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EC meeting 4-6.12.2012

Executive Committee (EC) Meeting, 4-6 of December

Attending people: Phil, Jakob, Ingrid, Krassi, Maggie, Terry, Steva
Missing: Micha
Opening of the meeting

Confirming the quorum and validity of the meeting
(At least five EC members have to be present for the meeting to be valid)
Approving the agenda
quorum confirmed

Personal Update - including political update

10:00 (Moderator: Ingrid, Minutes: Terry)
Meeting with web master Christoph
- general introduction
- Wurzelwerk (used by the German Greens) vs. EGPs platform (membership database and platform)
Problem: the EC is writing too many mails, no clear overview  

Decision: We are going to try the one of the EGP

a.Update to meeting with Barry (from EGP)
The platform is opensource which we need, external person who is taking care of the technical side. Generally we can use this platform, but we still don�t see that there is away to work on collaborative documents --> still being developed (interface etc.)

We are going to have a trying out phase until next ecm, then we will have an evaluation at the next ecm, and we will plan to involve all FYEG bodies (working groups etc.)

Putting dropbox stuff on the platform (Jakob is transferring the SPP stuff for a start)

Try-out topics for the forum: spp stuff, preparation for the next ECM

Chris is going to talk to Barry and then we are going to discuss it further

Is it possible to use it offline? Is it linked to emails? How to work on collaborative documents? How to have a safe group in the platform (where nobody else has access)
- Website

b. Update from meeting with Barry:
Most of the external communication is realized through the website
We can change to the EGP website, and then we can directly put stuff from the platform on the website

Offer: we can go to the EGP website, use their basic moduls, but still stay independent
both systems joomla and drugba

We would have to pay for the technical maintenance, design will be different
--> general discussions about the website should be included in the SPP where we ask the MOs what they actually want from the website, Chris and Jakob are going to talk
about it

google analytics (problematic!) - Chris has a different system that is open source, we should have a privacy policy (talk to Barry about it)

Jakob and Chris give general input about the future development of the website (accessibility, social media, security...)

c. Proposal about e-lists and yeapsy events maintenance � workload to be shared between Christof and Steva (will be done between Steva and Christoph)

mailing lists

MO lists need to be updated
reject mails that are sent from addresses that are not on the lists --> in favour
put general list from emergency moderation --> in favour

how can we use them?

overview about the different possible situations and lists will be provided by Chris

- security on web page

security on computers very important as our lists have already been spammed with hackers mail

1. have uptodate anti-virus systems

2. be careful with your passwords

3. have different passwords


1.mailing lists archive (should this exist? yes, it should)

for ec-lists only the people on the list should have access to the archive

2.use bcc if you have a large number of recipients

3. every mail can be read by anyone, if you want to send sensitive data, use skype because it is encrypted

4. do not send password lists, do not have all password in one file

5. disable the ec account�s on deleting stuff on the website, if you want to delete something on the website, write to steva and jakob

- Uploading on web page

Chris will give a little workshop in the afternoon

social media: who should be responsible? we need to have a proper strategy (press officer to be included) - Jakob is responsible for preparing something

- Discussion on Mumblr and Team speak with basis in report from Digrigs
DECISION: Steva will get skype professional and the working groups are free to chose wich one they want.

moderator: jakob, minute taker: ingrid

Report from the meeting between Jakob, Christoph and partly Ingrid

Web site

    Change the web page structure
    This must be done and should be easy

    Chris will try to make them smaller to make the page faster

    Twitter and interlinkage
    Chris wants to wait for the press officer. This needs to be done manually.

    Uploading pictures to the web site
    This is now more easy

    Paypal function
    This should be implemented together with a new design.

    Privacy policy
    Jakob will send the communication we've had with HEctor before

    Mailing lists
    Christoph will send us a proposal.

    Will be kept the same way that it is now.

Meeting between Barry and Christph


    Common databas
    EGP wants FYEG to be a constomer of the same company as EGP. We would then have a contract with Peter were we're equal cosomers with EGP. The database would be on peter's server. We could have the server still in Jpberlin but it would probably not be very good.

    User database
    They want a common user database. This does not mean sharing all information. On this database it's only username and password, no other info.  We could publish stuff on both sites though.

    It's possible to just opt-out and take all our data with us. This includes the web site.

    It's simpler in this program then in ours.

    FYEG commercial
    The EGP offers to send everyone who's under 35 an email to check out the FYEG web page. Then we would probably send an email to everyone reaching 35 to check out the EGP web page.

Web site
    Peter would do the whole transition process and EGP would finance this. There's some minor problems and Christoph would have to comunicate with Peter a lot. Links will still works but files (pdfs, pictures etc.) might not.

