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EC report May - June 2020

Dear fierce FYEG friends,


It’s time again for your update on what is happening inside FYEG’s executive committee and office. Even though most of us were in forced or voluntary lockdown for most part of May and June, a lot has happened.

So buckle up, because in the next few pages, we’ll update you on everything. And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Stefanie (stefanie@fyeg.org). She is in charge of the transparency in this EC.

Have fun reading,


Your EC


1. Internal structures

    1.1 EC

We welcomed a new EC Member: Wanja Kaufmann is now part of the team! In May, during our long, online executive committee meeting, we redistributed tasks a bit and Wanja will now be in charge of the alumni network (together with Nils), internal documents (together with Antoine), both North and East member organisations (together with Antoine, Eleanor and Mina) and the political platform (together with Antoine).

We are super excited to work together the next few months up until the end of our mandate in August.


   1.2 Office

Working during the Coronavirus lockdown was a bit challenging for our Interns as part of the internship experience is to be in a working office environment, to network, to attend physical meetings. Unfortunately our interns were not able to enjoy the internship to its fullest as just after a month they started their internship at the office and the European Parliament started teleworking.

Considering this, together with the Green Group in the European Parliament, we decided to extend the internships to a full year. Cinta will be with us until February 2021. Since Henry will start his Master’s Programme in September, he finished his internship in July and we wish him all the best. We had a call for interns and will welcome our new Projects Intern in September!


    1.3 Member Organisations

We started a process that aims to streamline the contact with the MOs, by among other things setting up strategic subgroups, getting a better overview of the needs of every MO has, and starting to work on project templates that you will be able to use when organizing/entering different kind of processes. You will get more information about this in the coming months!

Next to this, a first coordination meeting has been held with the whole North region - looking forward to talk more to you soon!

We also attended some meetings and GA’s you organized: DWARS held their Summer Congress online which Eleanor attended. A huge congrats to the new board and a massive thank you to the outgoing board! Nils attended the general assembly of the Czech Young Greens.

Lastly, Wanja & Mina had a meeting with MIL network from Azerbaijan, and Wanja has had a meeting with Youth Forum URA from Montenegro.


1.4  GA 2020We are very busy preparing everything for the General Assembly that will take place from 27 - 29 August. After long discussions and due to the current travel restrictions, the executive committee decided to organise the GA online. You can find all the information, calls and more here.


1.5 Working Groups

    1.5.1 Social Europe WG

The Social Europe working group wrote the gig worker resolution which was passed at EGP Council - an amazing achievement in the fight against precarious work! They also created a Europe Day Video, sticker design and open letter on World Refugee Day to call for refugee rights and to #LeaveNoOneBehind


    1.5.2 Feminist Network WG

The Feminist Network is currently preparing an interesting workshop amongst other things for the General Assembly in August. They are also looking into creating a resolution on consent for the next EGP Council. Stay tuned for more!


    1.5.3 Just Transition WG

The Just Transition Working Group has been working on resolutions on the Green Deal and Marijuana legalisation for the General Assembly. They have also been organising, an energy webinar on the 10th of July and working on the tilt food campaign in which they’ve been involved.


2. Finances - MO Fee calls

On May 13 and May 20, we organised two calls with regards to FYEGs budget and the MO fee discussion. This discussion should have taken place during the MO Forum in March, but since we had to move this online, we decided to organize two different meetings to create more space for discussions. All member organisations were invited and we are looking into the possibility of organizing a new call, closer to the General Assembly.


3. Projects

    3.1. Just Transition Workplan - Learning Labs

Following the cancellation of the two live activities of our 2020 work plan, these Learning Labs will bring young people together in a digital, brave space for learning. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the just transition, experience alternative online facilitation methods and tools that we can use in this time of social distancing and get ready for the following live activities. Each webinar, some including an exercise of interactive mapping or a gaming session, is envisioned as one step of this six-part online seminar.

