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EC meeting Helsinki, 9-11 March

FYEG EC meeting
Dates: 9th of March 16:00 - 11th of March 18:00, 2013
Place: Helsinki, Finland

Present: Jakob, Krassina, Maggie, Steva, Ingrid, Shenna, Terry (until Sunday evening), Micha (until Monday 12:00)
Minute taking: Ingrid


Moderation: Jakob

Personal updates was given

The camp was generally a huge success with many political discussions and a great atmosphere. Some things for improvement:

  • volonteers management needs to improve in general
  • idea of conflict management trainings and giving the advisory committee could maybe have a stronger role to mediate conflict
  • project assistant should at some point have time to take part of of prep.team to ensure knowledge transfer
  • have some kind of guidelines for project management and the roles of prep.team and EC
  • the EC should make objectives and mandate clear from the beginning
  • we could write guidlines about what the purpose of our "structural events" is. For example the spring conference, WG meeting, winter camp etc. 


Campaign plan
There's 5-6 people who are working a lot on the campaign plan. There's a new version of campaign plan - shortened and in bullet points. There's still no final version. 
Number of topics
There’s going to be five boxes of topics and the campaign manifesto will be structured after them. Maybe five is a bit too much?
Training together with the EC during the EC retreat. 
The retreat will be be happening 10-16 during 5 days. Ingrid will send this out to the same email lists that the call for EC was sent to. She will also see thta the info on the web page is updated. 
Campaign team meeting at CDN summer camp. 
They should meet before the summer camp. They will have some space to discuss the campaign there anyway. Terry will talk to CDN about that it would be good to have them as participants. 
Then they will meet again in the GA in Germany.
October would be a meeting for sec gens and MO representatives
Bus tours
Will start at the GA 2014, this will be in April
The campaign coordinator should only be coordinating, all the ground work needs to be done by the MOs. 
Financially: the local groups should pay for the bus to stop in their city. We also need some kind of solidarity fund for the places were local groups doesn't have money. At least 2 people that speaks the local language should be in every bus. In every bus there should be 6-9 persons. 
It would be good to try to synchronize with EGP and the MO campaigns where possible. It’s also good if we send this out early so that ppl have a chance to adapt. Something to keep in mind. 

There should only be very general material like flags and FYEG flyer. There should also be a FYEG template that the MOs can use for their material. They should also upload their own material on the election platform on the web page.

EC and campaign team
In a conflict between the campaign team and the EC the EC opinion has more weight. 

Expert groups
Should be on each of the five topics. The EC is not really positive on this for now. 

Communication team
Should be appointed by the EC and consist of representatives of different current bodies. 

Terry will draft a call for the MOs that they can fill in if they want to have a trainer from the campaign team at one of their events. 

Election manifesto
Both the EC and the campaign team will have to be involved in this and it will be short time for it between the two GAs

Summer Camps 

  • German-speaking - no update
  • BeNeFrLux - will happen in the Netherlands. Phil to follow up. 
  • Southern - is  probably not happening with the falafel meeting. Ingrid will organize a new skype meeting.
  • Eastern - Hungary: 16-21 July in Bodajk, Hungary. TOPIC: the quality and future of European democracy and the possibilities for participation, within the framework of the European Year of Citizens and with a view of the 2014 elections. The first two days are mainly devoted to community building and training activities, while the 'academic' programme (lectures, workshops, etc) starts on Wednesday evening and goes until Sunday midday Thursday will be the "European/global day" and most likely to be organised in strong co-operation with the Green Group. Friday we will devote to national and regional issues, while Saturday will be dealing with local politics and communities  TO DO: make a proposal for a workshop/make a proposal of our contribution DECISION: we will send the campaign team. we should have something about democracy (something political) and one training. 
  • Inter-Isles - might be in norther ireland or scotland. seems to be definitely happening. 
  • Ukrainian SC - Krassina should get more info and then we can make a decision.


