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World Refugee Day

Today’s World Refugee Day is truly no reason to celebrate. At no point in time since WWII have there been as many forcefully displaced people around the world. All the while, the European approach to migration continues to be a complete and utter failure.


The extreme numbers of displaced people we are witnessing today are the consequence of  a toxic blend of neoliberalism, colonialism and racism, more than of anything else. As Young Greens we are sad and ashamed to see that our continent plays a central role in maintaining, upholding and profiting from the very system that forces people to flee. It’s not those who smuggle refugees across the sea or through the desert who are responsible for each year higher numbers of dead, they are merely a symptom of a sick system. If Europe wants to fight the true criminals, it needs to fight those within its own structures and societies who push for ever more militarised borders and those who implement them. If Europe wants to fight those who make people flee, it needs to use all its might to regulate those who use their large companies to bereave poor countries of their riches and those profiting from their instability.


What we need to do is not fight against migration, but fight for the right of people to have the choice of either remaining at home unbothered by others, or choose freely to go elsewhere. These battles have to be fought here in Europe!


The recent UNHCR report paints a dire picture of a world on the run. We demand that Europe lives up to the expectations put into it by both refugees and us, Young Europeans. More safe and legal ways to EU must be established by means of humanitarian visa, family reunification and resettlement. . This is the only way to prevent deaths in the Mediterranean and Sahara. For those who still have to use the most dangerous sea passage of all, we must reinstate proper Search and Rescue missions. Externalisation of asylum must stop, as well as cooperation with at best questionable partners South of the Mediterranean and elsewhere. Libya is NOT a partner of Europe and it is outrageous that Europe negotiates with a state repeatedly called “hell” or worse by experts. It is high time we see the EU-Turkey deal revoked and that the EU cancels all negotiations that have it as a blueprint. In particular, that means immediately stopping the training cooperation with the Libyan coastguard, since there is growing evidence that this very coastguard is involved in serious human rights abuses.



On today’s Refugee Day, Europe bears the responsibility for having forced 2000 people into their deaths in 2017 in the Mediterranean Sea alone., Tens of thousands died in a wet grave throughout the years. How many more will Europe kill with its deathly migration policies?