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EC & Office Meeting - 08062015

Monday morning, 08.06.15

A. Opening of the meeting

Attending people: Teo, Shenna, Marie, Tornike, Morgan, Marie, Shenna, Iryna on skype, Johannes


B. Elections

Election of moderator: Teo

Election of minutes taker: Johannes

C. Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting

At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid

Meeting is valid

D. Approving the agenda


  1. Reflections on the GA

  2. Climate campaign plan

  3. Retreat planning

  4. Visual identity

E. Personal Updates - including political update - provided

1. Reflections on the GA:

  • Nice place and good venue in general, good atmosphere, positive input by all members present and constructive discussions.

  • Coordination of tasks was sometimes a bit confusing, overall program overview was sometimes not given.

  • IRPs became flexible and the compromise session where IRPs are addressed is a contentious concept.

  • Good coordination of the large group for social activities, good guidance and leadership to venues etc. by Georgians.

  • What was the role of Campaign Team? Should a reevaluation of the prep- team have taken place? Information about workshop was confusing

  • Many delegates did not speak and the participation was concentrated on a small number of MOs and individuals.

  • Coordination group - some guidance for new participants or informally approaching them and encourage them individually.


2. EGP Proposal :

Climate campaign plan

Two people are needed to be part of the EGP project (#Climatemoment)

We all agree that we should find two activists that are politically minded. Question is how we can find them. Two EC members should be responsible for this urgent matter. The deadline is 13th of June.

DECISIONS (Please EC members who are not at the meeting APPROVE :-))

  • EGP proposal : Teo and Morgan will do it.


TO-DO list/Priorities

  • prep press release on outcome of GA: elections, adopted IRPs, resolutions, etc, to publish ASAP.

  • GA minutes

  • Get documents from Presidency and their evaluation

  • Upload new GA documents: IRPS, resolutions once Presi is finished

  • Discuss procedure for AC access to EC and office emails

  • draft a call for FCC member, EC to approve

  • draft a call for Wgs

  • Summer Conference minutes

  • share old EC task grid

  • create EC mailing list, also EC page on website

  • update MO mailing list,  also on website

  • update google drive for EC 2015-2016

  • refresh mailing lists Everyone share the personal address they want to be linked to FYEG email account

  • discuss retreat: everyone fill out doodle for best time, book tickets to retreat asap (all), plan retreat - contact experts + agenda

  • Other:

  • work on programme of GEF project Albania YMCA (this week DL)

  • develop small tasks overview

  • keep activity overview

  • follow up on YMCA training applications

  • finalise payments of GA 

  • narrative reporting to Greens/EFA in EP for the Summer Conference of GA (EC member)

  • financial report to Greens/EFA in EP for the summer conference of GA

  • choose YMCA training in Malta FYEG representatives to be proposed to EC

  • EYF report on Mission INclusion Spring Camp 

  • FYEG is sending Laura to Terry’s Youth in Exile Conf 

  • Compile MO summer camps (which we can use as well for EC meetings)


3. Retreat

  1. Content

    1. Team building

      1. Get to know each other- how we function as a team

    2. Capacity building

      1. Technical rules creating/overview

        1. Google Drive, website

      2. Partners (GEF, EGP etc.)

      3. Skills sharing & training: time management, work-life balance/stress mgt, basic administration & financial mgt

        1. External/internal communication

          1. Social media

        2. project management

          1. applying, prep teams etc

      4. Member organization mapping/updates

    3. Responsibilities + organization

      1. Activity plan

        1. Activity plan for our mandate

        2. Activity plan for next mandate

      2. Strategic plan

      3. Task division

  2. Set up

    1. Prep team

      1. 3 people (1 office, 2 EC members)

      2. make the aims and program of the retreat

      3. decide what can be internally managed, what to be left for external

      4. Professional trainer

    2. Where

    • Prep team will make list and do research, propose costs including visa (4 of us would usually need it) e.g. Austria