Moderation: Krassi


Documents that should be prepared

  • Reports
    • Sec.gen report - Steva
    • Financial report - maggie and steva
    • Mid-term financial plan - maggie and steva
    • EC report - every EC member writes max half a page preferably in bullet points, Jakob will send out a pad where people can put their reports
    • Advisory Committee report - Jakob will remind AC
    • Financial Control Committee Report - Maggie will remind FCC
    • Activity Report - Ingrid will be responsible, she will look at the one from last year and also have a look at the activity plan
    • Working Group Report - krassi will be responsible (standard half a page, not longer than one page)
    • Info for the delegates - we could use the guide that Ingrid wrote but we also need to add some specific stuff for the GA. Ingrid will be respnsible together with Steva
  • Plans 
    • Activity Plan: Ingrid will be overall reponsible but will discuss and share tasks with Steva, Micha and Krassina. Ingrid will write a call for project proposals
    • Budget Plan - Maggie and Steva

Steva should send out a reminder for registration
All the documents should be on USB sticks, Steva will look into this. We will only print when people ask for it. 

All should be done by the 5th of April so that the EC can discuss and adopt at next ECM.

MOs that should change status 

  • Croatia - Terry is in contact with them and they will send a letter that the organization no longer exists.
  • Macedonia (MODOM) - they want to become members of FYEG. Krassi will send them info about how it works
  • Young Equo - Ingrid will send them the info and see that the visit is made together with the EGP council
  • Jovenes Verdes - Ingrid will be in contact witht them to have the same procedure as with the croatians
  • MOs that have not payed their fee and should be suspended: 
    • DEM - maggie will write, terry will give the contact
  • Other MO follow up
    • Malta - remind them to pay, Maggie
    • Romania, jakob will check
    • Luxemburg, maggie will check why their membership fee was so long two years ago
    • Portugal - maggie will remind them
    • Italy - maggie will remind them 
    • Jong Groen - maggie will remind them
    • Andorra - maggie will remind them
    • Ireland - maggie will remind them, micha will also look into this
    • Poland, maggie will remind them
    • South Tyrol - Jakob will check on this, they should pay if they dont want to be suspended
    • Hungary, maggie will remind them

Maggie is overall responsible for these membership issues. 

We have to make an official visit before the GA for organisations that apply for membership



  • Is it possible to have a  banquett on saturday evening? Tables placed in a circle so that we have a  session. Ingrid and Steva will ask Jong Groen. 
  • workshops
    • Ingrid will speak to Phil and possible norma about the migration workshop
    • We're adding one workshop. There will now be two on democracy: one on a new convention and one on the water campaign
  • The gender working group shoule take care of womens dinner / gender separated dinners on gender stuff
  • Election campaign: We need to put in something  about the election campaign that is organized to have some buy-in the  the election campaign. Jakob will make a concept together with Micha and  micha will try to put it into the agenda.
  • between the voting: the new web site, ecosprinter, working groups and similar things. It will be up to the presidency to plan and cooridnate this. 

Micha  will have a look throught the whole agenda and see that it's no  consistent and good. In friday evening there's one thing too much and  the best practice session need to change place. 

Jong Groen and Ecolo
Ingird to ask about the involvement of Ecolo in general and about the action. 

Awareness group
people that can explain things for the new people. Terry will be responsible for this group to be formed

Micha will put the agenda into a nice format that can be updated along the way. At next ECM the agenda has to be completely finalized.

Moderator: Micha

  • Brainstorm to make sure there are enough candidates for next year
    • EC
    • Sec.Gen
    • Campaign Team
    • Ecosprinter
    • Interns

EGP COUNCIL (10-12 of May)

Papers --> task division

  • Pensions - Micha (till next ECM)
  • Youth Emancipation - Terry (
  • Future of Europe - Jakob
  • Digital rights paper - Maggie 

    Amendments should be prepared before next ECM

Youth Unemployment 
big session, Terry will see if it's possible to get anyone on the panel

Youth Paper discussion: 
if ppl wants to give feedback they should write to terry before 6th of April

(micha  is responsible)- we might want to send the conept out and ask our MOs to make the same action. There should be a concept for next skype meeting.

Fringe meeting
general about FYEG (Ingrid) will be responsible

Maggie will take care of technicalities

Council ECM: everyone shoule arrive at the very latest in the evening the 8th. 
GA ECM: everyone has to be there at the very latest evening 15th
Efter GA ECM: 21--22 for oldies, 21-23 for ec candidates. finish 14:00 23rd. 


