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Smash Borders, Build Solidarity!

The global refugee situation completely reshaped the political landscape in Europe and beyond its borders. It not only reshuffled the power distributions within the political structures, but also set a new tone in everyday political debate, which has never been so hateful and actively used to disempower and marginalise those who are already suffering. Recent events, however, also revealed acceptance and willingness to help on a scale that no one would have anticipated. Overwhelming cases of solidarity prove that European society is ready for a radical transformation into an open, compassionate one, which doesn’t leave people in need behind.
Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) and its partner organisations have been on the forefront of solidarity actions across Europe, however, it is now time for a unified resistance towards the fear that is planted and nourished by the racist and xenophobic groups. 
In this spirit, FYEG will gather 80 young people for a seminar called “Smash Borders - Build Solidarity!“. With this project we aim to raise awareness on different dimensions of migration and asylum policies and develop strategies to eradicate hateful rhetoric in public sphere delivered by the far-right movements and political groups. The activities in the programme will qualify the participants within the context of intercultural learning and stimulate them to develop and adopt new skills concerning the topics of migration and inclusion of migrants. The training will promote pedagogical approaches in dealing with challenges and opportunities in multicultural and pluralistic societies and empowers the participants to work on reflective competences and tools for social change. 
The project aims: 
  • To increase the understanding of the legal framework on migration, in order to identify discrepancies between the general framework of human rights and particularly conventions and agreements, and implementation of actual practices on European level.
  • Participants to develop their own strategies, political and practical solutions to the current refugee crisis, towards building more inclusive society in the spirit of European solidarity.
  • To equip participants with arguments and communications skills to counteract the far-right discourse on migration.
  • To create common narrative and develop coordinated actions between young green organisations and other civil society actors to battle violent extremism and far-right movements locally and across Europe
The seminar will result into increased capacities within our partners, in order to accentuate their advocacy work in a sustainable manner. In terms of concrete outputs, the project will see series of workshops carried by our participants; video production - a 15-minute visual production that will narrate a story of European solidarity made during and after the event; as well as printed issue of the Ecosprinter.eu, devoted to the topic of the project; alongside with common European campaign and local solidarity action. 



Are you pondering how to spend your summer vacation? Are you searching for a way how to have fun, learn new things, meet amazing young people from all around Europe, enjoy warm summer days and contribute to social Green change - all in the same time? Buckle up, we have a solution for you!


With great pleasure and excitement, the Federation of Young European Greens is announcing an open call for participants for the Summer Camp 2017 “Smash Borders, Build Solidarity”. The summer camp will be organized from 25.07. to 3.08.2017 in Werneuchen, Germany, in cooperation with Grüne Jugend (the German Young Greens).

The topic of the summer camp is migration and the integration of refugees, and is conceived as a continuation of FYEG’s previous actions regarding migration and our advocacy for a borderless Europe, such as last year’s #overthefortress. We want to ensure that migration policies respect Human Rights, generating practical and political solutions to the so-called refugee crisis and to counteract the far-right discourse on migration. All sessions will be conducted in English!


We are looking for 50 young people between 16-35, residing in one of the Council of Europe member states, Belarus or Kosovo, who are passionate and curious about migrants’ rights and human rights in general, Green politics and anti-discrimination policies.


The full cost of lodging (accommodation, food, and refreshments) during the seminar will be covered by the organisers. In exchange, we ask for a participation fee of 40 EUR for participants coming from non-EU countries and 60 EUR for participants coming from EU countries (and Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland).


Travel will be covered within reasonable limits and within Europe, with the condition to combine the most economic and environmentally friendly way (lowest price + travel time + CO2 emissions).


For those who want to experience the full summer adventure - and are willing to travel by hitchhiking and sleep in tents - we are ensuring additional 20 places for camping, for halved participation fee!  


So how to go to this amazing event?

All you need to do is apply on an online form HERE before 30th May 2017 at midnight (CET).

You will be informed about the results of the selection by mid-June.