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EC report February - April 2020

FYEG Monthly report for February, March & April 2020

Dear fierce FYEG friends,

We hope this report finds you safe and sound. A lot has changed since the last time we updated you on what is happening at FYEG. We had so many plans for the upcoming year and we were looking forward to welcoming you to another kick-ass General Assembly in Malmö, Sweden. 

Now with many of us in voluntary or forced lockdown, we are adapting to a new context. One thing that is certain is that solidarity, one of our basic Green values, is key. We might be physical distancing, but we need each other more than ever. 

You’ll read all about our plans for the upcoming months in this report. We apologize for the delay, but thought it was better to update you when we had a bit more certainty about what we still can do. 

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to write Stefanie, she’s in charge of transparency for the EC. 

Enjoy the reading and take care,

the Executive Committee


1. Internal structures

1.1 EC

1.1.1. Big Online EC meeting

The  EC Meeting which was planned to take place in Austria during the weekend of 3,4 and 5 April, happened online with discussion focusing on adapting our plans to the Covid-19 epidemic and reflecting on our internal functioning. 

1.1.2 Resignation EC Member + by-election

On April 4th, We received Kristy’s resignation from the Executive Committee with great sadness. Kristy’s work for FYEG during her seven months as a member of the Executive Committee included being our internal Gender and Inclusion Officer, coordinating our Working Groups, and a contact point for some of our Member Organisations and Partners. We appreciate and recognise all the work she has done for FYEG in these areas, and respect her decision to resign from the Executive Committee.

A call for a new member of the Executive Committee has been opened and 4 people applied.  MOs can cast their votes until until 11 May 23:59 CEST. You can find the kick-ass candidates here

1.2 Office

In mid-February we welcomed two new interns to our office. Cinta from Joves d’Esquera Verda is supporting our communications and Henry from Grön Ungdom is supporting the work of Working Groups, Project Manager and Sec-Gen. Since mid-March our office has been working from home and it is now  running smoothly again.

1.3 Member Organisations 


1.3.1. Visit of Czech Young Greens GA

In the last weekend of February, Özge and Nils visited the GA of Czech Young Greens in Brno. They had the chance to follow many interesting discussions and the election of a new executive committee. We wish them a lot of luck! 

You can always invite us to visit your GAs or other events to present FYEG, hold speeches, do workshops, etc. As soon as travel is allowed we will be on the road again!

1.3.2 Letter from FYEG Member Organisation to EU leaders calling for European solidarity and coronabonds

On the initiative of Italian Young Greens - Giovani Europeisti Verdi, several MOs drafted a letter calling for European Solidarity and supporting the proposal of Coronabonds in a cooperative effort supported by FYEG. 

1.4 General Assembly & MO Forum

1.4.1 MO Forum

Due to travel restrictions, we had to move our MO Forum online on 13-14 March. We couldn’t organize all the sessions we wanted to organize but still managed to get a lot of input from our member organizations. on FYEG Political Platform & Strategic Planning, Climate Emergency Campaign, on booze culture and minors as well as a on Safe spaces.

Two separate calls on FYEGs budget and MO Fees will happen in May. One person per MO can attend. More information can be found in the email that was sent some weeks ago or contact our treasurer Stefanie (stefanie@fyeg.org). 

1.4.2 GA 2020

After discussing with our planned host organisation Grön Ungdom, the Executive Committee decided to propose the GA to be postponed on 27-29 August, either in Brussels or online depending on the evolution of the Covid-19. 

A voting of Member Organisations on that proposal is taking place until 11 May. 

1.5 Working Groups

1.5.1 Social Europe WG

They took the lead to prepare a resolution for FYEG to submit to EGP Council in June - we are proud to put forward the radical voices of young greens! They continue with their plans to develop a podcast series, and are looking into projects on the refugee crisis, mental health and creating merchandise. You can join the WG by contacting eleanor@fyeg.org, or if you are interested in a specific topic two sub-groups are open for any kick-ass young green.

1.5.2 Feminist Network WG

The Feminist Network is mainly focused on keeping a good track of what is going on around Europe regarding women* and LGBTIQ rights, especially when it comes to reproductive and sexual freedom and gender-based violence and sexual abuse. At the same time, they created a Subgroup focused on the relation between feminism and climate activism, which has two ends: analysing the measures adopted to tackle the Climate Emergency, and also examine the equality within the climate movement.

The Feminist Network members are meeting every two weeks. The group is diverse and welcoming.

8 of march campaign

The 8M campaign was focused on raising awareness on the concept of “consent”. The aim of the FN is to include this notion in the rape law of all European countries, as suggested by the Istanbul convention, in order to define as rape any sexual intercourse that does not include explicit consent by the parties. Following that intention, and in partnership with Tilt! and EGP, the “yes means yes” campaign was created, featuring a petition, a video with FN activists and green MEPs, and the #CONSENT2020 content in FYEG social media designed by FN.

1.5.3 Just Transition WG

The many sub-groups of the Just Transition are meeting on a regular basis. 

They organized a super interesting documentary screening of Just Eat It: A food waste story. The current COVID-19 crisis shows us once again that we have to profoundly rethink our economical system and the ways that we produce and consume our food. They continue to work on the 2020 workplan and the post-COVID-19 campaign.

