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EC Report July-August 2018


Dear all,



In this second EC Monthly report, we will give you updates about the different project the Federation is working on. Feel free to ask any questions on the MO-List or directly to our transparency officer Antoine, by email antoine@fyeg.org Have a nice reading !



1. Internal structures


1.1 Office


Following the call for applications for a joint internship between FYEG and the Green group in the European Parliament, we can inform you that Stéphanie De Bock, member of Jong Groen, will be our next intern. She will be working for 5 months with us, starting in mid-September.


1.2 General Assembly


1.2.1 GA 2018


The Minutes of the General Assembly and the adopted documents are available on the page of the 2018 General Assembly of FYEG. Thank you very much to the Presidency of the GA for their hard work.


1.2.2 GA 2019


In September, the Executive Committee will organise an electronic voting among Member Organisations and propose to postpone the General Assembly that usually takes place around May and organise it in July or August 2019, in order to avoid that it coincides with the European elections. Such an electronic voting is needed to officially extend the mandate of the Secretary General and other bodies. More information to come.


1.3 Alumni Network


Zuzana and Antoine are working on the development of FYEG’s alumni network. More information to come soon.


1.4 Working Groups


The call for Working Groups members was opened until the end of July. Applications have been assessed by Working Groups referents in the Executive Committee. The first email to Working Groups members has been sent mid-august and the first online meetings of each WG are meant to take place before mid-September.


The list of Working Group Members is attached to the email sent to International Officers of Member Organisations.


It is still possible for those who missed the deadline to join a working group, by contacting the Working Group EC responsible or co-coordinator all along the year.


Like every year, a Working Groups Meeting will be organised in Brussels from October 19th to October 21st. Each working group will have to possibility to send three to four members to this meeting.


1.5 Strategic Planning Committee


Only few Member Organisations have nominated their representatives in the different Strategic Planning Committees. Therefore it was decided to extend the deadline for this call. Member Organisations can nominate their representatives until September 10th. The Strategic Planning Committee is composed of sub groups through which Member Organisations are consulted between General Assemblies. Find more info and nominate your representatives here : http://fyeg.org/news/call-members-fyeg-strategic-planning-committee


1.6 Feminist Committee


It was decided that the deadline for the feminist committee wouldn’t be extended in order to allow the committee to start working immediately. If you still would like to nominate a representative to this committee, contact irene@fyeg.org.


1.7 Ecosprinter


The newly elected Ecosprinter Editorial Board has started to meet online and is planning on future projects linked to Commons and to the upcoming European Elections. They will meet in October in parallel to the Working Group Meeting in Brussels.


1.8 Visits to Member Organisations


After the visit of Zuzana at the Residential of the Scottish Young Greens in June, and meeting with a representative of DEM (Macedonia) in the beginning of August, the visit of Antoine and Teo to Turkish Young Greens, FYEG EC members are planning to visit more MOs. Antoine will be attending the General Assemblies of the Junge Grüne-Jeunes Verts (Switzerland) and of Ecolo-J (Belgium) that will take place in August. Zuzana and Antoine will be both attending the GA of Jeunes Ecologistes (France) in Strasbourg.


Please inform your EC contact persons about your next events or General Assemblies so that we can visit your MO, get to know you better and present FYEG to your members!



2. Finances


Because of the campaign for European Elections, FYEG will need donations in order to balance its budget. A fundraising campaign will be launched in autumn, including an fundraising event, organised in Berlin prior to the Council of the European Green Party.


3. Projects


3.1. No Commons No Future


3.1.1 Summer Camp – Fighting for Natural Commons


The 2018 FYEG Summer Camp took place in Selce, Croatia, hosted by Green Window and with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Green European Foundation. 60 Participants coming from around 30 countries took part (see the list of participants attached to the previous EC monthly report). The Summer Camp was considered as a success by most participants, the Prep-team and the EC. Participants acquired knowledge on how young people can get involved in the management of essential natural commons, on climate change as well as practical skills in communication, actions, advocacy and campaigning.


3.1.2 Digital Commons


The last event of our series on Commons will take place in Budapest between September 11th and 17th. The prep-team met in Budapest in mid July. The list of participants and PT members is attached to the email sent to international officers.


3.2 The Glass Ceiling Is Not Your Limit


The Prep-team for the non-male study session organised by FYEG and CDN has been selected. It will be composed of Özgecan Kara, Kristina Millona, Alla Parunova (nominated by CDN) and Héloïse  Hervieux, and Cansu Yetişgin(nominated by FYEG).


The call for participants will be opened soon. Stay tuned !


