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Reclaim your social rights!

A lot of young people across Europe live in precarious situations: job insecurity, inaccessible housing, unequal access to education and quality healthcare. There is a discrepancy between guaranteed social rights, and what is experienced by young people in reality. In order to empower young people to understand and gain access to social rights and increase their capacities to advocate for them, FYEG is organised a year long project aiming to:

  1. Ensure an in-depth understanding among young people and youth organisations of what social rights are, what the mechanisms that protect them are, how struggles related to them look like in different European contexts, and what they could look like in the future.
  2. Identify political and social barriers for accessing the rights to education, healthcare, housing and employment.
  3. Analyse the correlation between social rights and the future of work, taking into consideration regional specificities, a just transition towards a sustainable society, and gender equality. Analyse the reasons behind the decline of young people’s engagement with associations and trade unions.
  4. Train young people to advocate for access to their rights to housing, healthcare, employment, and education by learning from practices developed in cooperation between local, national, international youth movements and organisations, as well as developing young people’s digital skills to produce a set of actions and tools to increase young people’s access to rights in their local realities.
  5. Develop a creative and engaging toolkit for how to analyse and advocate for social rights in Europe today, including digital platforms to empower and inform youth of their rights and the legal actions that they may pursue either independently or together with other social actors.



Project Results:












Download the publication in PDF HERE.




Project background

Social justice is one of the core principles of FYEG. It can be linked to non-discrimination, full-enjoyment of human rights, and peace. We will keep fighting for these aspects as long as there are people without access to healthcare or a roof above their heads, without the opportunity to educate oneself and grow, or without employment and emancipation. 

In an ageing society, young people are feeling more and more disengaged with politics as the economic and social difficulties they face persevere. The social rights that should be guaranteed are not corresponding to the ones they can actually enjoy. Moreover, a lot of young people don’t have job security. They have to take up jobs that are precarious and that take the already limited time for young people to self-organise and engage in civil society organisations, trade unions or other associations. 

There is still work to be done. That is why this year we put the focus of our work plan on social rights. FYEG already organised several activities on the subject in previous years (2016/2017) and some of the results can be accessed here.  

It is time to #ReclaimYourSocialRights! In order to do so, the project plan foresees different international actions ranging from workshops, to conferences, hackathons, etc. We want to empower young people to gain access to social rights and increase their capacities to advocate for these rights. There will be a special focus on the future of work, housing, education, healthcare and employment.




1. UNCONFERENCE: Social Europe Now!

The unconference is a creative ideas lab for learning and exchanging good practices. We want to bring Young Greens, youth organisations and social movements experienced in advocacy on social rights. The agenda is based on the participants's needs. They create a part of the agenda together with facilitators and assign before the activity to one of the 4 modules: 1. Future of work, 2. Housing, 3. Education or 4. Healthcare, based on their previous experience and interests.

With this activity we want to give the tools to young people to develop a solid understanding of the legal aspect of guaranteed social rights, and show mechanisms to protect and advocate for them. We will focus on several different actions undertaken by other youth organisations and movements. The ideas that come out of the unconference will serve as the basis for the following activities. 

On 24 April we will host a workshop on basic income to explore how a basic income could be implemented and what its impacts on social rights at the local and the European level may look like. This workshop is organised by the GEF - Green European Foundation with the support of the FYEG and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the GEF.

Date: 22-27 April 2019

Duration: 4 working days

Location: Bologna, Italy

Working language: English

Number of people: 40




2. SUMMERCAMP: Our Social Rights - Our Future! 


Our traditional Summercamp will be a bit different this time. It will combine non-formal learning and an intense, sprint-like, goal-oriented, small teamwork-based activity called hackathon. Hackathon is a period of 36h when participants can plan, design and carry out their own mini-projects in small teams. The teams will be composed of young people with different skills and backgrounds, such as activists, lawyers, and programmers. This is the first time that such a methodology is used for creating mini-projects on social rights in particular, so we will evaluate the experience and create a handbook that will serve as a guidelines for organising hackathons on social rights in future. That future becomes a reality for many of our member organisations only a couple of months after the Summercamp, when they will have an opportunity to try it out themselves! 

During the event we will look at the existing tools we can use for campaigning and advocating. Participants will learn how to implement campaign strategies for social rights issues relevant to young people including: regional specificities, a just transition towards a sustainable society, and gender aspects. 

The hackathon will take place on 25 and 26 July and is organised by the Green European Foundation with the support of the FYEG and with the financial support of the European Parliament to the GEF.

Date: 22 - 28 July 2019

Duration: 5 working days

Location: Serbia

Working language: English

Number of people: 50




3. LOCAL HACKATHONS: The Social Rights Hack Tips


With all the tools and experiences we collected during the summercamp, our participants will go back to their regions and organise local hackathons. We want to share the knowledge and skills we gained at the two previous events and bring them where it's needed the most - to our local communities.






The project is supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe and the Green European Foundation with the financial support of the European Parliament to the GEF.