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EC Monthly Reports October


My October was mostly influenced by the wonderful third seminar of our LGTBQ seminar series in the Balkans in Belgrade. For five days we discussed LGTBQ issues and human rights in general, talked about alliances, networking and future cooperation. Although the Pride that we were supposed to support was cancelled the seminar was very successful giving a lot of visibility to our demands in this field.

Additionally, together with many other great FYEG people I attended the congress of Grüne Jugend with round about 400 participants where we jointly promoted international activities. People were very excited about all the things that are happening in Europe and the world. Now we are in the last steps of the preparation of the Strategic Planning Meeting in Prague and then the EGP Council in Athens.

Conception, Fundraising and support of prep-team for the COP workshop in December in Brussels, preparation of the Strategic Planning meeting, plus general work on the Strategic Planning Process and the election campaign. Conception and Preparation of Vote-Wise-Campaign in European Youth Forum (YFJ) and support of Maggies candidature Preparation of EGP council. Molto stressato! Hoping for a successful strategic planning meeting (SPM)

My FYEG October 2012 will be kept in my memory as the preparatory month. There is sooo much going on in November for FYEG and me, that only with proper preparations I/we will be able to manage the whole plan to happen (hopefully successfully). At this point of writting this report, I am already sitting with beloved EC members in the office of Czech Greens and gossipping about you all (nooot). We just started the EC meeting and tomorrow, the SPP meeting kicks-off! The EC is eagerly working on the content now and I am very happy to have 40 delegates in beautiful Prague and to take care of the organisation with the Czech Young Greens. The cooperation with them has been a really nice process!  We still need to prepare the street action, you will hear about it for sure in few days.
EGP Council in Athens is taking place next week(end), my related preparatory tasks refer to the FYEG registration and communication with EGP regarding organisation. 
Further on in November calendar of me, Jakob and Terry is the General Assembly of the European Youth Forum. FYEG is coorganizing two activities there: a thematic square on internet and human rights and a campaign about election process. Moreover, the YFJ candidates  work on their presentation and I do the same.
Last but not least I used my time for preparation of fundraising documents as well.
I am really happy about our successful seminar on LGBTQ+ rights in Serbia. We managed to make a difference and empower young people. And we will go further in the future with more actions on the topic and support for oppressed people in the region. 
Now we are sitting in Prague waiting and preparing for the SP Meeting, and thus setting the tracks and clearing the path for FYEG's future. This will be a very important step.Thank you for everyone who made it possible for me to be involved in FYEG, i actually never said it out loud. Take care of yourself, take care and be yourself!
After an amazing meeting in Prag I've now gotten some ten hours of sleep and am trying to get back on track for the Athens council this weekend. FYEG has written one of the resolutions, on youth emancipation, and now we just have to work so that it's voted yes!
October was a rather intense month for me since I was present in Belgrade, Prague and also at the supernice congress of the german young greens in Gelsenkirchen. As I've taken on a coordinating role in the EC I was also rather buisy with preparing the meetings and skype conferences, checking minutes and trying to keep an overview over everything the EC is currently working on. 

Unfortunately I couldn't join the FYEG- CDN meeting in Belgrade at the beggining of the month, because this time my accounting job didnt allow me this, but still October was a busy month. I put most of my efforts into the Water campaign, and as an EC responsible person for the European Citizens' Initiatve - I communicated with a lot of FYEG MOs in order to gain their official support. There is quite positive feedback about it and soon the campaign will have the necessary support letters. October also was a month for preparation of the SPM - meeting that gave us the opportunity to discuss the future of FYEG and the European parliament elections' 2014.