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You have the right to decide about your future, go vote!

On Sunday 30 September, Macedonia will hold a referendum asking citizens the following question: "Are you for EU and NATO membership by accepting the agreement between the Republic of Macedonia and the Republic of Greece?" 

The proposal is on changing the country’s name from “the Republic of Macedonia” to “the Republic of North Macedonia”. The name change has the potential to end a long name-dispute between Macedonia and Greece so that Greece would lift its veto on Macedonia's European Union and NATO accession. Sunday’s vote is a historic momentum to end the deadlock and an opportunity for everyone in Macedonia to move forward towards a future where people in South-Eastern Europe are not kept in a deadlock but can decide on their European perspectives themselves. The last decade of rule by the Conservative VMRO party is a scary example of how freedom of the press, peaceful relations between ethnic groups, young people’s rights and democracy overall can be systematically undermined. Citizens of Macedonia deserve better.

As FYEG we call everyone, particularly young people, to take part in this historic vote and decide about their future. 

FYEG’s Member Organization MODOM is campaigning around Macedonia for young people to use their vote on Sunday.

“Тhe corrupt political and economic situation, the need for quality education and a functional justice system are crucial segments which were forgotten over the past decade of Conservative rule. This has caused a massive emigration from Macedonia, especially among young people who seek better living conditions in the European Union.” president of MODOM Bojan Petrovski comments.

We keep our fingers crossed for citizens of Macedonia. We believe that European integration can bring a brighter future to young people in South-Eastern Europe . We are strongly committed to support European aspirations in this region.

You hold the keys to your future, you decide. Go and vote on Sunday!