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EC Report May-June 2018


Dear all,


During the General Assembly, we committed to improve the transparency of our work to make it more understandable by all member organisations. Every month or two, we will publish a report of our activities, giving you information about past activities and planned activities.


If you have any question regarding these report, feel free to contact EC Member Antoine, who is our transparency officer.



Green Hugs,



The FYEG Executive Committee.


Zuzana, Katri, Antoine, Anna, Cansu, Greg, Irene and Sam.



1. Internal structures



    1.1 EC


The Executive Committee have been meeting online every week since the General Assembly in Utrecht and met during a two-day retreat in Wallonia, in mid-June. This retreat was the occasion to divide tasks and responsibilities among EC Members. A contact sheet with EC members phones and emails is attached to the email sent to Member Organisations’ representatives..


    Meet the FYEG Executive Committee


    Read the EC task division


Each European region (North, South, East, Center-West) has two contact-persons (see the task division). When you don’t know who to reach out, they are your main contact point.



    1.2 Office


We have started the process of selecting our new intern. Following an open call on our website, we received more than 90 candidacies. The Executive Committee has selected favorite applications and send these candidacies to the Green Group at the European Parliament (GGEP), who has the final word on who will be our next intern, as this is a joint internship between FYEG and GGEP.


    Meet the FYEG Office



1.3 General Assembly


The Minutes of the General Assembly are currently being finalized by the Presidency and will be available to you in the next month.



1.4 Working Groups


The call for Working Group Members has been sent last week and will be opened until July 25th. We invite you to share this call as widely as possible within your member organisation. Throughout the year, it will still be possible for people to apply for the working groups but it is recommended to join the Working Group from the beginning.



1.6 Strategic Planning Committee


The call for Member Organisations representatives within the Strategic Planning Committee has been sent and will be opened until July 25th. Each Member Organisation has to nominate members to the three subgroups working on Structures, Activities and Policy and for the Feminist Committee.



    1.7 Campaign Team


New members of the Campaign Team for the European Elections have been nominated by the Executive Committee. The Campaign Team is now composed of MO representatives Mina Tolu (ADZ), Oriol Muñoz Gual (JEV), Iris Nibbering (DWARS) and Chloé Berthélémy (Ecolo-J); FYEG EC representatives Sam Murray and Zuzana Pavelková; and FYEG Secretary General Teo Comet.



The Campaign Team will be having it’s retreat in the coming weeks. In order to prepare a campaign corresponding to the MOs need, the CT has sent a survey before the GA. Only 12 FYEG MOs have responded to the survey. If you have not responded yet, please make sure you do so as soon as possible.



    1.8. Member Organizations



FYEG was invited to attend Jong Groen local elections bootcamp in Tielen (close to Antwerp, Belgium) and the Scottish Young Greens Residential in Newtonmore. Zuzana attended both of the events and presented in particular FYEG’s work on demasculinization of politics.


Send us an email when you’re planning an event, we are always happy to come visit you!



2. Finances


FYEG has received confirmation that it has been granted an Erasmus Plus operating grant for the next three years. This grant, our second main source of funding after a grant of the European Green Party, will guarantee our financial stability during next years. It is used to pay part of our staff costs and part of our internal meetings (General Assembly, Strategic Planning Meeting, Working Groups Meetings, Executive Committee Meeting, etc.)



FYEG also received confirmation that its grant application to the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe regarding its 2019 Social Rights Work Plan had been accepted.



Following the call for partner organisations that was sent before the General Assembly, FYEG has applied, together with CDN and 10 of our Member Organisations (Joves d'Esquerra Verda, Les Jeunes Ecologistes, Grüne Jugend, Dwars, ViNO, Grön Ungdom, Mladí zelení, Lehet Más a Jövő, Modom and Genç Yeşiller) for an Erasmus + grant “European Youth Together”. It includes many activities in 2019 and 2020.  More information will be shared if our project is approved by the European Commission.



3. Projects



3.1 European Youth Event / Yo Fest


FYEG was in Strasbourg (France)  for the European Youth Event and YO Fest. FYEG was a partner of YO Fest and co-coordinated the Green hub. 17 members were part of the FYEG delegation there. We organised a workshop on climate feminism there with Terry Reintke and an activity on fast fashion. We also took part to other workshops. Zuzana was a panelist on a session on Future of progressive coalitions, organised by the Young European Socialists; and a debate with political youth organisations on “Future of Europe is digital”; while Cansu spoke during a debate on the role of cities in responding to climate change or migrations.



    3.2 No Commons No Future


Our Work Plan “No Commons No Future” is going on well. After a successful seminar on Social Commons in Poland, we are preparing our two next activities.


The Summer Camp on Environmental Commons will take place in the end of July in Selce (Croatia) and will gather 60 activists from across Europe. The Prep-Team met in the beginning of June and is now preparing the camp. Participants coming from 26 countries have been selected out of 260 applications. The list of participants is attached to the email sent to international officers of Member Organisations so that you can know if members of your organisation are taking part and in order for you to see how their participation to the Summer Camp could benefit more members.


The next event under this work plan will be our Seminar on Digital Commons that will take place from 11th to 17th of September. The Prep-Team will be meeting in July  The call for participants was sent last week. Share it widely!



    3.3 Glass ceiling is not your limit


FYEG and CDN (Cooperation and Development Network for Eastern Europe) are announcing an open call for members of preparatory team (prep-team) for the study session " The Glass Ceiling Is Not Your Limit" which will take place from 5 - 9 November 2018 in the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary.



4. Partners



    4.2 EGP



4.2.1 EGP Council


FYEG took part to the EGP Council. FYEG was represented by our Spokesperson Zuzana Pavelková, and by former EC members Kim, Tariq and Frank.


During this Council, FYEG submitted two resolutions that were adopted: one on the adoption of the Istanbul Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, and the second one on EGP joining the European Movement. We also contributed to amending and adopting several other resolutions that can be found here. We also joined discussions on Social Europe and combatting far right.



    4.2.2 EGP Committee


Zuzana and Katri met with representatives of EGP Committee and Secretariat before the EC retreat in Wallonia. They have discussed FYEG’s plans for the coming year and specifically the European elections campaign.



    4.4 GEF General Assembly


The Green European Foundation had their General Assembly on June 8th. Our Secretary General Teo Comet represented us there.



    4.6 European Youth Forum (YFJ)


We took part to the YO Fest, which was organised by the European Youth Forum, in parallel of the European Youth Event (see above) and were invited to speak on the Common Agricultural Policy during an event organised by YFJ on the next EU Budget.



    4.7 EFAy Seminar on Agriculture


FYEG was invited to take part to a seminar organised by the Youth Wing of the European Free Alliance on Agriculture, that was organised in Lorient (France). Antoine from the EC was representing us there.



5. Communication


Since the General Assembly in Utrecht, we published several statements on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, the new EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR, Irish Referendum on Abortion, the end of Rajoy’s conservative government in Spain, on the reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy, and World Refugees Day.



On World Refugees Day, we also published a video on how to react and oppose to migrants’ deportations. The video was subtitled in 9 languages and has already been viewed more than 10K times. It’s never too late to share it!