You can find all about it here. The next one will take place on July 16.


3.2 Lockdown lounges

We can’t believe that we’ve concluded already our last episode of our Lockdown Lounge series of 14 webinars. It’s been a fantastic run of online events featuring nearly all of the young Greens/EFA MEPs and countless other inspiring young green activists and people active in movements.

But, we have exciting news to share: we are launching the Young Green podcast next week. Featuring episodes from the Lockdown Lounges that have been edited into podcasts. Keep an eye on our social media pages for when we release them!

For now, you can rewatch some of the recordings here.


4. Partners

4.1 CDN

We released a joint statement for Pride Month - read it here


4.2 EGP

Eleanor, Stefanie, Mina and Nils attended the European Green Party Council which was held online. It was a hugely successful Council for young greens! Several important resolutions have been adopted at the Council, including 2 resolutions tabled by FYEG on Gig-Workers rights and Black Lives Matter.

  • Our resolution for Gig-Workers rights was adopted
  • Resolution on Black Lives Matter (co-signed) adopted
  • No bailouts for aviation in our COVID-19 recovery plans
  • Free mental healthcare in our COVID-19 recovery plans

You can find the accepted resolutions here


    4.3. Greens/EFA and our Young MEPs

We have kept in touch with Young MEPs during this crisis, following their work and inviting them to speak at a number of Lockdown Lounges. In May and June these were: 11th June with Erik Marquardt on Refugee Rights, 16th May with Terry Reintke on Eurovision + Culture, 14th May with Alviina Alametsa on UBI, and 7th May with Daniel Freund on “Conference on the Future of Europe”.


    4.4 GYG - Global Young Greens

The Global Young Greens elected their new Steering Committee, and Eleanor had handover calls with the outgoing and new Europe coordinators. We loved working with Eva and Alice, and we welcome Ali and Liliane as the new Europe coordinator and treasurer, with exciting plans to collaborate in the future.


    4.5 YFJ - Youth Forum

We attended the Extraordinary General Assembly of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) at the beginning of June. This was a short meeting in which they ratified a new Secretary General of the Youth Forum, and a few other things.


    4.6 Others

Mina took part in an online panel organised by the EUJS - The European Union of Jewish Students on the 17th June. They debated with the Young European Socialists (YES), the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) and the EDS - European Democrat Students… on the topics of racism, minority inclusion etc.


5. Communication - Statements

    5.1. 1st of May statement

In celebration of the 1st of May, we showed solidarity with essential workers to demand basic rights. We celebrate the women*, migrants and young people protesting for better working conditions and better pay. While in lockdowns, we rely on the work of farmers, delivery people, warehouse workers, nurses, hospital workers, and supermarket employees, which are the ones most exploited in this economic system.

Applauding is not enough. We need to collectively fight for workers’ rights!

Make the rich pay for the crisis, not with bits and pieces of charity, with fair taxation!

Read our full statement and check out our Twitter thread.


    5.2. Black Lives Matter - Police brutality must end!

We support all people demanding justice for George Floyd and join in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. As young greens across Europe, we know that we need to move beyond hashtags and actively dismantle racist systems. It’s easy to hide behind moral superiority over the U.S., but the truth is, we, as Europeans, are not any better.  We can no longer hide behind our own colonial past. Uncontrolled racist White police kill here too. Ali and Adil are just two of the hundreds that have lost their lives to this violence.

Read our full statement here for our demands to end police violence and how you can contribute work to aid the cause.

Twitter thread

Instagram slides

Download our action pack here


    5.3. World Refugee Day - Leave No One Behind

Asylum is a human right. On World Refugee Day we called on the EU to do more to protect refugees. Together with other political youth organisations and NGOs we wrote an open letter to leaders of European Institutions. The EU is about solidarity. During the pandemic this must be remembered. We should stand in solidarity with the refugees seeking protection at the borders of this continent. Read more