3.3 Recruitment Week


It has been proposed by the EC that a recruitment week, common to all FYEG Member Organisations will be organised in the end of September, beginning of October (exact date to be confirmed). Prior to the recruitment week, a webinar will organise to allow member organisations to share their recruitment technics. FYEG will focus its communication on encouraging people becoming members of member organisations. Few awards will be distributed after the week to reward the best young green recruiters.


3.4 Europe’s Post-2019 Generation


In June, FYEG answered to a call for proposals of the European Commission “European Youth Together” by submitting a project application called Europe’s Post 2019 Generation. Unfortunately, while receive a high score, our project that compiled many activities in 2019 and 2020 has not been selected. We will now look for others ways to fund the planned activities.


3.5 Social Rights Work Plan


The fact that our candidacy to the European Commission will mean we will have enough capacity to carry the work plan on Social Rights for which we got a positive answer from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.


3.6 European elections campaign


3.6.1 Campaign Team


The FYEG Campaign Team for the European Elections met in Selce, Croatia, in parallel to FYEG Summer Camp. The CT discussed in depth the stories, narratives and messages for the campaign. It will follow with developing the campaign infrastructure as well as concrete tools for communicating the stories. Among its other priority tasks, the CT will also prepare a protocol for regularly updating the MOs throughout the campaign. A first update e-mail will be sent in the coming weeks. A detailed Campaign Implementation Plan will be sent to the MOs for feedback in autumn. The CT is meeting online every second week. In case of any input for the CT, contact sam@fyeg.org and zuzana@fyeg.org.


3.6.2 Young Candidates Platform


The call for Young Greens to join the Young Candidates Platform will be opened in the upcoming weeks. Any young person that is running for the European Elections (no matter if they are already on the list or are in the process of getting on the list ), can join the Young Candidates Platform, under the condition that they receive the support of an FYEG Member Organisation. Individuals from non-EU MOs can join the platform in case they are planning to run in any other than European election in the coming year. This call will be opened for several months to allow members to join the platform at any time, depending of the calendar for national designations of candidates. However, in order to fully benefit from the platform, including its offline training components, we recommend potential candidates to join as soon as possible.


3.6.3 Young Candidates training


The first young candidate training will take place in parallel to the FYEG Working Group meeting from from October 19th to October 21st in Brussels. It will be opened to a given number of members of the Young Candidates Platform. If you want to take part, you therefore need to apply to the Platform first.


4. Partners


   4.1 European Green Party


Zuzana and Katri took part to the meeting of the EGP Committee on July 13th and 14th. Hot topics in the Committee meeting were coming elections and EGP Manifesto which is drafted with Member Parties during the last spring and summer. Zuzana is representing FYEG in the EGP Manifesto Editorial Working Group. Additional background material on the current proposal regarding the youth point of the Manifesto will be sent to FYEG MO representatives in together with update on the campaign in short. Manifesto will be released in EGP Council Meeting in Berlin in coming November.



FYEG EC Members Cansu and Greg also took part to the European Ideas Lab, organised by the European Green Party in Vienna. They organised a workshop on Youth Precarity.


   4.2 Green European Foundation


FYEG organised its 2018 Summer Camp thanks to the support of the Green European Foundation (GEF). Antoine Tifine (FYEG EC member) and Teo Comet (FYEG Secretary General) were also invited to take to the Green Camp in Turkey, also organised thanks to the support of GEF.


4.3 Klimakemp


Anna and Zuzana took part to the Czech Climate Camp and direct action Limity Jsme My (We are the limits). Zuzana organised a workshop on Climate Feminism, following up on FYEG’s previous event on climate change and gender during YoFest. Anna took part in a debate with Ende Gelände activists and Czech academics on “How to change the world”..


5. Communication


Since the last EC report, we’ve published statements on the outcomes of Turkish General Elections, on the Men’s Football World Cup, on JEFTA, the EU-Japan Trade Agreement and on the  current pogrom against Roma in Ukraine and Italy.


On social media, we’ve communicated on the protests in Armenia against the exploitation of the Amulsar gold mine, on the 2018 Overshoot day, our Summer Camp. With Instagram becoming the main social media tool among young people, we are working hard on building our presence there. You can find on Instagram regularly live updates from events, happenings or protest we are taking part in. Make sure you and your members follow us to stay up to date.


Thanks to Javier, we also published a video on Pride month, a video on Plastics attacks,  a video for you to get to know the EC members better, a video in support of the German sealit protest demanding the decriminalization of flight helpers, and shared the video of Elin Ersson, stopping the deportation of a man to Afghanistan. Talking about deportation videos, the video we published in June on World Refugee Day was in the middle of a political game in Finland. After a member of the Finish Greens stood up to prevent a deportation, a centrist politician accused FYEG of inciting people to commit a crime ! If saving people’s life is crime, we are proud to be criminals!