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EC report December 2019 - January 2020





With a small delay, the EC and office team also wishes you a kick-ass new year. Let’s make 2020 the year where we focus on climate action, social justice and sustainability!


We’re also very excited to tell you all about what we’ve been up to the past few months. Now we are halfway into our mandate, lots of things are happening or about to happen. You can find out all about it in this bi-monthly report! If you have any questions, you can always contact Stefanie (stefanie@fyeg.org). She is in charge of the transparency in this EC.


Have fun reading, the EC


1. Internal structures


1.1 EC


All is good in the executive committee team! We started the new year with an EC meeting in Brussels on the weekend of 10 - 12 January, where we discussed and prepared for the next 5 months of our mandate.




We also planned our last (!) live EC meeting of our mandate. This will be in April.


1.2 Office


New year, new changes in the office! In this section we will make sure you are up-to-date with the new composition.


Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Kaca, who is off to new adventures at EGP (luckily that is not so far from our office). We wish her all the best! That meant we had to look for a new project manager. We are incredibly excited to start working with Cristiana, who you might have met at some events in the past few months.


Our amazing intern Milla is also finishing up her last days of her internship. Thank you Milla for all your hard work and help! It was amazing to be able to have you in the office and we wish you a lot of luck in future adventures!


Mid-February, not 1 but 2 new interns will start with FYEG. We can’t wait to welcome Cinta from Joves d’Esquera Verda and Henry from Grön Ungdom for their joint internship between the Greens-EFA group in the European Parliament and FYEG..


1.3 Visits to member organisations


Antoine visited Ireland to help campaign for the upcoming elections. He canvassed with some young greens and helped them put up posters.


Mina and Kristy went to Denmark to visit Feministisk Europa, an event co-organised by SFU (Youth of the Socialist People’s Party of Denmark). There, Mina also spoke on a panel discussion together with young green MEP Kira Peter-Hansen.


Eleanor attended Dwars Winter congress in December.


In February, Kristy attended Grön Ungdom’s RÅM, the Swedish Young Greens’ yearly general assembly. Next to talks over a coffee with Grønn Ungdom from Norway and SFU and Alternativets Unge from Denmark, Kristy was elected International Committee member together with Henry, our current intern at the office. Congrats also to Nick, Grön Ungdom’s new International Secretary!


Just before the MO Training, we also invited several Italian young greens for a meeting in our offices so that they can meet and combine their capacities for a strong movement.


1.4 General Assembly & MO Forum


1.4.1 GA 2019


All documents from the GA are now online! and can be found here.


1.4.2 GA 2020


The next GA Is already approaching quickly. As you might have seen on our social media channels, the next GA will be held in Malmö on 20 – 23 May! We will make sure all the relevant information reaches you on time. Keep an eye on our channels!


You can start thinking if you want to submit resolutions, amendments to structural documents, support candidates for our different bodies. There will be room to discuss that during the MO forum.


1.5 MO Forum


MO Forum is the new name for the former Strategic Planning Meeting during which we will also prepare for the upcoming GA in May. It will be organised on the weekend of 13 - 15th March. You can send 2 delegates per member organisation and candidate organisation.


All information can be found here. Please register by 20 February.


1.6 Working Groups


The social Europe WG is working on podcasts, articles, policy papers and resolutions covering economics, education, work and mental health.


The Feminist Network’s focus lies on feminism and climate activism, raising awareness about marginalised groups, feminism and antifascism and safer space. They are also planning a campaign around the 8th of March.


Just Transition WG is just kicking off and starting to get engaged with the work plan. They also work on other topics including European Green Deal, sustainable energy mix and agriculture, country-specific activism, workers’ rights in JT.


This working group will also be involved in the climate emergency campaign we will be launching this year.


1.7 Financial Control Committee Meeting


Following the last year’s recommendations, there will be 2 FCC Meetings this year. The first meeting was held in Brussels on January 17. We went through all things finance related and there were already some mid-term recommendations made.


The next meeting will be on April 17, also in Brussels.


1.8 Ecosprinter Call for members


Fresh ink! That’s the smell in the office since the new Ecosprinter arrived. Can’t wait to check it out? Find it here.


There is also a call open for a new Ecosprinter Editorial Board member. Check it out if you are interested!


2. Projects


2.1 MO Training


In the beginning of December, we organised 2-days of training for our member organisations. The main aim of this weekend was capacity building and we invited especially those people in the organisation who are working on the themes we would do sessions on. This resulted in 70% of the participants that had never been to an FYEG event before. Really cool!


