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EC Monthly Reports January'13

 The year started active for FYEG. 2013 is again going to be busy, especially regarding the preparations of the election campaign in 2014. January usually starts with a lot of trips to Brussels for meetings with the EGP committee, MEPs and other people. So I already spent a lot of time in the train this year:). The meeting of the new EGP committee was very fruitful and interesting discussing the elections 2014, but also changes in the office space and other political projects. One of them is the Working Group on youth emancipation/empowerment that met last weekend for the first. We are very motivated and have already agreed on the basic structure of the paper. It is due to be tabled for the EGP council in Madrid in May. Apart from that I am very excited about the first steps taken in the election campaign committee of FYEG. I am sure we will gain full momentum after the second Strategic Planning Meeting in Brussels in February.
Here you can check out our activities with regards to the youth emancipation initiative: http://europeangreens.eu/news/fyeg-preparing-their-youth-representation-strategy-2013
This month was a lot about the network of greenminded organizations in the medditerranean "falafel network" that FYEG has been trying to revive for a long time. A first meeting was held this week in Luxemburg with FYEGs mediterranean member organizations, and a number of other organizations South of the Mediterranean. There were lots of enthusiasm, energy and initiatives during the meeting and on the last day the participants signed a declaration forming the falafel network! The next meeting will hopefully be hosted by the Greek Young Greens in Athens in the end of this summer.
The work of the SPP structure committee is also moving with controversial issues being individual membership, quotas, having a political coordinator etc. 
Preparing Strategic Planning Meeting (SPM). Working on Objectives for External Communication. Working on rules for internal communication. testing of EGPs communication platform. Participation in EGP Working group meetings in 1) Social Dimension of GND WG, 2) Election Campaign Preparation WG, 3) Future of Europe WG. First plans for Spring Conference. Office Employment tasks.
This month was a lot about the preparation of the Winter camp - we had a prep-team meeting, election of participants, so many emails. There are budget difficulties, but FYEG is not giving up this wonderful event, and together with the prep-team we will do out best to make it happen. Otherwise the organization of the SPM is going fine. The Activity committee has few members, but for the meeting we will come up with some useful suggestions. Regarding the Water campaign FYEG is already a VIP supporter and signatures are almost reaching 1 million. You can also sign at http://www.right2water.eu/
The Ecosprinter Editorial Board is looking for solutions in future the webpage to be more accessible for blogs, working groups etc. 

This moths involved a lot of waking up early for me. I did so in  order to catch the skype conferences we had in order to plan the  FALAEL-Network meeting. In the end it all went well and we were able to  found this network anew. We, that was representatives of Palestine,  Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Greece, Catalonia, Spain, France,  Bosnia, FYEG, Luxembourg and individuals from Israel. It was a  really inspiring experience and hopefully will result in a strong  network. Other than that, I am preparing with the lovely team of people  working on political strategies for the SPP a paper that tries to  improve our political clout. I hope you will see the final output on the  SPM meeting and on the GA. In addition, the team of the Youth in Crisis  publication finalised their publication. The result is a really  readable and inspiring work which you should definately check out.