    User friendliness
    This site would be easier to use alhtough we still would not really miss anything that we're using now.

    Christph will come back to the EC about this.

    New widgets
    We would discuss it first with the EGP and if they will also need it then they would cover the costs. Otherwise we would need to pay it.

    We should start using this properly.

    It would probably cost about the same to do a new one in joomla as in droople.

Ec on Web

    EGP web site
    DECISION: we will move there.

    Time frame
    DECISION: we want to have it fully ready before summer. Jakob will communicate with Christph that he should communicate with peter - including ask for a time frame.
    DECISION: there will be a call for designer. The design should include design for material and web site. The person should write prior experience and show earlier work and also have a suggestion for web site design. The second SPM would chose an option out of several. Then the coordination will start. We will have a suggestion for the GA and then after this the work can start.Jakob and Krassi will take responsibility for this process.  

10min break

11.40 moderator: Phil, minute taker: Ingrid


        problematic MOs
        Albanians are having some problems.         

        Study trip to Russia
        DECISION: Phil goes there as FYEG representative. He will contact the Green Forum.


    Phil will meet them next week.

    Implementation strategy.
    DECISION: we don't want to approve the paper like this. The initiative needs to come from the GYG so if they tell us what they want we can discuss this.
    DECISION: all the European participants that applied for the GYG WC call will be transfered to the normal application process.

    does the project cover Micha's travel costs
        DECISION: Micha should communicate about this with Steva.


    Transfer meeting
        Steva was there to give an update. introduction to the new committee
        about the office and fyeg. steva gave a list of activities to bueti and panu.presentation
        of website and platform. then committee went to the retreat. terry will write to panu about
        the meeting.

    Youth emancipation WG
        It will be one of the main topics of the council. There's gonna be a working group. The group will be led by Reinhard in close cooperation with FYEG.

        Activity plan presentation
        We should do this at the next council meeting in January.

    Terry is having a meeting with bueti and bas 24th of january. Jakob and Steva should join.

    European youth forum
    Maggie will bring up the COP19 in Poland at their meeting this weekend.

        We are working very similarly to other PPYOs. 17 of January is the deadline for amendments to the report of the parliament.

14:30- 15:30 (moderator: jakob, minute taker: ingrid)

Activity plan


        Discussion on follow up of LGBTQ seminar series
    DICISION: We encourage the forming of a European green LGBTQ network that has a specific goal and strategy.
    We encourage them to have an event next fall. We would help with how to fundraise but not write the actual application.
    An EC member would be there to support, give tips, but not organize the actual event.
    FYEG will contribute with its experience and knowledge in this process.

        Discussion on glass breaking seminar
    The idea is to have it togehter with another seminar
    DECISION: wichever event this spring would be fine but we would prefer the wintercamp, secondly the GA and our third option would be new media summer school or the energy seminar. They can also apply for the youth in action but then they should still have it this spring or apply for the FYEG open call.

    Spring conference - what did we now promise who?

    DECISION: the global justice WG should plan 1-2 workshops if they want to. The Green Economy can plan a panel if they want to. Jakob will communicat this with Micha.
    DECISION: jakob will write a concept for the spring conference until th 12th of January.

    Turn the green volume on
    There is still a lot of work on the report, it has to be done before christmas.
    DECISION: Steva will send the bill to gr�ne jugend. He will give the original to Terry so she can give it to their treasurer.
    DECISION: krassi will help steva with the narrative report

    LGBTQ seminar belgrade
    Finances of travel is finished, zofia is not in the office so therefore reimbursements cannot be done right now.

    SPM Prag
    Reimbursements are still not done.  

    COP18 Workshop
    Working very well. Reporting will be tight. It will also be tight with reimbursements so everyone including the EC should send in their tickets within two weeks.

    LGBTQ seminar tuzla
    Some visa issues, Phil and Dragana is working a lot. Agenda is done, PHil will travel first to Belgrade and meet with CDN before the project.
    Reimbursements: Steva or Shenna could go there to do the reimbursements. Steva, Shenna, Phil and Dragana will decide this.

    Kosovo study trip
    Terry will do this after Tuzla and the delegation will meet a lot of people.

    Falafel Meeting
    The call for prep. team and participants are out. The program will be made together with the prep.team

    Second SPP meeting
    18th of February is the parliament visit. More will be said later.

    Winter camp
    The YiA application was rejected.
    DECISION: krassi will write to the fins and see if it's possible to appeal. Visio - the finish green foundation - might help us a little.
    DECISION: is it possible to ask ViNO to fund a little bit.
    DECISION: Maggie will take the financial overview.