Moderation: Jakob

The idea is to work in differnt workshops on proposals that the youth put


  • visibility for FYEG and the topic
  • youth participation
  • to have the topic not just discussed but discussed by young people
  • networking with civil society, young participants and MEPs
  • develop our own policy
  • promote our activities in general, specifically election campaign and the water campaign

Strategies for getting as much as possible out of this

  • try to get less formal discussions so that everyone feels empowered to speak
  • EGP MOs should be able to propose amendments
  • we should act rather as observers in the WGs
  • the moderations should encourage the young people to take part in the discussions
  • list of delegates in the EP Conference, so we know beforehand who to address

Task division

  • who goes to which wg
    • economy - micha
    • democracy - terry
    • social - ingrid
    • environmental - phil
  • distribute delegations - Micha keeps track
  • addresses list - office
  • Talking to MEPs - everyone


  • introduction of FYEG - Terry
  • present presentors of the WGs - Ingrid 
  • comissionors session - Micha
  • MEPs comment on the proposals -Micha
  • FYEG sum up of the papers - Terry

Follow up

  • the paper for the council
  • engage ppl into FYEG structure
  • invite some of the people to our GA
  • follow up session with the EC if this kind of events make sense
  • accomodate this new ideas into the policies of FYEG


  • stickers - about youth emancipation stuff, "reclaim your future", ask Blanka to design it. Maggie will print it in Prag and bring it to terry in the congress of the grüne jugend
  • youth emancipation publication - 4 MEPs needs to pay. Raul will do it and also Reinhard if he can still ad an article. Micha will write to Jan's office and Emilie. 
  • pins - shenna will check that we have enough
  • business cards for EC members and office people. maggie will print them also in prag. 

Promoting the Youth Emancipation Publication --> discussion

  • There should be a launch in the evening and it would be good if the publication would be published by then

Micha will invite organisations from civil society, for example mundob

Possibly we can have a dinner with the german young greens thursday evening (11th April)

Ingrid will send the call to the stuttgart+spaniards

NEXT ECM: start Saturday early in the morning, ECM ends 18:00. 


  • going through the financial overview
    • Jakob will check different possibilities for phone costs and roaming. we could have a prep.team phone.
  • discussions on draft budget 2013
    • project assistant should be a full time position + benefits,we should also see if there's trainings and similar where we could send her
    • raise sec gen salary a bit +  benefits

    sec gen and project assistant should share the responsibilities a bit more

  • have an office assistant of 19 hours, this would depend on the EGP contribution to the campaign assistant, employ the person from july for 3 months and then continue if we have more money.

    all of this needs to stay below 72 000 euros. 

  • campaign assistant should  start in october: should start as 19 hours per week and go to  30 only the last 2 months or so. jakob will discuss if it's possible for  the EGP to contribute to this.

    Steva and Maggie will make a balance sheet and makes a proposal for were we can cut as well as the whole budget for next ECM


Moderation: Maggie


Paper on objectives
There's a first draft. The editorial committee will also work on a vision. Input from the EC is given. Jakob will keep being responsible for the objectives-

Ingrid will start work on the implementation part.

  • The implementation proposals will include guidelines/IRP-Annexes and IRP Amendments for:
    • Working groups
    • Prep.teams and project management
  • The new EC after the GA should work on 
    • the external communication
    • finances

Moderation: Jakob

EUROPEAN YOUTH FORUM (YFJ Youth forum jeunesse)

YFJ in general
Platform of european youth organisations. Some are national councils and some european wide organisations. Education and capacity building for youth and push for youth topics in different political bodies. Work closely with the European Comission "structured dialogue" (maggie will find out more on how exactly this works), Council of Europe (here they are on equal basis "co-management system") and United Nations. They have been working much on the youth garantuee, internships, vote 16. 
FYEG is part of the political party youth organisation group and the sustainability group. These groups are informal and are not institutional.
The youth forum does too much for the responsible person in the EC to be always present and aware, the WGs need to be included!

  •  Responsibilities of FYEG

We are a member organisation and should have a certain amount of presence. Our involvement is also not visible within our own organisation. We do not really have so much personal contact with the people in there. 

Focus of FYEG

  • influence their policy
    • we should have a focus on certain things because we dont have the capacity to work on everything.
      • league of young voters
      • sustainability group
      • ...
  • contribute to their pool of trainers etc. as we should as a member

    DECISION: maggie will prepare a list of things that the youth forum works on and then we will decide what to prioritize. 

