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This year on earth day: Be rebellious and change the system!

Our earth could use some love. Slowly but steadily we are polluting and destroying the only planet we know we can survive. The problem is not that we don’t know how to change this. The problem is that the system we live in is actively contributing to all this and since we live in this system – except for those who refuse to and live completely out of society - it’s hard to avoid contributing to it as well. 


So, we need to change the system! Don’t know how? Here are some ideas for this earth day:


Do you always recycle your plastic? GREAT! Keep on doing the good stuff.

Unfortunately, supermarkets are still putting everything in plastics and continue lobbying governments to continue. To change this, we have to pressure the supermarkets and show them we don’t accept their plastic pollution anymore. Everywhere people are organizing so-called “plastic-attacks”. A group of people gathers together at a supermarket, does their groceries, pays and then unwraps all the produce and leave the plastic at the supermarket. There are more and more being organized. Look online if you can join one, or organize one yourself. 


Do you try to be informed about pollution and climate change? GREAT! We need informed people to fight for change. 

However, not everyone always has time to get further than Climate change 101. Climate change affects many parts of life and looking at systemic ways people are affected can be difficult and time-consuming. We have got just the solution for you! This earth day you can join our webinar on Climate change and gender, Join us at.. at… through… Learn how climate change is a feminist issue and what you can do to raise awareness. 


Do you ride your bike instead of taking the car? Great! Cycling is, besides walking, the most efficient and sustainable form of transport. 

Unfortunately, the system is designed for cars. According to science, if you build more cycleways there will be more cyclists. But according to our governments, it is a question of demand and supply. This means; we have to show the demand! Join or organise a cyclovia with all the cyclists you can find and take over the streets of your town. Show how many people would love to have space to cycle and reclaim your space on the streets.