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EC Monthly Reports September

"Application month" oh yeah!!!

Since there's a deadline for funding the 1st of October September has become "application month", mostly for the office, but also for the EC. I have mostly been involved in the FALAFEL's application for a network meeting in January and the Peace Working Group applying for a study visit to Israel and Palestine. For the rest I've been trying to keep up with the work of the Peace Working Group wich are now starting to prepare a campaign for next spring about weapon export. I was also at a quite amazing meeting with the Swedish Young Greens, almost 100 participants- a week ago and I am now preparing for the EC meeting and pride parade that week in Belgrade. 
In my FYEG dictionary, the 'Application month' refers to New Media Summer School project proposal preparations. The application process for this activity, that would consist of two events has been coordinated by FYEG and YFJ organisations - YEU, JEF and AEGEE. At the end of September I took part in YFJ Info and Networking Days which focused on fundraising for youth and its future. Small step for someone, but big leap for me was submission of an application for the YFJ Board. I continue now with presenting my candidacy to YFJ member organisations and spread the word. The elections will be in November. EGP WG on Digital Rights had a productive meeting, on behalf of FYEG I took part and I look forward to EGP Council where outcomes of the work of this WG will be presented and discussed. Last but not least, with the Czech Young Greens we prepare space for SPP delegates to have a pleasant  time and a productive meeting, the SPM, which is at highest importance for FYEG currently. Dear MOs, send your people to Prague to make your FYEG better and more sustainable!
So here we are, with our busiest month so far, writing applications (Falafel network meeting), networking, having a beautiful Working Group Meeting and a great action for Pussy Riot. We are preparing now the next year's priorities and projects.We had a wonderful training in Bochum, with an amazing prepteam and trainers and a bunch of beautiful participants! Now we have to keep our fingers crossed that we get as much projects granted as possible.
Unfortunately the Belgrade Pride got cancelled, but our seminar is still up and running. They might have cancelled the Pride, but not broken our will. Now we will work hard on letting our voice be heard! Greetings from Sunny Belgrade! Phil.
As a September birthday kid- according to my horoscope I entered into a year or reconsideration and a new turning point in my life. Actually this is how I felt the whole month - time really filled with adrenaline. We had one wonderful working groups meeting in Brussels (speacial thanks to Ingrid who did so much for its preparation), followed by the training "Turn the Green Volume ON" where I was a prep-team member. We had a professional trainer there and I do believe that in one week all of us managed to improve our political communication skills. We should definately repeat the experience of this event. Otherwise as all other EC members I was also concentrated on applications - the one of the Winter camp 2013. I sincerely hope we get the funding, so we can have a lot of participants in Finland. The Water campaign , initiated by the Democracy working group  is also moving forward- it is really time to press the Commission to say "NO" to privatisation of water resource and "YES" - Water is a HUMAN RIGHT!
I have successfully landed in New York and started my internship here. Yes, I will fortunately or unfortunately be the next 6 months with the United Nations, more specific in the UN Development Group. All started off well and its exiting to be in this nice city. Also I handed in my Master Thesis and will have more time to organise with FYEG interesting debates and actions on global justice. I will warn you for now, soon we ask you to participate in the Global Day of Action for the Eradication of Poverty, organised under the umbrella of GYG on the 17th of October. Be prepared and ready for some ACTION. We will send round a Action reader.
My September was mostly framed by a lot of travelling at different activities: the Working Group Meeting in Brussels, the EGP Committee Meeting, the Women´s Conference of the Greens and the Young Greens in Germany, our wonderful Training "Turn the Green Volume On!" and then finally going to Belgrade for our second seminar on LGTBQ issues in the Balkans. Topically, apart from being active in the wonderful Gender Working Group and all sorts of related stuff. I am mostly working on gathering ideas for the election campaign 2014 already so that we will be prepared when it starts.
Conception, fundraising and preparation of the COP workshop in December in Brussels and introduction of the prep-team, working on YiA application for the energy seminar in March in Vienna, including successful submission, preparation of the Strategic Planning meeting in November, plus general work on the Strategic Planning Process and the election campaign.
EGP working groups: Future of EU and Social Dimension of the GND.  Work on external comminication (including intro of new webmaster Christoph).
But mostly: finishing my thesis!! (I'm sure FYEG will benefit from it one day)