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We Want a Real Green Deal

Last week, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen presented the "European Green Deal" in the European Parliament, as did Frans Timmermans in a press conference at the UNFCCC climate summit (COP25) in Madrid. The European Green Deal is a proposal of measures aimed at tackling the climate emergency.

On the morning on Wednesday December 11th, a group of Fridays for Future activists staged an action about the Green Deal before it was presented calling for the EU to commit to more ambitious climate action. The UN Climate Conference COP25 is the time and place for the EU to choose: Does it want to be a "Climate Champion" or will it further slow down the progress? Read more on the open letter signed by multiple European Youth organisations, here. A few weeks prior to that, Youth for Climate Belgium held a die-in action inside of the European Parliament, urging MEPs to "#VoteForMyFuture" and block the new EU Commission, unless they are ready to commit to a real and fair Green Deal. 

The European Green Deal promises to:

  • Raise European green gas cuts by 2030 to 50% and to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

But, this is too small of a cut and is too late. Without proper enforcement mechanisms for the climate emergency we will never be able to keep emissions below the 1.5 degrees. We need to cut emissions by 70% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2035.

  • A € 100 billion "Just Transition Fund" to introduce a new policy to reverse biodiversity decline

But, it includes few details and no guarantees that this will not be used to bail out polluting industries. How's that a just transition?

  • Introduce a new food and farming policy tackling pesticides, fertilisers and pollution.

But, it also includes few details. Plus, the European Commission still has harmful agricultural policies in place, which need to be retracteobleù is even moer growth and d.Young Greens/EFA MEP, Marrie Toussaint "The commission does not go far enough. We need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and turn our backs on the myth of infinite economic growth. 

Here's our take on the proposed European Green Deal

  • Targets in 2050 are too late. We need urgent climate action now and a radical plan for the next 5 years. We have less than 10 years to act.
  • You can't fix a capitalist economic growth problem with more growth (which is suggested). Eternal economic growth is not a solution, but frankly, is the problem. 
  • Timmermans claims, that young people voted for Social Democratys because they want to see real change and he frequently praised the youth for their climate action, but this means nothing if the Commission can't deliver on their promises. On top of greenwashing, they are then also "youth washing".

Read more in our Twitter thread on the European Green Deal.

Just because you tint it green and call it a "Green Deal" or a "Just Transition" doesn't mean that this is a cool new product that people will buy and consume and that it will fix all of our problems. We want a real Green Real that moves beyond declarations and towards concrete proposals.

Read more about the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament's proposal for a European Climate Law that would be binding for all EU countries and sign the Tilt! #RealClimateLaw petition to demand that the European Commission implements a fair, just, and legally binding Green Deal.

The European Parliament approved the Greens/EFA request to have a resolution on the European Green Deal. The resolution will be voted on in the Strasbourg session in January.