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Strategic Planning Meeting: call for delegates

FYEG will organise its Strategic Planning Meeting in Brussels on February 1st and 2nd. The Strategic Planning Meeting is a meeting that takes place every year between two FYEG General Assemblies. It is the occasion to plan the following year and to reflect on the future of the federation. This year, it will also serve as a meeting to exchange on the campaign for the European Elections.

Registration is only open for the following categories:

  • official delegates of member organisations, candidate member organisations and observer organisations of FYEG. 
  • official delegates of Working Groups
  • official delegates of the Strategic Planning Committee Sub Groups.

Member organisations can nominate up to two delegates. FYEG will cover travel, accommodation and food expenses at least the first delegate of each member organisation. It will be confirmed to second delegates of member organisations, delegates of working groups and of the SPC Subgroups if they will be reimbursed. 

Member Organisations are invited to nominate board members (for example international officers) as their delegates to the SPM. Member Organisations from the EU are advised to nominate a delegate that will be closely involved in the campaign for the European Elections. 

Second delegates of Member Organisations will only get reimbursed if at least one of the two delegate identify as a woman, trans or gender queer person.

Delegates are expected to arrive before February the 1st at 9.00am and leave anytime on February the 3rd. 

Please do not buy any tickets before getting confirmation from the FYEG Office. All registered delegates will get a list of indicative reimbursement limits. Travel expenses that go beyond those limits might not be reimbursed.

Delegates need to register by Tuesday 8 January at midnight CET by filling this form.

In case of having problems with arriving/leaving time, finding affordable tickets, needing visa to enter Belgium or having any other questions, please contact office@fyeg.org