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EC Monthly Reports February'13

 February was as always quite a lively month. For me it started with a weekend in Berlin discussing the plans for the election campaign with several people, it continued with discussions on the campaigning and Youth Unemployment in Europe at the Council meeting of Grüne Jugend in Leipzig. Then we had the Strategic Planning Meeting no. 2 in Brussels where we again disussed this topic, but also many others and met with many different partners, alumni and had great outcomes for the preparation. For a topical rounding up in the end of February I joined the GEF workshop on the social consequences of the crisis where I gave an input on Youth Unemployment.
Mostly organizing the Strategic Planning MO meeting in Brussels (thanks to all other EC Members, our office and all delegates for their help and support!!) and working towards a finalization of the SPP together with a great editorial team. First planning for the General Assembly, concepts and requirements for the new FYEG website, drafting of Press Releases, meetings of the Economics Compass Publication Prep-team, meetings of EGP Working Groups, and the EGP Committee.
This  month was really intensive for me, but for sure full with emotions and  team spirit. We had one productive Strategic planning meeting in  Brussels with a lot of ideas that will be implemented in the future. I  took part at the General Assembly of CDN in Turkey, and was in the  precidency. CDN had annuversary of 10 years. At the CDN GA was elected  one wonderful and enthusiastic new Executive committee, and a new member  organization was accepted - Gutta club, Moldova. One long waited from  me event finally took place in Finland - the Winter camp. We gathered  there many new people for FYEG, so hopefully you will meet them very  soon at other events or in the working groups. After the winter camp so  many people started to talk about changing the European Union and Europe  in a more democratic way, and the need for a new Convention on the  future of Europe. It seems like the topic of democracy might be part of  the Election campaign topics. Finally after the winter camp we had one  EC meeting in Helsinki where besides all other topics we really started  to move forward the preparation for the next GA. The newsletter is coming a bit late this month, because of all of this my travel and people who are asking me to wait all the time for different calls :)
In February we have kicked off the process of preparing the GA with all the calls, agendas and program points. This year the spring  conference will be about the financial crisis, economic growth and youth perspectives. I was also visiting the wonderful winter camp where there was a lot of energy and many new ideas and suggestions for the future on democracy and economy. There were also many discussions about fracking and basic income and in general a great atmosphere. The whole EC also gathered in Helsinki for discussions the election campaign, the youth emancipation conference and european youth forum among many other things. 
With almost all other EC members I had the pleasure to meet with the delegates to SPP meeting in Brussels, where we gathered very cool input and suggestions for futher improvement of FYEG.
We then started to work on the preparations of the General assembly and this process will now fill our program for coming months. 
European Youth Forum opened doors to some of its structures again, so we also try to provide fitting representatives of FYEG. Check out also the call for CoE Advisory Council on Youth in the newsletter. Moreover we have issued a call for intern, who will be decided upon these days and we look forward to have new EC team-mate very very soon.
The preparatory work of the NERDY projects about internet governance are on properly since the preparatory team met over fourth weekend of February in Vienna. Calls for participants will be sent out soon. I am writting this report from Helsinki, where we had our EC meeting -  going home with new big to-do list that I look forward to take care of.
Unemployment is one of the most pressing issues when it comes to how to improve the situation of the people in Europe. Especially the youth is hit hard. Now unemployment is not perceived to be a topic of the Greens. However with our positions, especially when it comes to the new perceiption work, tied together with the basic income grant, we are very progressive. This months, I worked on the topic of youth emancipation. We will hopefully have a printed publication ready for the Youth in Crisis Conferrence on the 10th April in the European Parliament. Also this conference, which is with 200 participants a huge possibility to bring our ideas forward took a lot of my time to prepare. 
Furthermore, the rammifications of the FALAFEL network are now felt. The network is growing and the people involved in the network are meeting to determine the next projects. For us this is always an item to stay tuned and follow-up. 
I also had the pleassure to brainstorm on the concept of the next GA, where we found a thrilling title: "Creative Concepts to Counter the Crisis". I invite you all to come with all your creative concepts to the GA for us to have interesting and progressive discussions. We will also have 2 workshops from the Global Justice WG-perspective at the conference. One will be on the question of structural determinants of poverty : Aid-Trade-Finance;. the other will be on the question of whether we should abolish Development Policy. Again, be prepared.
Looking forward to your inputs at the Youth in Crisis Conference and at the GA!