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EC Monthly Reports July

Executive Committee monthly reports: JULY

Dear FYEG fiends,
Summer is at its peak.  Most of you are probably taking holidays (going to the sea or the mountains, camping and joining different Green summer events). For sure there are and some working "bees" who cannot get rid of the office or work on different causes.
What is your however the Executive Committee doing? Even though the office has a summer break until 25th August, we are all  working on our task and thinking of you. Here are some reports from the recent activities going on in FYEG.
The Gender Working Group has started working already and will consist of many wonderful people. One of the projects that we are planning is the continuation of the seminar series on LGTBQ issue in the Balkans with the two remaining seminars in Belgrade and Tuzla. During the seminar in Belgrade, we will support the local queer scene with their Pride Parade.
Addtionally, we are starting with the preparation of the Strategy Plaaning Process that everybody in the EC is already excited about. I wish all of you a wonderful summer and a great start for the second half of the year!
The Peace working group has started with a lot of enthusiasm. It's been decided that for now we will work on arms export and on the conflict between isreal and palestine.
This last issue is also something that is very relevant to the falafel network, FYEG's mediterranean network, that has been halfway asleep for some time. Chema, Micha, Phil and me are currently working on the revival process - trying to find more partners in the non-European part of this area and applying for a seminar to be held in Greece in the beginning of next year. 
I've also been in contact with the Green Student Network. The meeting they had planned for august unfortunately had to be postponed since they still didn't know if they had been granted the money they've applied for. Hopefully it can be held later this fall or in the spring. 
Both the Migration and Transportation working groups have sucessfully started their work and are looking forward to an interesting year. Wheras the new transportation working group has started with a great bunch of pioneering spirit, the migration working group tries to be as active and visible as last year. 
As the CDN responsible and prep-team member of the SummerCamp of CDN, I am sweating right now to organize a wonderful and unforgettable summer camp in Belarus.
This is also the opportunity to say thank you for all of your tremendous support at the G.A, I will try my best to match up to your expectations. Have a great summer of love! 
The climate change working group is starting well. A lot of coordination set-up going on there. Hope the actual work will start soon.
The campaign-team is working frantically to save the campaign after the second attempt to apply for a YiA seminar failed (this time it has been submitted on time, but failed for formal reasons)
The SPP has officially started. An MO questionnaire has been prepared to assess MO opinion about the main elements of the 2014 Election campaign preparations and the long-term organisational development of FYEG.
A lot of fundraising is going on, still looking for resources for the second SPP meeting, the WGM, the COP Workshop, co-funding for the Campaign-Event (in case it will still take place)
The Global Justice Working Group started off well and elected their coordinators. These coordinators are currently brainstorming on what their next project will look like. We want to focus on creating more visibility of the topic within FYEG, but also focus on topics of how to establish a more global just world.
The Global Young Greens are also on their way to have a project started soon. They set up a Working Group to have a international day of action against poverty in October. You will hear from this.
Futhermore, I enjoyed the summer-camp in Belarus really much and want to once again congratulate the organisers for this amazing work in the difficult terrain.
The working group on digital kicked-off their work as well. Almost all of the members met on skype and discussed working methods that would suit them the most. Further on the group made preliminary plans for projects they would like to organise. Not easy topic - the copy-right, should be our main issue of focus for the next year. Two coordinators have been elected too.
FYEG started to plan the Strategy planinng process more in details and now we search for a fitting meeting place in Prague, we work on the roadmap, budget and discuss fundraising possibilities.
The Democracy working group started this year with a lot of  huge ideas to be realized  However It is taking some more  time until internal work is being structured. Hopefully soon we will move forward with full power. 
The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) campaign needs to be developed and this will be one of the main aims of the working group in the next months, but we need ALL of YOU on this as well.
The Ecosprinter Editorial Board started their mandate with a lot of enthusiasm and results - already two interesting editions including Bonn Climate negotiations and Rio+20 article series. However one of our hard working Editorial Board members is leaving and there is a need for a new call for his replacement.
The Newsletter is taking a summer break and is being published only once per month until September, but after that be ready for more interesting editions.
There is an idea for stronger cooperation between the working groups, therefore we are trying to bring coordinators and working groups together and achive one very strong team as well as better preparation for the working groups's meeting in Brussels
An interesting idea that I took with me from the Summer Academy of Democracy International is the idea of a New democratic convention on the Future of Europe - idea that might be liked by most of us, the idea for creating stronger democracy in Europe.