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EC Report February March 2019

Dear all,

With only 6 weeks until the European Elections, we can hear the final countdown coming up and are spending all our energy, passion and bravery into making this election a success. In the (bi-)monthly report, you will be able to read on what FYEG has worked on since our last report mid-february.

For any question, please contact our transparency officer antoine@fyeg.org

Be Brave, Green Europe!

Zuza, Katri, Antoine, Anna, Cansu, Greg, Irene & Sam.


1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

The EC is going well, spending most of its time on the campaign. We will meet for our last Executive Committee Meeting in June to work on our mandate report and prepare the General Assembly


1.2 Office

Our intern Sarah started to work with us mid-February in a joint internship with the Greens/EFA group. She is mostly focusing on the Social Rights Workplan and on our grant application for 2020. Your can contact her intern [a] fyeg.orgKelsey started to work with us mid-February, as a campaign and events assistant, in a joint position with the European Green Party. She coordinated the organisation of the Madrid electoral event and will now work on the electoral campaign. You can contact her at campaigns@fyeg.org

The rest of the office (Teo, Jan, Kaca and Caro) remains unchanged.


1.3 General Assembly

After re-opening the call for host organisation and receiving two candidacies from Genc Yesiller (Turkey) and MODOM (North Macedonia), the Executive Committee has selected the Young Greens of Turkey as the host organisation for our GA 2019. The General Assembly will take place in Istanbul from August 14th to 18th. Save the date and join us there!


1.4 Visits to Member Organisations

On 22 February, Antoine went to the conference of Grüne Jugend (Germany) to give a workshop on Social Europe and one presentation on EU Agricultural Policy.

On March 30th, Sam visited the Irish Young Greens for an exchange with Young Candidates. He also visited the Young Greens of England and Wales, especially for the people’s vote march.

On 5-6-7 April, Zuzana and Antoine went to the the BuKo (federal congress) of the German Green Youth in Leipzig. Antoine held a workshop on social Europe and Zuzana gave a speech during  the evening event, where Grüne Jugend kickstarted their electoral campaign. She spoke about our vision for a feminist Europe.

Also in addition to these, FYEG visited Young Greens in Turkey while taking part in FYEG’s sister organization CDN’s General Assembly.

You can always reach out to us if you are organizing an event and wish FYEG to be present.


1.5 Financial Control Committee

Our Financial Control Committee (composed of former treasurer Tornike Kusiani and former office assistant Laura Krenzke-Wohlfart) met in Brussels on April 12 with our treasurer Antoine, our sec-gen Teo and our office assistant Caro, to review FYEG accounts for 2018, check the implementation of last year FCC recommendations and prepare their new recommendations.


2. Election Campaign

2.1 Communication & Visual Identity

The Visual Identity has been fully developed and is available for Member Organisations and Young Candidates to use it, on our common campaign drive (contact campaigns@fyeg.org to have access).

Our campaign website is online and will be fully functional in the upcoming days. Translation files will soon be sent to you in case you want to translate to website into your own language.


2.2 Merchandising + online shop

FYEG has ordered and is starting to distribute merchandising related to the European Elections. The merchandising has been distributed partly during the Madrid event and will also be distributed by EC members visiting Member Organisations and during the EGP Brussels campaign event. In case you were not attending any of these events, please get in touch with Kelsey campaigns@fyeg.org so that we can send you the material by post.

FYEG also opened an online boutique where you can order more tee-shirt as well as hoodies and tote-bags. All products are made with organic cotton and printed in the UK. Please visit https://fyeg.teemill.com/ and share the link with your local groups.

For other material (stickers, posters, etc.), get in touch with the office if you want to get the templates and print more (they are all available on the MO campaign drive).


2.3. The Young Candidates Platform

Our Young Candidate from Malta Mina Tolu has been making the news with their call for a non-judgemental debate about abortions. Several Young Candidates had the chance to present their personal story and hold a speech at our campaign rally in Madrid. After the campaign rally, Kim and Micha have been on a European climate tour, mapping different grassroots citizens‘ initiatives which are working towards getting our societies on a  path of 1.5 degrees warming maximum. You can follow their whole insta story here. In April, Micha will be visiting several Eastern European countries to map the movements there. If you have a tip on who should he visit in Czech Republic, Austria or Hungary, please let us know.

Young people who are candidates in the European Elections in your country, can still join the FYEG Young Candidates Platform. The platform is a peer to peer support structure where young candidates can empower each other and exchange tips on successful campaigning. The call is still open here. We encourage you to motivate your members, especially non-males, to apply for the platform.


2.4 Madrid Event

FYEG’s major Electoral Event took place in Madrid on March 30th, with trainings and educational activities being organised the day before. Around 100 people attended the public part with 60 people coming with FYEG. For the first time, FYEG organised a bus for participants to come to the event, used in total by 30 people coming from Germany, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. The event was also the first time when we discussed our common actions and tested the banner drops.

