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EC Monthly Reports August

Executive Committee monthly reports: August

This summer was strongly about getting started with out new wonderful EC, dividing taks, getting to know each other, organising the Strategy Planning Process and of course planning the next half year. It is wonderful to see how FYEG is still flourishing and growing. This autumn we have lots of things to do. After the Working Group Meeting in Brussels we will start with the training in Bochum (almost my home town) about political communication, then the second LGTBQ seminar in Belgrade, our Strategy Planning Meeting in Prague, then the EGP Council in Athens and then finally our third LGTBQ seminar in Tuzla in December.
My main additional goal for the next weeks and months is to get in contact with our MOs, Working Groups and European partners to already start discussing our plans for the election 2014. Europe, here we come!
Getting to know more about how the FYEG works and helping to structure the work of the EC took up a big part of the summer. I also had the great priviledge of being able to attend CDNs wonderful summer camp in the Belarussian countryside and spend almost one week with the EC people in Belgrade - this was our retreat were we had some more time for philosophical discussions on the future of FYEG. 
Just before the working group meeting I got to spend a few days in Tunisia were I met lots of different organisations and amazing people. I hope to stay in contact with several of them and include them in the falafel network. 
Also superhappy about the working group's meeting that brought much new energy and managed to create a new detailed activity plan for the coming year!
There is still so much to learn and to do, even for a 10-year young green veteran. I spent a wonderful summer with our EC, during our EC meetings in Central Serbia and Brussels. Furthermore as a prepteam member of the CDN Summercamp in Belarus I had the priviledge (I know it sounds cheezy) to attend and organize this amazing event, showing that it is possible to scramble activists from the RUMB (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus) region in Belarus. To our knowledge it's a first that such a big camp worked without being banned. The working group meeting just this past week were a wonderful chance to network and get our working bees interconnected. Now we are looking for a very busy end of the year: Training Bochum, Athens, Belgrade, Tuzla,were we are in the finalizing moments of those events.
I hope to see you all back there, and when you feel I work too much, just take away my laptop and hijack me! I wish you all some more sunny days, and a good start in your new study, school or work year. Take care. Phil.
Like the other new EC members summer was a great time to enter into all FYEG activities and gain a lot of knowledge for the day-to-day EC work. August was very busy month for me, fullfiled with meetings I had to attend - ECM in Serbia, prep-team meeting of the Youth Speakers' Training "Turn the Green Volume ON", working groups' meeting. We co-opted two new members who will help the Ecosprinter Editorial Board and for tiny little time suddenly Ecosprinter is flourishing again. So we are looking forward to see the results of these changes.
There are two more things that are quite a lot on my heart regarding my involvement in FYEG - the ECI campaign and theFYEG  winter camp on the topic of democracy.
The ECI informational campaign from the prevous year is now turning into a support campaign of the Water initiative. This initiatve aims to provide  water and sanitation for all in Europe and is against the privatisation of water supply and treatment. During September we will ask for approval the MOs to support it and start real compaigning inside of FYEG.

The EC retreat meeting is Serbia was definitely a good end of the summer holidays time of the year. We had a very good and productive time hidding ourselves from heat and too strong sunshine. We also got ready for the WGs meeting in Brussels, that went well as well.
During the WGs meeting the EC accepted a new project assistant, Shenna, we choose a new webmaster, Christof and welcomed new green intern, Dragana. So the support team grew bigger, what is nothing else than amazing! Currently we keep searching for new external accountant.
I personally happy I got a big support from the EC to run for the European Youth Forum's Board as nominant of FYEG. This is a wonderful challenge. Preparations for the elections will fill part of my calendar until November, when the GA of the YFJ will take place. There are already YFJ GA documents out for consultation and amendments, with the interested EC members we have had a look on them as well.