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EC Phone Conference: Minutes 24.10.11

Attending: Nic, NIkola, Maggie, Merja, Terry, Steva, Jakob

Opening of the meeting


Selecting the secretary and the moderators of the meeting
Secretary - Steva
Moderator - Terry   

Confirming of quorum and validity of meeting

The meeting is valid when at least four of the EC members are present.

The quorum and validity of the meeting were confirmed /Nic, NIkola, Maggie, Merja, Terry, Steva, Jakob attend

Approving  the agenda

The  agenda was approved as it is /

The  agenda was approved with the following changes:

Personal updates

The personal updates were provided.

Office update
- didn't send the report of the meeting with Jochen   
there will be an open call for the intern, Jochen proposed a formulation
preferences of Green-Group provided
Intern should be in office by mid of January, applying till november, decision in December 

talk on COP finances: maybe GGEP give some money if EGP gives money (2500 is max)
Next meeting in December.
Jochen wasn't into the project proposals for next year
GEF: no updates for LGTBQ, only COP (but Steva will ask)
We got a letter from the lawyer concerning the process, bill is much lower than expected (750)

Political discussion



FYEG         statutory activities

Next ECM- time, venue, work on the agenda (Steva)

rooms in office of grüne jugend
people can stay at terry´s place
time frame friday 4pm - sunday 4pm
we will stay in terry's place
steva makes draft agenda before monday 
sunday discussion about green student network (noon if possible)
merja will send her schedule and other ec memebr arrival and deparute times so steva can fit the time for gsn
could we have an agenda point on the financial contribution of the egp to fyeg projects that is additional to the usual budget line? we should prioritise our proposals
-  personal travel arrangements for ECM+EGP Congress- Belgrade-Berlin plane  (140 euros), Berlin-Paris train (around 80 euros i hope),  Paris-Lausanne train (60 euros), Zurich-Belgrade plane (140 euros)-any  idea of a place to stay in Paris on Tuesday and Wednesday night, as well  as on Sunday and Monday - approved

agenda: hector
hector joins the ecm at some point

dinner with germnan young greens

-         Newsletters (Jakob)
(reminder of my "newsletter instruction" email, next newsletter WILL be in two weeks, promise)
sorry for being sooo late and issueing it on a friday.
next one will be in two weeks
jakob sent instructions that we should follow
-  Minutes of the PC
steva should go through it before going to newsletter
- Ecosprinter & Website(s) (Jakob)
0. Ecosprinter: problems and procedure (what is done and needs to be done)
-> in case of name change -> decision
content should be transfered from tom
we have to get the domain on 6th of november
terry will write the e-mail to green economy WG
jakob will talk with hector and see if ind space on the website for GE WG articles
1.sell domain names, note on website
-> decision
the decision to have only our website and ecosprinter was taken in estonia 2010
we talk about all domains in berlin with hector
2.sustainable knowledge (aleksandar jovanovic), potentional other websites (-> steva to check in office?)
if this site responsible person should be changed 

-Press Officer Interview (jakob)
report is sent. Recommendation is Beatrice White
decision: terry, nic, maggie, merja, nikola
against: no
abstain: no
- Report and Decision
Jakob will inform Beatrice and Alexis
Jakob Steva Hector Nic Terry and Beatrice should have a skype meeting


Falafel Network
-criteria and procedure for acceptance in the Network
so far anyone who was interested in the network was accepted
this should be one of the points on the network meeting till then we go on as before

Political work

11.1 Political  Platform Process- (Nic)

Delegates informed about technicalities, as expected concerns around Thursday, pax will send arrival times to office we can then re-evaluate agenda with this and action in mind and hopefully help pax organise free or cheap accomodation for nights not covered by FYEG.

Confirmation received from hostel for  a group booking and the meeting facilities can be used as well. Advance down payment needs to be done.
PPC will decide arrive in Paris Wednesday and prepare. 

Draft sent out. In General draft is looking very good, clear improvement over first version.

