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EC Office Transfer Meeting - 07062015


June 7, 2015, 5.30PM to 9.00PM

Present: Morgan, Marie, Teo, Tornike, Johannes, Cengiz, Shenna, Julia, Joan, Evangelos, Pepa, Krassi, Micha, Gio


1. Introductions

2. Who is doing what in previous EC & things left to be done

  1. Co-spokes: representing FYEG to external partners e.g. EP joint campaigns (source of funding also). To capture relevant info from these for us. Maintenance of good relations with EGP, GGEP, GEF, etc.

  • EGP: Panu and Saraswati are atm liaison points. Preps for resolutions, amendments
  • GGEP:
  1. EP visits from MEPs (used for our own meetings)

  2. Private contributions from MEPs (e.g. 400 BL, annual donations like that of Terry 3600EUR/yr, etc.)

  3. We have Cooperation Agreement established this year, still for approval with Jochen (SG)

  1. Call for intern soon

  2. FYEG should be officially invited to Bureau/Group meetings (every 2 weeks) either Laura and/or Shenna can attend in Bxls


  • Prepare a strategic plan for GGEP to ensure we are not overburdening only certain MEPs in terms of financial contribution.

  • Co-spokes to have good overview of partnership with them. And for office and EC to keep Co-spokes in CC (vice versa)

  • Request at least 2 months in advance EP visits. Better planning in terms of activity fundraising from EP. Maintain close relations with MEP offices. Usually they plan ahead of time (early in year, this time though we have received invitation from Terry for 20 places/slots for the next months).

  • Presswork: We can request EGP to share our PRs, publications, articles, etc.

  • Prepare weekly communication/social media plan or even monthly. We have to coordinate also with MO IntSecs. Interns were delegated to help in this. Track GGEP, EGP plan

  • Continue the alumni caucus in Bxls (before every 3 months)


  1. EC:

  • WGs Coordinator: Facilitate work, coordination online meetings (once every 2 months before), offer opportunities for them from partners, link to the rest of EC the updates. Call for WG members: 2 months before the real-life meeting in Bxls. Office has collected applications and EC evaluates them.

TO-DO: Pending approval for survey for Food WG for MOs, to be published in newsletter. Questionnaire on food habits


  • To maintain regular comms with coordi, ask for monthly report from WGs.

  • Try to find the best ways to use their capacities. To maintain regular comms with coordis, volunteers.

  • WG Coordi to prepare WG members beforehand months before real-life WGM in Bxls in their activity planning with the aim to make the WGs self-organised later (just regular EC-WG coordis updates needed)

  • Give an overview of what is expected from them and what in fact they are able to do based on activity plan & some room for project proposals (calls sent twice a year)

  • Each EC gets certain number of MOs e.g. based on geographical region

  • EC Coordinator: facilitating meetings, agenda, keeping track of tasks, time-keeping (short & long-term), prioritisation.

    • Suggestions: Decisions and agenda keeps followed up (to avoid waste of time in reopening discussions) e.g. could be done through a decision-sheet & supporting docs sent before EC online meetings.

  • Communication tools:

    • EC email list discussions where each EC can already discuss beforehand, state opinions. This will help in preparing for EC meetings i.e. cutting time for discussions and get faster decisions.

    • Weekly online meetings respecting time zones (2-3 hours, decide & keep the agreed day of the week+time, mark your agenda consistently)

    • Real-life meetings (To-do: set calendar at least half a year, preferably in line with project planning)

    • Newsletter needs structure,time and planning in order to regularly publish it. Improve it especially in terms of reach because MO needs it & use it as a platform for them, publish monthly EC reports, use it to communicate political statements of Co-spokes, etc.

    • WhatsApp for fast response, urgent decisions, reminders, gossiping :P

  • Treasurer: budgeting of meetings, educational activities, reminding EC & office to book tickets beforehand, financial reporting with office & EC responsible in charge of certain projects,

  • Budget for EC: during EC meetings e.g. food (excluding meat, alco), lodging, travel fully covered. 20EUR phone bill per month if clearly used for EC work e.g. project management, calling partners).

  • MO coordination: incorporated currently in projects as we have limited admin budget for this. We need to explore further funding possibilities to have more MO visits (not only when we are invited & if they can cover our costs). Suggestion: To prepare a calendar of MO events, also a map on situation on how MOs are developed at the moment objectively, set benchmark on how to evaluate (everyone can think of criteria), etc.

  • Olive Tree Branch:

There needs to be an EC in charge of this and work with the Steering Committee. First meeting was online one. Follow up recommendations from adopted resolution in GA 2014. Needed: more online discussions, aim to have a real-life meeting if possible in Bxls, etc. Suggestion: to have neutrality when delegating campaigns, etc. to EC members especially when certain people are too passionate about certain topics 


  • External Communications: EC are all admin of FB page + group (To-do: develop FB policy, discuss to close down FB group), twitter (use it to spread FB +website content for more reshares), newsletters there is an EC member in charge of webpage (with support from part-time webmaster, i n urgent situations with intern or office), official FYEG media should be only for EC agreed positions (for personal accounts there can be space for expression on behalf of your MO), regularly read & contribute to Ecosprinter (ensure every EC spreads it!) It is independent journal powered by FYEG.


  • IRP Tasks:

    • Sexual harassment officer

    • Office Responsible

  • Partners:

    • YFJ European Youth Forum: we need to be present together with Party Political Youth Organisations (PPYO) as most youth councils & other PPYOs are lobbying like their mother political families. To-do Suggestion: attend GA+Comem, to follow political discussions, express European dimension of our work, to reach out to other movements and find allies, To follow up organisations close to us and to our work after the GA thematic square organised on climate e.g. Sustainability Task Force, Youth INtergroup EP, funding opportunities, (suggestion to meet other SGs & Spokes, to send invitations to them to GA ahead of time if budget permits)

    • Above (GGEP, EGP, GEF, GYG, Falafel/MADA Network, ENGS)


2. Task Grid

Other Tips

  • For the retreat: Learn each other’s work styles, communication patterns, conflict resolution, stress management, support system, self-awareness exercise, political discussions,

  • Go through IRP EC-office relations e.g. admin aspects of our political work, joint meetings for updates and task divisions/requests for each other, etc. SG & Co-spokes to keep track of relevant political events, forward to EC in charge important MO events,

  • Take into consideration office heavy workload

  • Continue the discussions from GA on Eastern approach.

  • Prepare project ideas in advance for Winter/Spring Camps before retreat as it takes time to write applications