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An unprecedented General Assembly!

Last weekend, the Federation of Young European Greens [FYEG] gathered for its General Assembly and a parallel Spring Conference. Almost 100 participants gathered in Madrid, to discuss the future of the Green movement. Thanks to our host organisation Red Equo Joven, we had a great and productive four days.


The General Assembly had a full agenda. “FYEG adopted a lot of great resolutions during this GA. We reached an agreement on lowering the voting age, creating a framework for climate refugees and to demand safe passage for migrants and refugees, as well as the decriminalisation of people who support them during their journeys. Things we will definitely advocate for throughout the coming year.” says Kim van Sparrentak, newly elected co-spokesperson. “The amount of resolutions and the engagement of our delegates shows we are growing as an organisation and as a movement”: Fabian Wagner, newly elected co-spokesperson adds.


Liquid democracy in spring


Next to the GA FYEG organised an inspiring spring conference. Many guest speakers passed by to inspire us with the recent history of Spanish politics and the 15M movement. To what extent is a Green politician an activist? And how can we make sure the democratic deficit is solved and we move out of the 19th century political system we live in? These were just some of the questions that we discussed. On top, we also learned about more recent events within the Green movement, such as successful political developments in Finland and in Portugal.


Horizon 2019


In 2019 the European Elections will take place. During the last session of the spring conference FYEG's partners EGP, the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament and GEF joined us to discuss the election campaign. With still two years to go our delegates engaged in their first brainstorm and came up with exciting ideas to put young people at the front of the Green movement, within the EU and in non-EU member organisations. Over the next two years we will work hard on turning these ideas into a cutting-edge campaign that flushes young Greens into the European parliament and helps building up Young Green politicians all over the continent.


An inclusive GA


After an FYEG year dedicated to inclusion, this general assembly worked hard to put inclusion into practice. From the first minute of the GA, all delegates were made aware of the importance of inclusion and discussed how to become even better in this regard. Participants were happy with the results. To enhance inclusiveness, an important change in the Internal Rules of Procedure was made. From now on FYEG has a minimum 50% non-male gender quota.


New people at the helm


Of course, the GA elected a brand new Executive Committee in Madrid. Kim van Sparrentak and Fabian Wagner are the new Co-Spokespersons of the Federation, and Frank de Jong was elected as the new treasurer. Paula Espinosa, Tariq Khan, Predag Momcilovic, Ekaterine Mghebrishvili and Zuzana Pavelková were elected as EC-members. Teo Comet is our new secretary general.


Next to that, we can congratulate Iva Markovic, Filipe Henriques, Paula Keller and Simo Raittila for being elected in the Ecosprinter Editorial Board and Tornike Kusiani for the Financial Control Committee.



We cannot wait to get started and fight for a fairer, better and Greener Europe!