There were sessions on e.g. safer spaces policies, volunteers & recruitment, communications, how to find funds for your organisation and relationships with parent parties. We saw a lot of new faces and had a lot of fun!


2.2 2020 Just Transition WorkPlan


This year we will be organising several events for our 2020 Just transition work plan! One is already coming up really soon, but we’ve also decided on locations for the others.


The first event is the Seminar: It’s not just a transition that will be organised in Barcelona, Spain from 21 - 25 April. You can find all the information you need and apply here. The prepteam is ready to rumble and make this a really cool event!


The second event is our Summer Camp. This will be organised in Ireland! More information coming soon so keep an eye on our channels!


2.3 Call for project proposals


FYEG is launching a consultation on its next Strategic Plan as well as a call for proposals for projects in 2020 and 2021, deciding collectively on the upcoming areas FYEG should be working on.


We are planning to apply for projects for upcoming deadlines for obtaining European institutional funding and will take into consideration suggestions from FYEG Member Organisations and Working Groups. The received proposals will serve as a guideline for the Executive Committee’s decision on activities that stand along with FYEG’s Strategic Plan.


Find more information on our website.


2.4. European Youth Event & YO!Fest


The fourth edition of the European Youth Event, a bi-annual gathering of young people to engage in political debates and society, will be hosted again in Strasbourg, France in May 2020 by the European Parliament. The 2020 edition of the European Youth Event carries the name “The Future is Now” and is a unique opportunity for young people to share and shape their ideas for the future of Europe. For this occasion, FYEG will bring a group of 40 participants from its member organisations to Strasbourg.


The event will take place at the European Parliament. Next door the YO!Fest - a youth-led political festival organised by theEuropean Youth Forum - will take place. FYEG is a partner organisation of YO!Fest and will facilitate a workshop on climate justice. YO!Fest gathers everything from educational workshops and political debates to cultural exchanges and live music, while also being a great place to meet new people and share experiences.


The EYE is an excellent place to make politicians, the European Union and the media listen to young people’s voices, to show them our view on Europe and its policies! Sounds like something for you? Then please apply by filling outthis form before Thursday 20th February at midnight CET.


All information can be found here.


3. Partners


EGP online PLM on Austria


3.1 CDN


CDN is organising their General Assembly from 4 - 7 March. Kristy and Mariam will attend on behalf of FYEG!


3.2 Foundations


3.2.1 GEF


Eleanor spoke during a Breakfast meeting on Universal Basic Income and did a kick-ass job representing FYEG. We will also collaborate on upcoming projects concerning Just Transition and UBI.


3.3 GYG


Together with Global Young Greens we send a delegation to the COP25 in Madrid, Spain. You can find a report from two of the delegates (Stephanie Cabovianco & Gregorio Blanca) here.


We are already preparing for the next COP in Glasgow. Interested in following all developments? Get involved!


3.4 PPYOs


Nils went to the GA of EFA-Youth on December 14 in Germany. He explained FYEG structures and represented our organisation during the event. EFA-Youth is the youth organisation linked to EFA, who sits in the same group as Greens in the European Parliament.


4. Communication


  • We want a Real Green Deal!


Read our take on the Green Deal announced by the European Commission in December here. Or check out the Twitter-thread!


A little teaser: “Just because you tint it green and call it a "Green Deal" or a "Just Transition" doesn't mean that this is a cool new product that people will buy and consume and that it will fix all of our problems. We want a real Green Real that moves beyond declarations and towards concrete proposals.”


  • Brexit


On January 31st the UK officially left the EU, after 3.5 years of terrible negotiations, biased media and more government changes than referendums.


In 2016, 73% of young people voted remain. They voted for their future: to travel, work and study in the EU. They voted for the 3 million EU citizens in the UK to keep their rights.


FYEG will continue to be the voice of all young greens to Europe. The Europe we are fighting for is welcoming and inclusive for all #WeStillLoveEU


Check out our Facebook post, Twitter & Instagram post.


On February 17th at 7pm CET, FYEG will be hosting a Green Late Night Talk with our island MOs of Scotland, England and Wales and Ireland to discuss the last 3.5 years from a Young Green perspective, and what Brexit will mean for the future relationship between Britain and the rest of Europe.


  • Special edition newsletter on 2019 Workplan.


In case you’ve missed it, this special edition of our newsletter sums up all the activities of last workplan. You can find it here.