11.2  Green Group

project overview: who can finalise it? focus on two/three projects
- Maggie
- steva
and terry will work on this 
final decision in berlin ecm

--> note to the people in charge: gyg congress should be added

11.3  EGP

-EGP Congress

anti-nuclear action
concept is quite concrete and ready (including Plan Bs)
now we need to propose to EGP and get their confirmation. Get in touch with French Greens, Press, and get material ready
move to saturday?
french young greens and greens asked to move the action to saturday
timeline for next steps
wedsnday to have final concept to send to grench greens and egp


- i asked CCWG to prepare amendments for the climate resolution (send to EC first)
- asked EGP Agriculture-people (Anna, Louise) to give me some update about the progress on the AgriDimGND paper (won't be tabled in paris!!)
the decision to table amendments have ti be done by EC
All amenmdments should be sent to Terry

GND paper: amendments have to submitted until wednesday: tomorrow emergency skype conference with ge wg. how shall we proceed with handing in amendments?
Amendments have to sent on Wednsday for GND paper

Rio +20 and Eurocrisis we should have on mind. Terry will write based on Merjas comments to Phillip Lamberts
statutes and rulebook

We need basic input about it. Nic will send summary about main problems.

50+ is very hard to go through. FYEG will not officially lobby for this.

FYEG is in favour of two people delegations  

action of ENGS                 
more or less decided that we will not take part. right?
We cannot finance the action but we can send 3 people


Report (Maggie and Steva)
no answer from EGP yet about "additionallity"


13.1 Running projects:

13.2 Project's preparation
-         Gender Study Session- (Merja)
The preparatory meeting is next weekend. The first pax (who need visa) have been selected, the rest selected in the prep team meeting.
Visa procedure will be done by CoE
-         COP17 Workshop (Jakob)
Update on finances needed: steva?
-> need to lobby GGEP (delfina email)
office to make calls during the week
number of applicants

-        Campaign (Jakob)
1st skype conference tomorrow (Sophia is nominated)
Green Economy WG nominated Sophia

- GYG congress
Should we perhaps follow the preparations of this, too? 
We're bit late starting with everything, but we have quite nice pact with Global Greens. My task is in the finances subgroup. This takes a lot of my time from now on. 
Terry can provide a lot of knowledge as she is an expert of fundraising for GYG events. Jei Terry :) ;-)

13.3 Projects to be applied
-         Winter camp 
All part III are there. Text is almost done. Clarence will finalise it. Budget should be done.
Tomorrow the application should be sent to consultant of national agency. Steva will make comment tonight
-         Falafel Network Meeting (Johnny)
- there is no any specially news and even less good ones
- do we need original documents form parners?
- is it possible to fix dates before we even send application?
Girl from Jordan went on holidays earlier. She should be back tomorow. 5more days budget is missing. Steva should fill budget and other formal parts
After 5pm on Wedsday Steva and Dzoni working on 
-         Revolutionary Movements for Democracy (Steva and Johnny)
- Steva sent report and Johnny will inform Falafel Network, reapply in february, proposal for dates: september
-         LGBTQ seminars (Terry)
no news from GEF. Steva will ask. Pilot project first draft 
no further update, skype conference was productive, we are starting to plan the programme, fundraising still unsure

-       Training "Green Volume on!":) ;-) we still have to be apply for this

13.3 Projects with sent applications

-         Rio +20 (Steva)

-         FYEG-CDN Study Session (Steva)

13.4 Projects initiatives 
- Discrimination at European borders? Spatial and mental borders (Nic)
Core group from WG met to skype twice this week. Could not attend due to work, but follow progress and talked briefly to Kalle.
They would like to have a sucessful YiA application from the archives, in order to draw some inspiration in tone.
Kalle needs to send a draft of application, he has no internet, already 2-3 partnership agreements

- Youth for understanding and exchange, International Young naturefriends, Ilze(?)
- shell we add office's addreess for their newsletter?
office will get newsletter

- Green Leaders, marko (terry)
terry wrote to marko 
Steva will call marko, Part III will be sent?

- Eu Young Green Leaders Seminar
-nikola wrote to Hugh Lovatt presenting myself and offering help

Any Other Business

- comem eyf

should terry go? 250 €
yes: nic, jakob, merja, maggie, 
abstein: nikola, terry

Closing of the meeting

Task list:
Steva: will write letter to GEF tomorrow morning (lgtbq)
JAkob: will aks Hector to provide space for the GEWG, prepare a list of websites for the ECM, inform Hector that we want discussion
Check when exactly the deadlines are for amendments