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Demand that MEPs Vote Against CETA!

CETA, the deal with Canada, might look small and innocent compared to its bigger brother TTIP, but it is not less toxic ! It will impact every European citizen in one way or another, whether it be through the food consumed or the cost of hospital visits! CETA will lower hard fought-for standards, carve-out democracy and undermine the rule of law.

Why you should worry about CETA? It is at a much more advanced stage than TTIP. In October 2016 the 28 member state governments signed the deal. Now the European Parliament (EP) is to decide over CETA in a vote scheduled to take place on Wednesday 15 February.

It’s time to let MEPs know what you think about CETA and demand that they vote against this disastrous trade agreement!

You can use the tool below to send MEPs e-mails asking them to pledge to vote against CETA. The tool also gives you the phone number to the MEP’s office in case you really want to put on pressure!

Let’s bring this out into the open everywhere in Europe – CETA concerns us all, not just politicians and corporate lobbyist! Once your MEP has answered, it will be published via www.cetacheck.eu so that you can continue to contact those MEPs that remain silent.

Let’s get together and stop CETA once and for all!