We thank all the participants, speakers and Young Candidates for their contributions. We feel very refreshed, energized and motivated for the final campaign weeks!

Read the article by Spanish Newspaper La Vanguardia.


2.5 Electoral weekend, April 11-13

Between April 11th and 13th, FYEG took part in three election-related events. All these events were public and several young greens took part

On April 11th and 12th, we took part to the Democracy Alice Festival organised by the European Movement International. A call was opened and 15 Young Greens took part to it. On April 13th, the European Youth Forum organised at 3pm their Youth Day with Ska Keller and Bas Eickhout, in Brussels. You can watch the video here. At 5pm, the European Green Party organised its main campaign rally in Brussels. Our Young Candidate Kim van Sparrentak was one of the speakers there. You can watch her speech here (at 27min)


2.6. The MO platform

All documents relating to the campaign can now be found in the common gdrive folder, including the three campaign stories, the list of policy priorities for 2019, guidelines for three common action days, overview and contact list of young candidates and speakers, as well as visual identity and styleguide. Feel free to make use of them and share them in your MOs!

From now on, we are moving majority of our campaign communications towards our common Slack workspace. Each MO was asked to nominate a person or persons who they wish to have access to the googledrive and the Slack workspace (i.e Spokespersons, office staff, other board members). In case you have not done so, please fill in the form here.

The CT has also produced a Campaign Toolkit guiding MOs in how they can be part of FYEG’s campaign. We highly recommend your read it! In case you have any questions on our campaign, please write us on Slack! In case you have problems accessing the workspace please write to campaigns@fyeg.org.


2.7. Volunteers

We have started our online platform for volunteers in the form of a Telegram channel. In this channels volunteers from your MOs will find on a weekly basis small tips on how to be part of our campaign, from individual actions to  group actions to invitations to rallies and campaign events. Join the Green Team here: https://t.me/the_green_team and share the link with your MOs.


3. Projects

3.1 Social Europe Now! The UnConference

The first event of our Work Plan on Social Rights will take place in Bologna, Italy, from 24 - 27 April. The event will focus on four thematic areas: future of work, access to health, housing and education. The Participants list will be shared soon.


3.2 Our next events in 2019

Our next events will be :

  • The UnConference: Social Europe Now!, 24-27 April, Bologna, Italy
  • Summer Camp - Social Rights Hackathon, 22-27 July, Serbia
  • General Assembly, 14-18 August, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Study Session - Future of Activism, November, Strasbourg, France
  • Member Organisations Committee/Office training, tbc, Brussels



4. Partners

4.1 CDN General Assembly

Our sister organisation CDN (Cooperation and Development Network for Eastern Europe) held its annual General Assembly in Istanbul Turkey. Cansu and Katri from the Executive Committee attended the event and took part to the women rights March there. We send our congratulations to the outgoing and to the newly elected Executive Committees.


4.1 EGP Committee

Zuzana attended the EGP Committee meeting in February. The main agenda topic of the Committee was the common campaign. The Committee was particularly interested in FYEG’s common actions and Young Candidates on lists of Green Parties. We have provided the committee with an overview of Young Candidates who were announced by that time. 


4.2 YFJ Council of Members

The European Youth Forum Council of Members is taking place in Brussels. Zuzana was representing us there (more info to come). The Executive Committee also decided to endorse Kaca’s candidacy for a second mandate in the Advisory Council for Youth of the Council of Europe. Despite her amazing work during the past two years, she was unfortunately not re-elected. We thank her for her hard work.

The YFJ is organizing a European road tour with debates aiming at mobilizing young people to vote in European elections. We have provided the YFJ with an overview of young candidates and suggested young candidates to take part in the debates offered.


4.3. PPYOs

Teo and Greg took part in the European Free Alliance Youth’s General Assembly in Brussels where the political platform of EFAy for 2019 was introduced. Teo held a short speech on behalf of FYEG presenting FYEG’s vision for the future of Europe.

We also did a joint PPYO #SaveYourInternet campaign with EFAy, the Young European Socialists, the European Liberal Youth and the Young Democrats for Europe.


4.3 Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Teo and Kaca have met with the new director of the Heinrich Boell Stiftung (Foundation of the German Greens) in Brussels, to discuss on shared interests and potential collaborations.Zuzana spoke at an event of HBS Europe about just transition and youth unemployment. You can find the lifesteam from the debate here.


4.4. GEF

We were invited by GEF to organize two sessions during the European Green Activist Training (EGAT). Kaca did a session on FYEG and how can young people get involved. Zuzana had a keynote speech on the future of Europe.


4.4 Climate strikes

Following the climate strikes in Europe, we have worked to make the link between the climate strikers and the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, when they invited, together with the S&D and GUE groups, climate strikers from 20+ countries to the European Parliament..