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Tomorrow's Europe is Built by Us

It is not an understatement to say that the European project is undergoing its biggest stress test this far. Climate crisis, rise of authoritarianism, widening inequalities. Younger generations find it more difficult to imagine a future to look forward to than previous generations did.

Not only Europe - but the whole world - is facing seemingly overwhelming challenges. How to effectively deal with the climate crisis. How to halt widespread violence towards women*, LGBTQ, people of colour and other groups. How to effectively provide protection to people fleeing dictatorships, persecution or miserable living conditions. How to address the rapidly growing influence of tech corporations and artificial intelligence in every sphere of our life - most notably the labour market and democratic decision-making.

But the conditions for organizing our lives and that of our communities aren’t the only thing changing. This spring, young people’s understanding of their own agency and their readiness to affect their future is under transformation.

The future of Europe is being built by young people and it is being built today. On this Europe Day, there is hope. Young people are taking action. On climate crisis, for women*’s rights, for LGBT rights, for paid internship, for a free and open internet. The choices we are facing start to crystallise.

This is our moment. The challenges we face are immense. But this spring, we realize that we are many. And our own role in bringing about a positive future is more important than ever.

This is about you. This is about us. Together we can build a new Europe.

Be part of the change. Join us.

Be brave, Green Europe!