    Energy and Campaigning Seminar
    We will have the dicision very soon.

    New Media Seminar
    Should take place April in Austria and June in Portugal.

    General assembly

        Steva will make a doodle to vote

        Timing - before after EGP council 10-12 May?
        DECISION: steva will send a doodle

    Spring conference
        was discussed above

    Regional Summer Camp

    General concept
        To have both campaign training and topical workshops on the future of europe.     

    Spanish speaking
        Ingrid is responsible. Maybe 4000 euros co-finance.  

        Phil is responsible. Maybe we could co-fund a bit 2000-4000 euros.

        German speaking
        Jakob is responsible.

        English speaking
        Micha is responsible. He should write an email about what is happening with this. Jakob will communicate with him. Only for co-financing they would need 7000 euros.

        Ingrid will see what is happening.

        Eastern Europe - Center Europe - Czech republic or Hungary
        Maggie will talk to the Hungarians. She will also see about the possibilities to do something at the Hungarian summer camp.
    CDN Summer camp
        They need co-finance also. We're not going to have any kind of merging at the camp anymore since the german speaking camp is after the CDN summer camp.
    GEF money
        We want to focus on the summer camps. The deadline is 7th of January.

    second GA fall 2013
    Terry is having a meeting with b�ti and bas in January. Gr�ne Jugend will support us as well if we have this together with them. Three days conference before the GA.
    DECISION: we want to do this
    DECISION: we will tell them to reserve 60 spots for us.

    Cop 19 in Poland
    There's already a committee at the COP18 workshop that are thinking about this.Jakob will speak to the people who were engaged in COP15 to use their experience.
    DECISION: we want to organize a COP seminar in Poland together with the COP.     

    Youth emancipation publication:

        miscommunication with designer
        The EC has taken note of this.


        Water campaign
        There's now 13 MOs supporting this officially. There's been a first skype conference with the campaign team. Some of them might want to withdraw and send another person from their organization. THe campaign will start officially the 7th of December. All MOs are publishing the logo of the campaign on their web page on this day. Krassi will meet the organizers of the campaign this Friday in Brussels.   
        DECISION: we put the logo  on our web page

- talk with webmaster
- office feedbacking (employees employerexchange)


10:00 - 12:00 (moderator: Terry, minute taker: Ingrid)



    General going through finances

    It's not a 100 % right probably but there should be no big differences. We will have the exact overview once we hav worked with the accountant.

    Personal costs
    Are very low becuase we did only have one employee for a long time. Tax and securex can still go up a bit.

    Expeditures that are still do be done
    Travel subsistence  - this will reach the budget plan basically
    Phone allowences for the EC - this is 20 euros / month

      (ECMs reimbursements)

    Discussion on how to avoid future cash flow problems
    Financial plan for salery security (to have a certain account for salaries were we dont take money to make sure that there's always money for this)
    savings on the savings account
    special account for salaries
    focus on reports

    Money from the Green Group
    We will move the money they gave us for Belgrade to the Tuzla project. They still want pictures from Belgrade to show that their logo was visible there.
    Aboout the Youth emancipation they can pay only if we print it  with their logo promenently visible on the front page. We need to ask if it's enough to have only an invoice from this year and not have to do the actual printing this year.
    About material thy have different requests about their logo also
    DECISION: Terry will speak to them.

minute taker terry

    Priorities expenditures next year: election campaign

        hiring of office assistant
        DECISION: Steva will make a calculation

        fees for spokes
        there is no majority at the moment, we will investigate more on allowances for ec members

        one more internship payed by us?

evs application first of february: under the falafel project (Maggie and Phil will write a proposal)

financial priorities for the next year

--> raising SecGen salary (Maggie and steva will work on a proposal together with the accountant) + fulltime project assistant

--> office enlargement:

office assistant (19h/week) --> definitely needed for the moment

scenario A: intern either working on campaign or social media (we are looking into the regulation, we could hire an intern just for FYEG ,
not in cooperation with Green group)

scenario B: part-time employee (30 h/week) for election campaign (Jan-June) + intern working on the campaign for this period

election campaign coordinator  intern (social networking +social media)

---> Steva and Maggie will rearrange the budget, so that this can be possible until the next ECM

EC allowances --> amendment for the IRPs that this is possible, budget proposal for 2013/2014

        money for WGs

no decision so far, not to be included in the budget for now

Has been discussed under activity plan


Has been discussed under SPM

        winter camp

Has been discussed under activity plan

    How to handle reimbursements for people from outside of the EU?

we will investigate further, but at the moment cash reimbursements best option (financially and organisationally)

