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Young Activists Turn EU Elections into a Vote for Climate

Yesterday, activists from the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) sent a message in several cities in Europe. Large banners were dropped in Brussels, Rome, Dresden, Mannheim, Sofia and Bolzano, calling voters and future politicians to “Be Brave! Green Europe!”.


“All over Europe, young people are standing up for climate action. Time has come for a new type of political leadership based on courage, ambition and vision. We want a Europe that fights the climate crisis, that guarantees everyone a decent standard of living  and one where everyone is welcomed and celebrated as they are.”commented FYEG Co-Spokeperson, Zuzana Pavelková.


Every week, schools’ climate strikes gather thousands of young people across Europe to demand urgent, ambitious policies to fix the climate crisis. Citizens in several Member States are also taking legal action to sue their own governments for their inaction in face of the climate breakdown. Climate and environmental crisis have been hot topics of this European elections campaign and young people are mainly driving this demand faction. Young activists on the streets, young candidates in political debates and young people on social media are pushing for a change of leadership.


FYEG has  high demands to the future Members of the European Parliament which will take seat after the vote on 23 to 26 May. 100% renewables by 2040 in Europe, phasing out of coal and nuclear energy, cut subsidies for fossil fuels and tax gifts for the car and aviation industries are just a few examples of their key proposals for European representatives to focus on in the next mandate.


“Voting Green in European elections is what will enable Europe to take future-proof decisions and to ensure a sustainable society for young people and generations to come,” commented FYEG Co-Spokeperson, Katri Ylinen.


With this action, the Federation of Young European Greens has kick-started its final campaigning marathon, during which more than 120 campaigning events will be taking place in more than 10 countries all over Europe. More about the marathon can be found here: https://bravegreen.eu/