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We call swiss citizens to vote to limit urban sprawl!

FYEG calls on Swiss citizens to vote in favour of the popular initiative on Urban Sprawl started by the Swiss Young Greens to limit urban sprawl and preserve natural and agricultural areas. 

On February 10th 2019, Swiss voters will be called to vote on the popular initiative "Stop urban sprawl - for sustainable urban development". This initiative was launched by the Swiss Young Greens in 2014. “Thousands of hectares of agricultural areas and natural areas have been eaten up by uncontrolled construction in the last years. It’s nearly 1 square meter of green area per second. We thought we needed to act as the current regional development planning is not able to stop urban sprawl” said Luzian Franzini, co-president of the Swiss Young Greens. 

The Swiss Young Greens, later supported by several NGOs, farmers and personalities managed to collect the required number of signatures to bring this case to a vote. They propose to strictly limit urban sprawl by delimiting areas beyond which it wouldn’t be possible  to turn land into construction zones. 

Urban Sprawl is a major issue in many European countries. Laws such as the one proposed by the Swiss Young Greens would be beneficial for both rural and urban areas. It would allow to safeguard agricultural areas needed to ensure food sovereignty as well as  natural areas that are crucial to foster biodiversity and fight climate change. It would also allow to build more sustainable cities, in which it would be cheaper to develop quality public transports and easier to move car-free.

“The mobilisation of the Swiss Young Greens during more than 5 years to promote this initiative is an example of how brave young people are currently changing Europe. We call every Swiss citizen to support this initiative next Sunday and to vote in favor of more sustainable urban and rural areas,”says Katri Ylinen, spokesperson of the Federation of Young European Greens.

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The vote is taking place on Sunday February 10th. In order to be approved, the proposal needs to be approved by a majority of people and a majority of cantons (states).