from the Irish Young Greens, outlined in a very detailed candidacy. In the time of Brexit, when the situation of the Irish border is still uncertain, orgasing our GA in Ireland will also carry an important political message. Irish Young Greens worked with the Scottish Young Greens and the Young Greens of England and Wales to prepare their candidacy and said they are willing to co-organise this GA with them. Many positive points that brought us to choose Ireland.

The General Assembly is likely to take place in August. The exact date will come soon.

We want to thank ViNO for their candidacy and are looking forward to work with them on other projects, especially in autumn 2019, when the European Green Party will organise its council in Helsinki


1.4 Strategic Planning Meeting

The Strategic Planning Meeting will take place in Brussels from 31 January (arrival day) to 3 February (departure day). Each member organisation is invited to send one or two delegates to this meeting during which both the campaign for the European Elections and the orientation of FYEG in the next year will be discussed.

More details and registrations here

The 2nd Young Candidates training will take place the same weekend (see below)


1.5 Ecosprinter

Following the resignation of two members of the Ecosprinter Editorial Board, we have opened a call for two new members to join Alessa and Jelena in this wonderful Ecosprinter journey. The new member will be chosen by the Executive Committee.

Deadline for applications: 30th December 2018 at midnight CET.


1.6 Member Organisations

1.6.1 New boards

Many of our Member Organisations (Jong Groen, ecolo-j, Grüne Jugend, the Young Greens of England & Wales, Red Equo Joven, Joves d’Esquerra Verda, ViNO...) organised their General Assembly since our last EC report. Congratulations to all newly-elected board members. You can find the updated list of contacts of Member Organisations on our website.


1.6.2 Send us your events dates for 2019

If you’re organising events or have elections in 2019, let us know so that we can add it to our calendar, offer you some help, communicate or visit your MO.

We are already planning visits to the Swedish Young Greens GA, as well as a study visit in the Baltic States.


2. Election Campaign

2.1 The Young Candidates Platform

The second live Young Candidates training will be organised from 31 January (arrival day) to 3 February (departure day), in Brussels In order to take part to these training, Young Candidates need to join the FYEG Young Candidates Platform. The call is still open here. We encourage you to motivate your members, especially non-males, to apply for the platform.

The Young Candidates Platform will be one of FYEG’s key campaign tools. In order to profit fully from the platform, it is important that all Young Green Candidates join the platform as soon as possible


2.2 Electoral event

Following the call for host organisation for events in 2019, we received application from ecolo-j, DWARS and Red Equo Joven. We’re now working with Red Equo Joven to see if it would be possible to organise it in Spain.


2.3 Crowdfunding Campaign

In the beginning of November, we launched our crowdfunding campaign. In one and a half month, we collected 1400€, half of it online and half of it during fundraising events. As this was below our first expectations, we have received the advises from more experienced and will adapt our campaign to implement their advices.


2.4 Youth Event in Berlin

Prior to the EGP Council, we’ve organised a Youth Event in Berlin called “Europe at the Crossroad - how can progressive forces ally”. This Youth Event was organised with the EGP and the Grüne Jugend. You can watch our livestream here.


2.5 EGP Manifesto

Mid-november, the Council of the European Green Party gathered in Berlin to adopt the European Greens Common Manifesto for the European Elections. FYEG was involved in the process of drafting this manifesto and fought until the very end to make sure all our points were taken into account. As our Secretary General Teo said “From the beginning, our objective was to make sure that the EGP adopts a really good manifesto so that we don’t have to adopt one specifically for FYEG. This mission is accomplished.”

You can read the EGP Common Manifesto and the 12 Key Priorities of the European Greens here.

We will use this manifesto and these 12 key priorities in our campaign, along with our three main campaign narratives: Sustainable Europe, Social Europe, Welcoming and Inclusive Europe.


3. Projects

3.1 Social Rights Work plan

Following the call for host organisation for events in 2019, we didn’t receive any application to host the first event of our series. We have proposed to the Young Greens of South Tyrol, that applied to host the Summer Camp if they want to help us organise this first event in of Italy.

Regarding the Summer Camp that should happen in July, we received applications from the Young Greens of South Tyrol, of Serbia and of Switzerland. As all our events were located in the EU, and Southern, Western and Central Europe in 2018 and 2019, because of the election campaign, and because of their very convincing candidacy, we have proposed ZOS (Serbian Green Youth) to be the host organisation of the Summer Camp. Thank you very much to Swiss Young Greens and South Tyrol Young Greens for their application and we are looking forward to work with them on other projects.


3.2 Alter-COP

The Alter-COP Seminar took place in Poland on December 6th and 7th. Around 25 participants from our different organisations took part to a series a workshops focused on climate change and later to the climate march that was organised by the Polish Greens on Saturday in Katowice.

Participants’ list can be found attached to the email sent to FYEG Member Organisations.


3.3 Our delegation at COP24

A delegation of 6 FYEGers took part to the COP24 climate negotiations in Katowice in Poland. The six delegates (Antoine, Becci, Freia, Miguel, Kim and Hristina) were chosen in April to represent FYEG in the intersessional negotiations and in COP24. You’ll be able to read their report soon in the Ecosprinter.


3.4 The Glass-ceiling is not your limit!

The Glass Ceiling is Not Your Limit Study Session co-organised with FYEG’s sister organisation CDN took place between 5-9 November in European Youth Centre Budapest. 30 participants whom identify as trans, women*, genderqueer came together to discuss and take action against master suppression techniques, power structures and created a definition of transformational leadership. We will soon publish our publication and podcast series produced by participants of the event.

Participants’ list can be found attached to the email sent to FYEG Member Organisations.


3.5 Call for project proposals

We’ve released a call for project proposals for the end of 2019 and for 2020. MOs and WGs can propose events, campaigns or other activities to organise during this period. We may discuss the proposals during the SPM and will use them to apply for funds and draft FYEG’s Activity Plan 2019-2020.

The call is opened until January 14th


4. Partners

4.1 EGP Council in Berlin

As previously mentioned, the Council of the European Green Party took place in Berlin between November 23rd and 25th. FYEG EC members Anna, Antoine, Irene, Katri and Sam and office members Teo and Jan were presented to this important event for the green family.

As FYEG is officially recognised as EGP’s Youth Wing, we have four delegates and four votes in the council, as well as the right to propose resolutions. This is what we’ve done at this council by submitting two resolutions: the first one on the Copyright Directive opposing Link Tax and Upload Filters, the second one in which EGP Member Parties committed not to hire any unpaid and underpaid interns during the European Elections campaign and beyond. Both our resolutions were adopted with unanimity.

We also took part to the election of the European Greens leading candidates for the European Elections. Ska Keller, whom we had given our support, and Bas Eickhout, were both elected.


4.2 European Youth Forum (YFJ) General Assembly

Greg and Cansu were representing FYEG at the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum that took place in Novi Sad, Serbia, between November 22 and 24. During this GA, we submitted a similar resolution on the Copyright Directive and opposing Link Tax and Upload Filters tabled together with other political youth parties within YFJ that got adopted anonymously with no objections. Our Secretary General Teo Comet got elected to the Consultative Body on Membership Applications of the European Youth Forum.