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Young Greens push towards political action for a free internet

Summary: The proposed resolutions of FYEG against a new Copyright Directive were accepted by both the European Greens and the European Youth Forum. Both instances will oppose any further measure threatening free internet and digital rights. 

Internet is an important part of a democratic society and it is important to defend its free access for everyone. As Young Greens we always have and will fight to keep the internet a public space that is not dominated by certain groups, companies or governments.  The proposal of the European Commission for a new Copyright Directive has put this fight in the spotlight again.

Therefore, the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) has proposed a resolution for a free internet on two different councils past weekend: on the council of European Greens in Berlin (November 23-25) and on the council of the European Youth Forum in Novi Sad. The resolution stresses a fair remuneration for creators on the internet and opposes upload filters and the so-called link tax. In both occasions, the resolution was accepted, meaning that both the European Greens and the European Youth Forum will oppose the new Copyright Directive as proposed by the European Commission. 

Katri Ylinen, co-spokesperson of FYEG, stated the following: "Upload Filters and Link Tax are false solutions to real problems. They threaten free internet and digital rights. We should not compromise on that, but to treat the roots of the problem of remuneration of artists." Julia Reda, MEP in the European Parliament for the Piratenpartei, welcomed the resolution, stating that both parties should continue to work together to save the internet. 

Text of the resolution