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EC Report January 2019

Dear all,

This sixth EC monthly report brings you all the information you need to know about what the FYEG Executive Committee and Office are doing.

Feel free to ask any questions on the MO-List or directly to our transparency officer Antoine, by email antoine [a] fyeg.org

Have a nice reading !



1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

The Executive Committee gathered three days in Brussels between January 18 and 20th to plan the upcoming year and events.


1.2 Office

Our intern Stefanie is about to finish her joint internship with FYEG and the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament. She has made an enormous contribution to FYEG and we are really grateful for that. On February 14th, our new intern Sarah Heim will start to work with us. Welcome!


1.3 General Assembly

In the last EC Monthly Report, we announced that the next GA would take place in Dublin. Unfortunately, after discussing with Oige Ghlas, it appeared that the dates we proposed for the GA didn’t fit their availability. In agreement with them, we have therefore decided to re-open the call for host organisation for the General Assembly that is meant to take place in the middle of August 2019. Don’t hesitate to apply !


1.4 Strategic Planning Meeting

FYEG Strategic Planning Meeting took place in Brussels on February 1st and 2nd. It was a great occasion to discuss on the future of the organisation (Projects in 2019 and 2020, Membership Fees, Gender Equality, Structures) as well as our upcoming campaign (incl. campaign stories, merchandising, updating procedures, Slack, MO preparations status and actions). We’ve revealed our slogan and the main elements of the campaign prepared by the Campaign Team (see below).Thanks also to ecolo j and Jong Groen with whom we organised a new-year reception on Saturday night.


1.5 Visits to Member Organisations

In the beginning of January, Sam and Katri from the EC organised a study visit in the Baltic states where we don’t have member organisations yet and met with several actors there. Kaca and Teo from the Office went on a study visit in Italy to meet with local activists and prepare the educational event we will organise there in April. Katri went to the GA of the Swedish Young Greens.You can always reach out to us if you are organizing an event and wish FYEG to be present.


2. Election Campaign

2.1 The Campaign Team

The CT has met for a three days intense retreat between January 11 and 13. We planned the coming months of the campaign where we will gradually increase the tempo and start to put our plans in practice. After stepping down of Uri due to his limited availability, we have also welcomed a new CT member on board - welcome Nils Ruebelmann!


2.2. The Young Candidates Platform

The second live Young Candidates training took place from February 1st to 2nd in Brussels with 10 candidates from different countries taking part in trainings on personal branding, self care, digital security, media training, etc. If young people are candidates in the European Elections in your country, don’t forget that they can join the FYEG Young Candidates Platform. The call is still open here. We encourage you to motivate your members, especially non-males, to apply for the platform.


2.3 Electoral event

FYEG major Electoral Event will take place in Madrid on March 30th, with trainings and educational activities being organised the day before. Please book this date. We are considering welcoming a lot of people there, for example by bus. We will soon come back to you with more information.


2.4 Campaign Communications

During the SPM, we have presented our slogan, campaign stories and visual identity to Member Organisations. We will now further develop these to provide you with templates so that you can adapt them to your language and context. We are also in the process of developing our a multilingual website. If you’re interested in helping with the translation, we will soon send a email to find volunteers. Mid February, we plan to order campaign material that will be sent to all campaigning Member Organisations.


2.5. The MO platform

We have organized a common update call on the campaign preparations with our MOs on January 10 as a preparation for the SPM and have further introduced the campaign in greater detail during the SPM. We will soon send minutes from the SPM, in case you could not attend all the sessions.We will continue updating each other on the status of the campaign by using Slack, a distinct mailing list, by organizing a common gdrive folder and by having occasional calls. Each MO is asked to nominate a person or persons who they wish to have access to all the documents (i.e Spokespersons, office staff, other board members) by filling the form (link in the email to MOs). The DL for filling the form has already passed but not all MOs have filled in the details yet. Please fill in the form by February 17 at latest.

Additionally, we will launch a call for MO international exchanges relating to the campaign soon. Follow our website for more details.


3. Projects

3.1 Social Europe Now! The UnConference

The first event of our Work Plan on Social Rights will take place in Bologna, Italy, from 24 - 27 April. A Call for prep-team was opened until February 3rd. Call for participants will follow soon.


3.2 Our next events in 2019

Our next events will be :

  • FYEG Electoral Event, 29-30th March, Madrid, Spain
  • The UnConference: Social Europe Now!, 24-27 April, Bologna, Italy (TBC)
  • Summer Camp - Social Rights Hackathon, 22-27 July, Serbia
  • General Assembly, Mid-August, tbc
  • Study Session - Future of Activism, November, Strasbourg, France
  • Member Organisations Committee/Office training, tbc, Bruxelles,  .


4. Partners

4.1 EGP Committee

Katri took part in the EGP Committee Meeting on January 18 2019 in Brussels. As part of the EGP Committee Meeting was taking place in parallel to FYEG EC meeting, our two Committees met to exchange on future project and collaborations.