    Treasurer network

EGP is doing it in form of the treasurers meeting at the councils

long-term, more sustainable network, but at the moment should be connected to the SPM committee on finances

attempt to have skype meetings (also about the finances of the election campaign)

    Emergency plan for funding when EGP suddenly wants to give us money

be prepared in the end of the year that it is possible that different donors have money left and that we always have two-three things in the back of our heads

    Parlamentary funding

update under youth forum

12:00 - 13:00 Break

13:00 -15:00
Internal Structure (moderator: Maggie, minute taker: Krassina)


        Call for new member of the EC (discussion)

        Procedure for GA election:

        A call should be sent out. There should be 3 weeks to apply.The office will have one week to gather the applications, they will be sent out and the MOs will have two weeks to vote.
        The vote should be electronic and with ballot. The electronic would be a preliminary vote and with ballot would be the final result.
        Maggie and the digrigs will search for a good way to have a secret electronic vote.They will do it within one week.
        Jakob will send out the call for new EC member.          

        in the spring was decided upon


        WG  booklet    
        DECISION: we will stay out for now and let them lead this process


        General about the process
    minutes from Prag
    will be sent out as soon as all EC members put them in the dropbox folder        
    The MOs will nominate people for the committees. Jakob will send a reminder and the other EC members should forward this.
    The committees should start meeting from the 12th on. Jakob will send out a list to each EC member of the MOs that did not sign up yet so that the EC member can remind them personally.

        Committee work
            There could be a skype conference every or every second week or so.
            The committees should come up with clear problem formulations, objectives and how to get there.    This paper should be done two weeks before the SPM.        

        Rapporteur's meeting
            They need to meet for the issues that concerns several committees. Jakob will also be in these meetings.         

        intercommittee  work (A0)
            The rapporteurs should also work on this. This is Judith's text. All committees should have the text and pick out the parts that's important.

    Exact date of SPM

        Arrival for the EC before 12.00 on Friday and departure monday after 18.00. Participants should arrive friday evening.

        Red Equo joven's participation
        They can be in committees and can also come to the SPM, they cannot be reimbursed to go there though.

    External partners
        This should be a short session on Monday of three hours or so.


        Election committee for new sec.gen
        krassi will take responsibility for this

        Discussion on electing election committee at the GA

        Discussion on organizational control committee

15:30 - 17:30 (moderator: Krassina, minute taker: Maggie)


internal communication

    Discussion on Mumblr and Team speak with basis in report from Digrigs
        skip, was already discussed

        Discussion on handling of minutes and minute taking
            We will change back to the pirate pad we had before.

            responsibility for minutes taking
            Everyone should spend 5 min goin though the minutes after the skype conference to see that everything is there.         

            minute takers to upload themselves on web page?
            The person who's taking the minutes will also publish them.

external communication
    Tmblr and general web presence

how can MOs be more included in our external communication?

Ecosprinter should be used more by WGs (blog function to give WGs the opportunity to publish things on ecosprinter)

Ecosprinter is also already being used by the working groups, so this is partly already functioning

division: ecosprinter should be divided in blog part (working groups sometimes also need for flexibility) and journal part (for official ecosprinter stuff) which will be administered by the EBB
there should be a long-term discussion at the winter camp between the ec and the ebb, then the wgs can include their stuff into the ecosprinter, the wgs should already be aware of this

we already have the problem, so we need an urgent solution

Krassi: ask Kristian how we can technically realise our idea and that this whole debate should also be discussed in the ecosprinter board, then discussion to be taken soon

    Business cards - everyne to decide their cards

yes, we are going to have business cards, everybody will send their info to steva (smaller number)

    DECISION: Steva will check prices for material.

in financial cooperation with ggep, maggie will work on a proposal

    Youth emancipation strategy

list should be filled in

possible partners:

working group in the EGP
European Youth Forum


conference in the EP has been moved to April 8MEPs working on this JPA, Ska, Karima, B�ti
one day of conference: morning workshops organised by FYEG and afternoon to have a conference in the parliament
preliminary speakers: commission, council, two green MEPs, FYEG person and Youth of the trade unions

--> skype conference between Delfina, Micha, Terry and Steva

responsibility of micha and terry to fill in the chart

    Press officer

Bea resigned in the end of September (Steva and JAkob will communicate about until when we will pay Bea)

future press officer:

we had two applications, we are going to discuss the applications and the future procedure

we decided that our new press officer is Arber from Kosovo, Steva and Jakob will contact him about the selection and others about their rejection


        How can WGs and others more easily publish in ecosprinter?

        How can we generally improve ecosprinter

        How can we promote ecosprinter

        What can we discuss on a common meeting with the ecosprinter board at the winter camp?

discussed under point general



has been discussed already