1.6 Financial Control Committee

A FCC meeting that was planned on April 17, 2020 will be postponed to align with the new GA timeline. 

1.7 Ecosprinter

The Ecosprinter Editorial Board has a new face - Sam Murray, former EC member, has joined the crew and brings in some culture & art passionate vibes! All articles of the latest printed version are now available on the website. Check them out online!

2. Projects

2.1 Workplan 2020 on Just Transition

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, FYEG had to cancel two of the main activities of the Just Transition Workplan: the seminar on Just Transition in Cities, that was meant to take place in Barcelona in April and the Summer Camp on Just transition in rural areas that was meant to take place in July in Ireland. Instead, FYEG will organise a seminar in Barcelona on Just transition both in cities and rural areas during the autumn as well as a series of webinars in the upcoming months. The conference that was meant to take place in November in Brussels will take place in January.

2.2 2021 Project Application

Thanks to the work of our Project Manager Cristiana and following the discussion during the MO forum, FYEG applied for funding for a series of activities related to democracy and combating discriminations and exclusion, both inside our organisations and in our societies..

2.3 Lockdown Lounges 

Since the beginning of the lockdown, we’ve been organising webinars. You might know them as Lockdown Lounges. We welcomed several super interesting speakers, like our young MEPs Micha Bloss & Kim van Sparrentak, and passed the mic to fierce young greens all over Europe to talk about something they’re passionate about. 

Keep an eye on our social media for the next Lockdown Lounges & join us! We’re still planning some on UBI, renting rights, trans rights and many more. 

Security note

In light of the zoom-bombing incidents that have taken place on many webinars and sadly our own; we have reviewed and tightened the security measures we are taking to help make sure our Lockdown Lounges are a safe space for young greens. 

3. Partners

3.1 CDN

Kristy attended CDN GA in the beginning of March! She represented FYEG and was able to join many interesting discussions. Meet their new EC and read all about what happened on their website. 

3.2 European Green Party

Antoine and Mina have attended several EGP Committee Meetings during the last months. During the Council of the EGP that will take place online at the beginning of June, FYEG will be represented by Mina, Eleanor, Stefanie and Nils. FYEG submitted a resolution on gig-economy that was drafted by the social Europe working group.

3.3 GYG

We advertised the call for Steering Committee candidates. Voting is going on and we’re excited to see who will join the Global Young Greens’ Steering Committee! 

3.4 Movements

As FYEG, we supported and called for action for the rights of refugees on the 5th or March,  to the feminist strike on the 8th of March, for legal abortions on the 15th of April and for climate strikes on the 24th of April.

4. Communication

4.1 Climate Emergency Campaign.

We are adjusting to the events of 2020 to create a System Change campaign - 70% climate and 30% social and feminist changes in society. A manifesto is in the making and we’ll update you soon about our plans!

Meet the amazing team who will run this campaign: Ozge Doruk (JT WG), Stalo, Kelsey, Cinta and Eleanor with Ozge Sec Gen’s support. 

4.2 Statements and other external communication

  • This is not a refugee crisis, an Erdoğan or a Greece crisis, this is a human rights and rule of law crisis

We are absolutely disgusted how the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the European Council President Charles Michel have been “handling the situation at the EU border”. The European Union is turning a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis happening and instead of treating it as the international crisis that it is, they are putting it away as an external issue that only exists at the borders of the EU. This is disgraceful. 

Read our statement here. #LeaveNoOneBehind

  • 8th of March - online communications

Together with our Feminist Network and Tilt! we launched a campaign to talk about sex and consent. It is necessary for European countries to tighten their laws to ensure sex without consent or with children is always punishable as rape. There already are countries that have tightened their rape laws during the late #MeToo -years, but other states are lagging behind and should be facing more severe pressure by civil society and Feminist movements on the matter.

We will continue to demand consent is included in all definitions of rape in Europe! Watch the campaign video, sign the petition, watch our educational Instagram Stories, and check out more materials to campaign in your community in our action pack.Of course we also went to several strikes all over Europe. 

  • Communication on Covid19-crisis
    • We wrote a response with 10 immediate ideas to take action. Read it here or check out the Twitter thread.
    • We called for financial solidarity and Eurobonds to make sure we leave no one behind. Read the statement on our website
    • Read the letter from FYEG Member Organisation to EU leaders calling for European solidarity and coronabonds signed by FYEG and Young Greens from from France, Ukraine, Catalonia, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, South Tyrol, Spain here. 

Ultimate Young Green Webinar overview

Do you want something to do during the quarantine, but FYEG's lockdown lounges aren't enough? Loads of cool organisations around Europe are holding their own webinars and we've decided to collect them all in one place

You can subscribe to the calendar to see an overview of all of the events that are going on! We'll also be posting weekly summaries. 

Add the calendar here https://bit.ly/FYEG_Webinars 

Check out the map here https://bit.ly/FYEG_WebinarMap 

If your organisation is hosting a webinar, let us know! (even if it's in a local language) 

1st of May

We wrote a statement for May Day: Workers don't need applause, just a good life. Read all about it here. Share it, together with the amazing graphic, on Facebook. Twitter and Instagram