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This is not a refugee crisis, an Erdoğan or a Greece crisis, this is a human rights and rule of law crisis

We are absolutely disgusted how the European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the European Council President Charles Michel have been “handling the situation at the EU border”. The European Union is turning a blind eye to the humanitarian crisis happening and instead of treating it as the international crisis that it is, they are putting it away as an external issue that only exists at the borders of the EU. This is disgraceful.

We want to ask Vice-President of “Promoting the European Way of Life”, Margaritis Schinas, what part of “European way of life” is it to treat refugees as outside threats that we have to “defend the line” against?

It is appalling to see Erdoğan using refugees in his war game, allegedly deporting them to the no-man’s land between Greece and Turkey and leaving them stranded.

The EU leaders are calling for Turkey to uphold the EU-Turkey Deal. Even though FYEG stands for abolishing the EU-Turkey we also would like to point out that the EU didn’t keep any of its promises to Turkey within the scope of this deal.

There has been no large scale resettlement and no funding for the Syrian refugees in Turkey as foreseen in the #MFF. The financial assistance to Syrian refugees will end next year in the current framework.

FYEG is also appalled at Greek coast guards and police in shooting teargas and rubber bullets at refugees. There are reports of right wing protestors violent attacks on humanitarian aid workers and journalists and the police failing to provide any security.

Greece was left completely alone by the EU. Camp Moria on Lesbos, which was designed to house 3 000 people, is hosting more than 10 000 asylum seekers. Reports say that there are around 30 000 refugees in the island, which is almost the population of the island. Greece, that has been hit the hardest with the EU financial crisis has also been financially suffering as the European tourists avoided the islands due to the “refugee crisis”. The EU leaders have done almost nothing to support Greece and show solidarity.

This is not a refugee crisis, this is not an Erdoğan or Greece crisis, this is a human rights and rule of law crisis. FYEG has been and always will strongly oppose any kind of Fortress Europe.

Asylum is a human right! We invite everyone to show solidarity with refugees in Greece and attend a demonstration near them. We call for:

  • Immediate end of violence towards refugees
  • Funding for Syrian refugees in Turkey in the MFF (Multiannual Financial Framework)
  • Relocation of refugees from the Greek Islands and Turkey to other EU member states