Advisory Council for Youth (Council of Europe). 
They meet twice a year to meet educational ministry people, they vote together on propsals from different bodies where they are involved. This is political. They also work on campaigns and projects.
There are 20 slots that we could apply for. We apply as organisation. In november we should have a nominee. Maggie will work on the applicaion today.
The fundation of the council of Europe

  • Education
  • Funding
  • Youth Work
  • Mobility

We are not going to apply for these groups

  • Pool of trainers We sent in two applications. We should generally use these also for our own seminar. There's also trainers in the 

Who goes to the COMEM
GA of the European Youth Forum; COMEM - they work there more on political stuff and other development of topics. COMEM will be held 18-21st April  16:15 - 16:20
DECISION: Vesna should be official delegate. Ingrid or Phil could go on behalf of the EC. To be decided in next skype.

League of young voters
They want to increase the number of young people voting. They are building an online platform for discussion. For now they made a logo for each member state. They appoint some candidates as "youth friendly". 

YO!Fest (25th of May - 2nd of June, Brussels)
Village of tents, discussion, workhops. Maybe the PPYOs will do something together. We could also think if we want to have our own workshop. There will proabably also be a debate between the PPYOs. We need to send a team of at least 3, maximum 5 people.
DECISION: We will have a tent at the event where we will promote FYEG, and the project asisstant will take care of the tent.

PPYO cooperation

  • participation in debate in the YO!fest: They are already in contact with an organisation called IDEA that is organising this. Should be provocative and interesting.The teams might be decided to be as the EP groups (meaning we should have EFA (European Free Alliance) youth in ours. The competition thing should not be that obvious. It might be useful to have Terry there, 1-2 to EFA and then one of the new spokes, maybe a third person that lives close to Brussels from the EC. Maybe a young candidate if we have them.
  • EP youth conference: Its unclear what the point is. We would have to ask MEPs for money. We are generally sceptical. DECISION: we are just going to wait and it is quite likely that the iniciative will not go through. 
  • Youth guarantee: Decision: Terry or Micha: if priority, provide (with help of Maggie) info to MOs of how they could lobby for the Youth guarantee towards their mother party, national youth council and government (including info on the youth guarantee in general)

Moderation: Shenna


New EC
CDN had its 10 year anniversity. A new EC was elected: Blazhe Josifovski – Macedonia; Hmayak Arakelyan – Armenia; Iryna Okseniuk – Ukraine; Marina Vlajic – Serbia and Teo Abaishvili – Georgia

New working group
They are going to discuss having a working group on the RUMB region. 

LGBTQ network at the CDN GA
CDN will support it but it will not be a priority within CDN

FYEG/CDN relationsihp

  • We are not really supporting them politically in the way that we maybe should
  • We dont see a clear point of sending someone "from FYEG" to their events. We should spread their calls more on our lists though. 
  • We will invite them to our skype conference at some point, they could give some input on their new priorities of the board, how can we support them. One person. 
  • Azerbadjan - Noone from the EC is able to go there. 
  • joint seminar with them on open source

DECISION:we are positive about this. It would be a lot on the digital rights working group. It would definitely have to be after the election campaign and FYEG cannot put any office or EC capacities into this before the end of the election campaign. 
DECISION: ingrid will write them an email with all of these points

Ingird will also write that someone from the organisation of the seminar in Molova of the seminar can also come to the FYEG energy seminar in prep.team or seminar. And that they should send anything they have for the news letter to krassina. We will also ask if they are positive of applying together for a seminar series european youth foundation. Also write that we are already sending out the call.


  • Glass ceiling breakers seminar

We are going to ask Terry what's going on with this and see how FYEG can help

  • LGBTQ network

The young greens of turkey will apply for a network meeting

Moderation: Steva


Palestine/Israel resolution from the Peace WG for the GA: 
The Peace wroking groups is working on the Israel-Palestine conflict. This issue could be contraversial and we should reflect on how we should proceed and present it to th GA
DECISION: Propose the Peace WG to develop this as a discussion paper for the GA and then we will give a space for discussion at the GA (maybe a workshop).

Water campaign
22nd of March we will publish the PR and also have action day in many of our MOs. Outside of our actions EPSU will have a workshop at the EP on 19th March - Clarisse will go there and maybe Shenna could also join with the FYEG flag.