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Paradise Papers: We want our money back!

The "paradise papers" report, published on November 5th by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), revealed the complex financial structures the richest people in the world are able to set up, in order to hide their wealth and avoid taxes.  

We strongly condemn such practices for they are part of a system in which capital accumulation and unequal redistribution of wealth are supported by fiscal systems of states unwilling to control money flows. This includes several EU member states. We want to stress the need for more transparency of the owners of companies and real-estates, and we are calling for an efficient restructuring of institutions and laws to end the impunity that tax fraught still entails. The rich must pay their fair share to our society. The authorities must realise the system is broken, and tax evasion cannot be legal anymore. We also want a stricter control on lawyers, accountants, and bankers who have an important role in the implementation of those financial structures. 

We are calling for a stronger cooperation within the European Union to set up a fiscal system able to eliminate fraud, tax crimes and tax loopholes. We should set an example of fiscal transparency in the world and support the creation of fairer fiscal systems to support strong welfare states, able to reduce social inequalities and to stimulate greener and more sustainable investments. Billions (1) are lost every year. Billions that could be invested in social and environmental justice, globally, or put differently: Billions that could be invested in a better future for all of us. It‘s high time this stops. We want our money back!

Last but not least, the report reminds us the importance of the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in order to reveal such scandals and encourage the change.  We applaud the journalists who fight for transparency and expose the harmful shortcomings in our society.


(1) 350 millions a year according to the papers.


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